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Summer Gateway: Redang Island


It’s July, my favourite month of all! This year is even awesome because July is the month where I start to enter my career chapter, beside that it is also the month of my birthday and the time I started my awesome relationship six years ago!

So it has to be my favourite month, it has to!

Sweet Valetine's Look (w/ Naked 3 palette)

Hey smexies, I've been wanted to share with you all about the wonders of Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The look that I'm sharing with you all now is natural, suitable for those who are comfortable with their own skin. I personally like natural makeup currently because it's quicker and easier to apply! Although this look is towards natural makeup, pairing with dramatic lipstick would definitely spice up your look.

Of high tea and love...

Hello smexies!

I am going to blog about non-beauty related stuff, it is actually a special post for my boyfriend and I... We have been together for almost five years but seldom go out for a fancy meal nor vacation, I would say because we both are still students.

Few months back I was stumbled upon Groupon Malaysia and I saw Teaffani Patisserie, Fahrenheit 88 offered a high tea for two for only RM29.00 instead of RM59.80. I immediately called up my boyfriend and told him about this deal, we both agreed that we should celebrate and enjoy our semester break after our exams. Since he likes pastries and I am a fan of high tea, we decided to bought this deal!

And now, we had the chance to use this deal! 
We ordered Earl Grey, my favourite! 

I just love English high tea setting because it is just sweet!  We expected to have three tier set up but heck, it was still an enjoyable meal! The waiter was friendly and professional at the same time, it is just like in any Japanese butlet concept cafe (I've never been there but I would love to!).
For me: Scone with strawberry jam, macarons and a slice of cake!
I am so happy that I could spent a lovely day with my boyfriend after a long fight with assignments and exams! I had a thought that I should throw a birthday party here with my close friends because the ambiance and food are just so good!


Burger-licious, so delicious

I'm not a burger person but I made a deal with my boyfie last Saturday - to have burger with him for dinner! +Wondermilk was having a The Mighty Burger Fest in one of their outlets, Damansara Uptown.

The Chuck Norris burger was quite a challenge to me, one of my friend came up to me and mentioned that eating 'Chuck Norris' is impossibru because nobody could finishing Chuck Norris up *except for Bruce Lee, WHAA-CHAA* Challenge accepted.

I had daily-wear makeup with me for the dinner, I'm obsessed with eyeliner because it makes my eyes bigger. I have Asian eyes 'cuz I'm ASIAN *still, I love my crazy-tired-looking-eyes* I had to become the driver of the day because my boyfie had injured his knee during his futsal match (noob will always be noob XD, no cure)
Enjoying sunset view while waiting for boyfie 
When we got there, the place was fulled of people and the smell of burgers. We ordered Chuck Norris and Zombie burgers since the names were interesting. I had to become his so-called 'waitress' of the day too, I had to ambil the ketchup, burgers, and etc. all he did was giving me was a 'not impressed' face when the restaurant was out of chili sauce.

Behold, Chuck Norris is making his way to my tummy! lolwut

After omm nom nom-ed the burgers, I decided to drive back to Puchong just for chocolate lava cake, also known as 心太软 at Tong Pak Fu! I insisted to have it before calling it a day because I'd been craving for it for such a long time!
His and my dessert of the night!

It was nice to spend an evening with him occasionally, we seldom go out for food hunting as we are busy with our studies. He has his exams and I have my Student Council to manage, we just cannot find one day to meet up. However, we do sms each other everyday just to kepoh and butt in about our daily life, mostly talk crap, seriously crap.

I hope you enjoy reading my non-beauty related post, more of like my kepoh life. :D

Penang For Two

It's great to go back to Penang once in awhile to escape the hectic life in the city. The food and friends, it's something that I wouldn't give up for. Boyfie was nice enough to promise me that he would take me with him for an escape after his finals and there I was, Penang!

The island is still incredible after five years. Roads are still remained the same, however tonnes of developments are increasing in that small small island. To my surprise, the view of the beautiful highway by the beach has be replaced with new sky rise buildings. I am no longer can experience the beautiful sea view. #sad

Anyway, we spent three days there to meet up friends and enjoy the good food. We went to Straits Quay at night for some beers with boyfie's friends. Many friends of mine keep on telling me that I have to go to The Library for the beautiful scenery. They are right, the place is built with British Colonies concept and it is actually a marina for sailing yachts.

We also went to Kek Lok Si Temple for sightseeing. I have been waiting for this moment to use my camera for a good use. Kek Lok Si Temple aka 'Temple of Supreme Bliss' was built in 1890 and it has become a famous tourism spot in Penang. I always want to take a good photo at there but my tripod isn't helping me at all, it is too short and I couldn't manage to take the whole Kek Lok Si temple.

All of these pictures at Kek Lok Si temple with the help of my little tripod. #success

The food at Penang is... wait for it... awesome! Boyfie and I really took the opportunity to drive around the island for good food. It's just that we didn't have much time for our main priority: food hunting! But that might be a good thing, at least none of us are getting fatter! HAHA!

Har mee aka Prawn Mee
Penang Curry Mee
New Lane, Penang

It had been quite a journey for me to have a great escape with boyfie. I realised that without him, I might not be in Penang for good food and friends. Fate is there, they said. :)

Thank you! :D


My Week in Photos

Hello there,

I've been in a pretty good mood lately. You see, my boyfriend is currently having finals and I have been 'dumped' temporary. We didn't really plan our outings and stuff, we would be on the phone roughly 5 minutes every night just to know how is he doing.

Anyway, I have made plans for myself. I would love to share ze photos with you guys :)

Went to Mickey Through Years exhibition in Mid Valley. I don't really fancy about this exhibition
 but it was okay.

In case you didn't know, I. Just. Love. To. Read. I have read The Time of My Life and trust me, you really need get it as well. The story is so funny and really really touch our daily life. You don't want to miss this book out. Cecilia Ahern is simply amazing! 

Went to Tammy Miu's blog birthday bash at My Bazaar, The Scott Garden.
All I can say is food food food! 

Also, I was at My Bazaar and bought a camera bag for myself! *happieee*

Look at those moustaches earrings. I thought of getting those until a bitch girl appeared from no where and just bought everything (2 sets of the rings and earrings).

o_________o I just want to curse....

Boyfriend and I were at Mid Valley for Madagascar 3 premier screening. Out of all the series, Madagascar 3 is the BEST series, it is even BETTER than the original series. 

Enjoying some desserts with boyfriend waiting for the screening.
Strawberry waffle. yums!!!

Nuffnang and ChurpChurp team threw a birthday surprise after the screening. We were surprised as well! lol


1, 2, 3, 4

There are many things happened to me lately, good or bad but I am happy that I have you :)
I am pretty happy today, out of all sudden.
Could it be because of you?

pictures taken from

Guinness: St. Patrick's Day

Another toast to celebrate St Patrick's Day, a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17th March in Ireland, where Guinness came from. This celebration has going on all over the world, from Australia to USA, even Malaysia attempted to have the most people celebrate St Patrick's Day at Changkat Bukit Bintang last Saturday.

and I was there! :D

Look at the crowd

Owh to Guinness! =)
We went for The Comedy Club Asia show and Papa CJ was super hilarious, especially the way he started the yoga class before the talk show! :)

Bf and I

Many thanks to Jq Lee, blogger of Niaangel for the Guinness stout vouchers and it was pleasure to meet Carina Yeoh, blogger of in my NUT'S shell.


Furry peanut: The Lorax

Behold, Universal Studio has summoned a mystical creature, The Lorax to tell us the message of the importance of environment with the help of Dr Seuss!

All thanks to Nuffnang for giving us an opportunity to watch another great story from Dr. Seuss. If you did not know, Dr Seuss is a guy behind many famous children story books with the hint of messages, such as The Cat in The Hat, Horton Hears Who and so on! The story is basically starts with rhymes in order to help the children read! Interesting no?

So basically, the story is about a guy named Ted who has a crush on Audrey in a search of the last Truffula tree seed with the help of Once-ler (the guy behinds everything).

Verdict: This movie is mainly targeting children as well as adults who adores Dr Seuss (like me!). Some of the adults rather feel that it is so childish and there are a lot of singing and stuff (like my boyfriend lol). I like the graphic, we do not have to pay another price of 3D effect because the movie is already in 3D kind of feel. I found it very cute and meaningful for a children movie.

I brought my companion along and we had a great time at the malls after the movie since the parking was freaking jam afterwards. We played my newly bought camera with tonnes of silly shots and window shopping (for real!)

We had a great time. =)


Valentine's Day: Of simple and special

I am grateful enough to have a nice boyfriend for three years and it keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Our Valentine's celebration is pretty much average, no wine and lavish food, just an average dinner at our local Italian restaurant and spent whole afternoon in Pavilion. It is just like a normal outing where I can get into book store (usual) to hunt some books and bodek him to get me loose powder as Valentine's Day present. Chilling in a Japanese coffee shop, En Ginza with cute doraemon latte and a bowl of Udon. 

Doraemon latte art


Boyfriend was trying to understand my course more lol

Just like what we do in normal weekends :)

To tell the truth, I am not kind of girl who fancy over Valentine's Day. I do not really want to have expensive dinner on that day itself as both of us are still students, our allowances are kinda constrained. Unlike some other girls who really cannot deal the fact that their boyfriends couldn't pay their super expensive meals at high end restaurants (I am not joking, some girls ARE like that, God knows why). 

Little Italy Restaurant, Puchong
That's me

Well, wine and ribs on Valentine's Day are not a big deal at all, we can have ribs like any other days. Usually, restaurants which come out with Vday dinner sets are really suck big time because they do not prepare the food decently. I have tried once (wayyyyyy before when I was single with family lol) and yes, it was suck. I tweeted about the flower my boyfriend bought for me on our Valentine's Day and how fast the flower will die, Aki Borneo immediately replied me: no, not the flower to see, the people who give em.. Ha ha ha.. :D.. That's one will sure tahan lama.. :p . Which is funny and true! I somehow truly agreed with him!

As we look in different angles, Valentine's Day is just a day to remember our special people, regardless of couple or family and friends. My dad was so nice he purposely bought a Valentine's cake for all of us (surprise!) from Levain on that day itself. 

It was so nice of dad to get a Vday cake for us all!

On that day itself, the Tuesday of Valentine's Day. Boyfriend has classes to attend and I read my favourite story book at home. We only went out for late supper just for the sake of Vday and we were supposed to go to Starbucks but ended up at Wong Kok Restaurant because it is cheaper and fuller lol.

Around 10pm, we had heavy supper aiyoyo ><

It doesn't matter what we did, went on Valentine's Day. The most important thing is to remind us how special we are to someone (friends or family). :3

PS: tomorrow will be my turn to get him a Vday+Birthday+Xmas pressie!
Kiamsiap girlfriend XD