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What is In My Work Bag


Alright, this is another cliche blog post on "What is in my work bag?". I'm sure you won't be stranger to this kind of blog post. I always love to watch other Youtubers on sharing their latest haul, organizing tips and what do they carry in their bag in daily basis.

As a person who constantly travel to work, often time I need to detox my carry-too-many-things habit so that my bag is not too heavy to carry. And yes, having the ESSENTIALS, let me rephrase it E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L-S are great because: One, your bag is not going to over loaded; Two, it is easier to find your stuff in the bag. Yep, I'm guilty on that especially in looking for car keys, parking tickets, tissues, movie tickets, etc.

Beauty Talk: Staying Fresh at Work

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For the hardworking ladies out there, it is always a thrill to improve and do the best climbing up the career ladder. Ever since I started to work in advertising, I have various of beauty tricks to stay fresh and proper at the office from morning till the work hours are hour (it might be late night sometimes!) . You do not want to appear tired at work in front of your superior as it will totally tarnish your reputation, right? Hence, I would love to share some of the simple beauty tips which any career women could apply on a daily basis.