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Back to college/university advise

Hello smexies!

The most exciting part that is my new semester shall start on next Monday, and the best part is I'm going to become a senior! I still remember the times when I was a freshman, with no clue what so ever what to expect in my semester. After years of studies in my university, I truly have the experience when it comes to surviving in university.

Just kidding. University should be a fun place!

I just want to share my advice to those who will be back to university or starting a new journey at a new learning environment! Here's my several tips to survive in university/college:

1. Do prepare and make a good use of a planner! Honey, this is the 'thing' to keep track all of your activities. Be it having appointment with your lecturer or a society meeting, it helps you to get organized without any mess. When I was a freshman, I did not have an organizer with because I thought it was tedious. Boy I was wrong, I had trouble in arrange my time for my studies and blogging. I started to use planner when I became a sophomore! I was able to organize my time and jot down all important stuff in the planner. It literally saved my grades.

2. Budget! Budget! We got it, you are not a high school student anymore! No more those nasty canteen food, now we can have whatever we want! But hold on... Do get your finances in order! Outside food can be expensive, depending where you are studying. I study at Damansara and there are limited restaurants around my campus (and expensive too). Do plan your budget when you're in university so that you will not live in a pitiful life.

3. Don't act lah! There will be times where we might be confused with our studies. Do not afraid to ask questions. We, Malaysians (too stereotype) have problems in asking questions. Maybe this is because back in primary/secondary school, asking questions = stupid. Some teachers do not let us to ask questions because 1) waste their time 2) maybe they do not know the answers too. This is truly based on my experience as student, not all teachers are like that. Hence, when we are in university, interaction takes place but we just.... diam diam acting sibeh pandai.

4. Rojak together! Meeting new people is fun! Attending Orientation is a great way to start making new friends. Although Orientation might sounds boring but trust me, you will understand what your course is all about. Also, meeting new friends will definitely beneficial in your studies. You can have a mini study discussion with your friends....but unfortunately most of the time it would turn to gossip/social gathering haha! Yes, university can be really fun!

5. Safety first! I'm not saying that university is a dangerous place but in my opinion, everywhere is not safe now! Especially there are many crimes going on around here. Take necessary precautious when you're alone! I purposely bought pepper sprays before the semester starts. Try keeping one pepper spray in your bag and also in your car, just to be extra alerts!

My Back To University must-have!

I hope that this post would help. I found out that some of the contents are terlalu lah, but it is for entertainment purpose. However, you should get the picture! University/College is a great place to meet new people and trying out new things, such as getting an involvement in societies. I'd joined several societies and I'm currently a member of my department student community where we run activities for our students :) Believe me, it is not easy! but I do have an exposure in handling events and meeting corporate and other university representatives.

What else would you advice for those who will be going back to university/college? Leave your suggestion below <3

Dear exam,

Hey smexies, I'm current in a nerd-mode for my upcoming final examination! Great news is I only have one exam, bad news is this is the hardest module in my degree programme - Globalization 'cuz I'm suck in current affairs!

Even I know the scope of the exam, I still have lack of confidence in answering them. Well let's say that my lecturer is a highly educated person with BROAD, I mean he has BROADDD knowledge in EVERYTHING, he would definitely put high expectation on us.

Get what I mean?

But I keep telling myself:

Oh journals

I miss blogging about my personal life, that was my initial purpose of starting a blog - to share my life with you or more a less a space for me to rant every pieces of my life I could find. I like to rant, a lot. Just because my horoscope is Cancer, it doesn't mean that I LOVE to keep stuff to myself...

Not at all. In fact, I love to rant rant RANTT!! 

Okay, seriously, even though my university semester has started, I don't feel like I'm studying or anything. However, I have to be in the campus almost every week for attending meetings only. One of my lecture has left oversea for two weeks whereas another lecture of mine is on leave due to personal matters (I only have two subjects in this semester). After CNY holiday, most of my friends hadto come back to their classes but I was still at home shaking mah legs. Exaggerating much, I actually had to prepare house parties for friends and relatives. mehh...

Maybe I should start to read all the journals that my lecturer gave to me. There are more than 10 journals await me, I feel like I've been defeated by the JOURNALS. Not to say I hate journals, I actually like to read journals. It is just that I'm still having CNY hangover, I need time to recover :D

OKAYY... I will start to study tomorrow. I swear. =[
New Year, New purse! Random much
Alright, I have to stop now. It's late and I need to sleep! I don't want to have insomnia like yesterday, as a result I had to dismiss the meeting early in the morning! I'm a bad VP T_T

Good night!!!

Do support me on my Facebook Page where I normally share some beauty tricks and random stuff with your guys: (because you are! *wink)

Glamourous Burgandy and University Life

'I can't wait for this coming semester, it will be my last third semester!'

My previous assignments are ready for collection and I was pretty nervous about it, since I wasn't doing well in the past semester. However, I was surprised that I did okay, giving that most of my assignments are in merit except for my HR subject, I got distinction for the individual assignment! *I spent four days in doing that essay and it's TOUGH to get distinction from my HR lecturer!* 

Still, I got all merits in total! *bye bye first class*


Anyway, I am currently looking for several looks for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. I keep looking for inspirations through Pinterest, my favourite inspirational source site! There are so many pretty pictures, my favourite part would be makeup trends and crafts because these make me smile all the time! 

I bumped onto Revlon New Shanghai Collection (last fall) campaign picture on Pinterest, the collection is surprisingly Shanghai - with all the glamourous purple and famous red lips on most Shanghai women in those days. 
Emma Stone
I was really inspired when I saw this look. Without hesitation, I took out my makeup tools and completed the look with my own interpretation (It doesn't look like the look above but heck, first attempt is usually bad) HAHA

I choose to line the cat eyeliner downwards, creating a beautiful doll eye ('cause I'm Asian, that's why LOL).  This would help me in enlarging and brigtening my small eye, giving it a beautiful anime character eye. (Which might be true because I look so animated when I blink my eyes) My eyeshadows are in geometric shape using burgundy and brown matte to sharpen the edges.

Now tell me, what do you think about this look? Personally, I like this look very much because it suits me very well and I've mastered the technique in creating downwards eyeliner! If you like this look as much as I do, I will be happy to create a tutorial for you guys! Just let me know by leaving a comment and like this picture on my Facebook page so that I will know!

There are more looks to come for Valentine's and CNY, I'm still thinking which look is suitable for both occasions! =3


Trip to SPCA

Hey guys! Finally I have done my Moral Studies presentation, now I have time to blog! I literally have three to four pending blog posts with me right now and now I'm going to blog about my first pending post: My Moral Studies project.


So basically, our assignments are to work on something that is related to our topics - moral. Our team decided to visit to SPCA at Ampang, which is a big deal to me because I always wanted to go to SPCA just to help out the animals. Besides, I get to see cute dogs over there. Trust me, SPCA is full with cute dogs, not the one you are thinking right now.

Our cover page for this assignment
Want to know what we did at SPCA on that day? Take a look on our video, I have spent days and days to edit this 5 minutes video.... cuz I'm a noob in editing. (It's also the result of our project)

Do watch in HD!

Anyway, there's something I would like to share with you guys. SPCA is going to build a eco friendly shelter for the animals, as we interviewed the staff over there, there will be cage-free environment for the dogs. link. That is a good thing because caging the dogs in long hours will affect their mentality.

I hope you guys would enjoy this video, I really appreciate it!! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Finals: meme

I have lost my blogging mojo completely. Whenever I am staring at the blank draft page of my blog, I have no idea what to write. Ever since I have survived from that terrible semester finals with my mates, almost every time I would rather spend my time on camera rather than my blog. 

It is true, I love my camera.

Every time I thought of my Fundamentals of Finance test, I would be very mad indeed. Here's the thing, lecturer gave us the wrong hints. I fairly understand that we should not rely on the tips giver for our exams but this is exceptional. You see, our paper consists of two sections, A and B. As usual, we have to complete the question in Section A while choosing a question to complete in Section B. Our lecturer told us that in Section B, there will be questions on theories and calculation, therefore it has to be 50:50, right? However during the test, we were shocked over the questions on the paper. In Section B, both questions are purely related to theories and none of us ever heard of it. Yes, it is true! It is really unfair to us, I mean if the lecturer did not want to give us tips, then don't give! But why the lecturer would give the wrong general tips!?

My coursemates were unhappy as I was because we spent literally whole day and night to study for this finals! I started to study on the day before the test but majority did studied the week before! It is really a bad experience of all of us, and guess what, this paper is so-called killer paper in our degree programme. Now that is really sad. My friend was so unhappy, he decided to make a meme out of it the night after the test. Rage much.

Come to think of it, the meme is quite TRUE and FUNNY at the same time. Oh boi, my friend is one brave guy because the meme is super obvious and risky. I mean, what if it went into the wrong hands. o_o and I am posting THIS on my blog. But umm (Robin Scherbatsky joke)...

lol. HIEK x 3

Well, come to think of it. Next time when people start giving you hope, do not RELY on it. OH MY GOD, NO NO NO NO NO NO... "Dah nampak hantu, memang takut bilik gelap kan?" (literally translated from Cantonese)

Anyway, after that terrible event. We went to Aquaria KLCC to see fishies to pujuk diri sendiri, lol. Bad experience over there mate, we still cannot forgive the event, sigh.




Okay, this weeks is going to be a BITCH to me. Fuck Olympics thinggy at UK or else we do not have to this RUSH for our assignments.

Trust me, it ain't cool to submit three assginments in A week.
I have gone insane and sick for few days due to the Mt.-Everest level of stress.
Diahrrea and fever, bitches are forver bitches.

I made this by myself okay! lol

Insanity wolf kicks in. This ain't Jacob, this is THE shit. MEME FTW


Could not get Bella? 


Still, I am active at my Tumblr with my daily dose of photos. Where you can see me bitching over assignments. lol GO CHECK IT OUT.


Sorry for lacking updates these days, I am so busy over my assignments  o(T__T)o  Trust me, the assignments now are harder and I have no idea what is question about.

I literally spend my whole day looking through materials and journals to support my assignment.

This is what I have been dealing with for past few days, reading and jotting down the important points with arguments.

Consider this as my releasing stress post, I love my St. Paddy's hat!



Had Green frappe while researching materials ♥



Reading some materials for my assignments is such a pain ass, especially when the lecturer requires us to have at least ten strong references for a question.It is just so difficult to R.E.A.D..

But I am good in reading novels.

Or maybe this is the main reason why I hate to read.

But it is the only way to get a degree.

Let's go shopping!
i'm dead.

pictures taken from

Uni life: Careers in Accounting and Finance Talk

The audience and the guests
My team, Business Economics and Accounting Club a.k.a. BEAC had invited two representatives from IBM to have a talk on careers in Accounting and Finance areas today :)

The representatives  =)

I am so happy that we could manage to pull off the talk with more than 50 students!
Great work guys!

The BEAC committes
Thank you!!

ohsum time!

Having awesome coursemates is ohsumm!
The only time I really enjoy uni life without any stress but fun FUN FUN.


When a nerd complains

Lack of blogging mojo lately, I really need to have blogging pills now. Do they have it in store? I think I shall create it and sell it to all the procrastinating bloggers out there. LOL. #random

Semester 2 is like a MESS! My timetable sucks so bad I have classes on Saturday. Who goes for classes in weekends!? especially from 8am till 1.30pm straight. Goodness gracious. Imagine that I have morning classes rather than afternoon classes this time...
I am so dead. shiitt.

The lecturer is not impressed with our works last semester and he needs us to do it better enough this time. That is why I almost spend my whole entire week to search for journals and articles for my soon-to-release assignments. 

Homework + Twitter. :D

By the way, I went to The Curve with my uni-mate for lunch. #meatballs! I also decided to get a new pair of glasses because my current one is old and filthy already, #sadmax. The one I bought this time is super cute, it is a geek glasses aka BIG GLASSES like a nerd. :3

Geek glasses

something like that and no, I am not getting a Ray Ban. It is way tooo expensive! I saw Miss Sixty glasses which is currently having 50% sales, I wanted to get that until I saw that one pair of super kawaii glasses at A-Look, it is only for RM138 (frame)!! 
....until I got my eyes check and the Hoya lens are FUCKING expensive.

I wish I could be as sexy as her when I wear that specs lol.
Damn it. but it is okay, it is good for my eyes. (still cannot believe with the price).
hopefully it can really help me with my grades, the #nerdpower.


Could not believe that today is the last day of Chinese New Year! =3 It is time to settle down with serious mood for my coming 2nd semester just to make sure that I can manage my results very well =) My UEL results were released last week, thanks to my friend who posted up about the information on Facebook, most of my friends were anxiously waiting to know the results. 

I mean, who does not?

Anyway, I am piratically happy over my results. After the UoL results (last year), I had problems dealing with lectures and studies. Finally I transferred to UEL, where a programme with heavy assignments, my life has completely changed. I am more flexible in my time management and less stress. =) I took Academic Skills for Business, Governing Business Activities and Accounting and It's Regulatory Frames last semester. I gained distinctions for the two subjects except for Governing Business Activities as it is not been released yet. Fair enough, the results are way better than UoL results (no distinction but border line passes T_T, not good).

Hardworking does pay off =3

With all the expectations from parents and myself, I believe that I can achieve a good honour for my degree =3 Who knows? I just want to get ass out of the university and start contributing to the society a.k.a. working. 

Those are my checklist, :3 

Assignment: Know your meme

This is what happened today in school, my mates wanted to have assignment marathon that is, all of us cannot go to bed without finishing assignment.

The first one who goes to bed must do the wiggle dance.

1. Facebook, Twitter at 10pm.

2. Start to look out for materials, 11pm

2. Two hours later... I still could not write a decent essay.

3. Could not search for appropriate examples.

4. Saw friends still on Facebook finishing assignments.


lol. goodnight!

If i was that hardworking...

... I would not end up blogging in the library instead!

Looking at the financial statements of various companies to do comparisons do consuming my brain and energy. I just hate financial accounting! I always wonder why I hate accounting so much but having a relationship with a ACCA student. Opposite attractions as they said, yin and yang; dark and night; BLA BLA BLA.

Damn, my assignment group mates are having class now, leaving me dealing with these bunch of financial statements. I made myself to university early in this morning to do all the analysis even though class starts at 2pm. Man, if only they would cancel the classes and let us focus on our assignments works. My friends suggested that we should ditch the class instead for assignments, she has a point! Let's see, our schedules are almost the same, from 10am to 5pm at most, which makes us having less time to do our works despite we still have our own weekends. The freaking library does not open in the weekends! How are we supposed to get our materials also, it is hard for us to meet up in the weekends as we stay in the every other ends of Klang Valley.

It is best for us to ponteng some classes starting from now. #Justsaying! I do not want to get slaughtered by my boyfriend shhhhh... =P


UEL Cultural Night

Moving from a department to another department, I am no longer a UoL student but a UEL student now. This time, the student council of DOME is having UEL Cultural Night at Artista Bar, Tropicana!

The Bar
Previous night, the council member called me and wanted me to represent Korea because the model did not want to do so. I was stunned COMPLETELY, I told the member where to get Korean Costume now!? and she said Korean girls love to wear fashionable clothes and good in makeup, suggesting that I should go for it as I really look like an actual Korean. 

That MUST be a compliment, Tuzki Bunny Emoticon. I said YES.

I brought along my pretty pretty partner, Hui Ling for the dinner.

Best thing in the dinner?

GOT TOWER LA WEI!! Ahem, it's Iced Lemon Tea.
Iced Lemon Tea again, BOOOOO :D

Hui Ling

I was supposed to have a decent meal until the members told us, the model to get ready for the show. I was like WHATTTTTTT... I did not manage to eat at all! During the briefing, the host wanted us to talk something about our countries, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon I am a Malaysian, how am I supposed to know anything about Korea!? I told them that I am not from Korea and he did not believe me at first, however he wanted me to google the basic facts right away! I checked on my phone and looked through the facts but still, HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

So, this is what I did. Thanks to Hui Ling, she recorded my performance. LOL, I did not know that!

I nailed it, in a funny way! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

My lovely colourful coursemates and me!

Vivienne and Ainaa =)

Signing off for my next upcoming project,

Lace Top: Forever 21;
Bandage skirt: sistaclosette;
Blazer: chic-chick
Necklace: Forever 21;
Oxford pumps: Charles and Keith