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Sweet Valetine's Look (w/ Naked 3 palette)

Hey smexies, I've been wanted to share with you all about the wonders of Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The look that I'm sharing with you all now is natural, suitable for those who are comfortable with their own skin. I personally like natural makeup currently because it's quicker and easier to apply! Although this look is towards natural makeup, pairing with dramatic lipstick would definitely spice up your look.

How To: Summer vibrant eyeliner look


Hello smexies! I'm really excited to share my another simple and quick makeup look with you! Recently I've been hooking up with the latest summer 2013 trend (thanks to Google!) and I found out that the colours for summer are always vivid and vibrant, giving it the extra oomph! for our look.

My favourite trend is colourful liner! I'm kind of on-the-go person, I do not have the time for my makeup! I always love to grab my essentials: lip tint, eyeliner, compact powder when I'm out for running errands. When I'm in the mood, I would love to pick vibrant eyeliner to match with my outfit =)

If you have noticed, I love to combine yellow and blue to my eyes because of its vibrant colour. You can try with your favourite colours ie. purple x orange, green x yellow, pink x violet blue... BE CREATIVE! It's summer, fun is all you need!

Source: Makeupforlife

If you don't have vibrant eyeliner (like me!), it's fine to use the choice of your eyeshadow. All you need to do is to damp your eyeshadow brush with water, I use water bottle spray because it's easier to control. Next, choose the choice of your eyeshadow and rub your brush few times on the eyeshadow palette to pick up a generous amount of eyeshadow on your brush. When you apply the colour on your eyes, do add several layers to build the intensity of the colour, the more intensity the more vibrant your eyeshadow will be.

I did on my upper and lower lid with yellow and blue eyeshadow respectively. To enhance the definition of my eyes, I apply a black liquid eyeliner on my upper lid with a small wing. To finish the look, just curl your lashes and apply mascara! If you want to add some drama, false lashes will work like wonders!


I hope you enjoy reading this post. What's your favourite summer colours? Do leave a comment and let me know! =)

No foundation, no worries!

I understand how it feels like whenever you run out of your favourite foundation, there's nothing left but a concealer and moisturizer left in a corner of the dressing table. You should be lucky because these two products can actually be used as emergency foundation! It happens to me a lot, whenever my foundation has ran out and I need some coverage on my skin, I would mix my liquid concealer and moisturizer together for application.

You will need:
  1. Any liquid or cream concealers of your choice.
    You can mix two different shades of the concealers in order to suit your skin colour.
  2. Facial moisturizer. 
  3. Foundation brush or puff.
Squeeze two pea size of concealers and a 20-50 cents size of your moisturizer. The ratio of the concealers and moisturizer can be 1 : 3 or 4.
Mix them well together and woalah! You have your own version of 'foundation'.

Not everyone like the foundation because it can feel heavy on our skin. However, concealer can be used as foundation because it has the coverage consistency and it helps to conceal wrinkles, redness and etc. Moisturizer helps to blend the concealers smoothly for a better application. My advice is that you can adjust the amount of these products that suit your skin. You may add more concealer for better coverage or vice versa. 

I like this trick because it's simple and effective. It's quite similar to tinted moisturizer and it's suitable for classes and errands. I dislike application foundation for classes because my look may be look heavy and slightly OTT for simple 1 hour class, this trick can refresh my look and not overwhelmed. 

For my eyes, I used:
SILKYGIRL Funky Eyelights Pencil in Ocean Blue
SILKYGIRL Precision Sharp Eyeliner in Black

For my face, I used:
Shiseido The Skin Care Moisturizer
ZA Perfect Fit Concealer in 02
SILKYGIRL Pure Fresh Oil-Control 2-Way Foundation in 02

For my lips, I used:
Love & Beauty by Forever 21 Sparking Lip Gloss in Fiery Red

Do share your thoughts with me about this post. What do you think?

Innocent purple REVISTED

I'm so happy that I could do my monthly makeup challenge (all thanks to my 2013 resolutions), last month I tried to achieve Revlon Shanghai Collection look and now I'm up to revamp the look for Chinese New Year and Valentine's day!
I named this look as innocent purple because the colours are much softer than previous look, perfect for visiting family and friends during the festive season without looking over the top. Also, with this sweet innocent pink complementing the purple, it brings sweetness to your eyes for Valentine's day.

It is simple to achieve this look. All you need is two eyeshadow colours: pink and burgandy and a highlight colour, preferred with shimmery texture to brighten up the eyes. Now let's get started, shall we?

  1. Apply a innocent sweet pink colour on your 2/3 eyelids starting from your inner corner. Try not to apply over your crease area. 
  2. Get your favourite dark purple shade (here I have burgandy) and apply it on your outer corner. Avoid the purple getting into the pink shade, we will do that later!
  3. Now, get your blending brush and start blending the colours in sweepping motion, this will 'harmonise' the colours bringing out a beautiful gradient effect.
  4. Your eyeshadow setting is completed! Time to line your eyes with black eyeliner (I'm using gel liner). Remember to connect the lower line with the upper line! This would make your eyes look bigger.
  5. Add a shimmering highlight on your lower eyelid to brighten the look. Also, remember to apply the white shimmer on the centre of your crease area, this would bring out the 3D effect!
  6. Curl your lashes with mascara... and you're done!

Simple isn't it? 

If you preferred to have a more dramatic look, you could always apply false lashes! I'm just lazy to apply falsies here! hehehehe

I hope that you love this look as much as I do! Do tell me what your thoughts of this look, I'd love to hear your opinions!


Simple trick for colourful eyes

Hey lovelies! I've been searching for beautiful fall make up looks just before 2013, I love fall 2012 makeup trends because the looks are bold and beautiful! from vampy lips to strong edgy bold eyeliners (my favourite trends of all).

To have strong colourful eyes, it was a challenge to me because I don't have a delicate hand to blend the colours smoothly, my eyes most likely would end up like a panda. Luckily, one of my favourite Youtube makeup guru, Gossmakeup has marvelous tips and tricks for achieving the look. He has been giving useful tips on most makeup basics, such as contouring and highlighting techniques, achieving dewy skin, etc. He often gives his tips without any demonstration but still able to give easy learning tutorial from his advice, no doubt, because he is a professional makeup artist. =D

What I am going to now is to show you what he had taught on his youtube channel, simple trick for beautiful eye colour. You may find that his look is greatly different than mine because I don't have any glitter with me -.-

So after you have primed your eyes, go straight with a eyeliner pencil, preferred with kohl (smooth texture) and line your eyes.
It doesn't matter if it's messy =)
Dab black eye shadow along the eyeliner to create a smooth line. After that, use your favourite colour (for me it has to be purple) and dab the colour accordingly. This would create a gradient effect from dark to light colour =)

Don't forget to blend!

Your beautiful eye colour is now complete. Simple eh? Remember to line your eye lid with eyeliner and curl your lashes to be nice and perky! =)

 This is the most easiest trick of all in achieving bold colourful eyes. You can try to use any colour to create your favourite eye look. I added some glitter from my pure glitter lip gloss to add some oomph factors on my eyes, I really need to get some glitter for my eyes :|

You can wear this for parties and the current festive season, new year celebration? Dare to be creative and courage to make your eyes to look BOLD. I simply love eye makeup more than lips. :D I hope this tutorial inspired from Gossmakeup could help you to build up your confident in bold looks.

What do you think about this tutorial? Leave your comment below. Would you dare to try it? :P


Tutorial: Perfect Red Lips

Hey babes, I'm currently working on different makeup looks inspired by our Chinese culture. Not sure why I decided to do that, could it because of the season?

Well anyway, I have posted my Old glamouruos Shanghai makeup look on Facebook few days ago. To my surprise,some of the followers were wondering how to achieve the look. Since I'm still free (for the last few days), I decided to guide you all in achieving the perfect gorgeous red lips. This is because having delicate red lips are the main pointer to achieve the old Shanghai look.

  1. Prep the lips with lips balm for moisturizing purpose. Next, conceal the lips with concealer. 
  2. Define the lip using a red lip liner . This is to create the shape edges of the lips. Fill them in later.
  3. Now, pick your favourite red colour lipstick and fill this sexy colour onto your lips. I recommend using a lip liner is a great choice because it is easier to control. 
  4. Clean up the edges with concealer and a brush.
  5. *Optional* Make your lips pop using red lip gloss!

And there you have it, perfect red lips! I hope you guys enjoy reading this tutorial post :)


Eye Candy in 4 Simple Steps

I'm not sure about you guys but I was pretty excited when I received my academic calender and schedule. Time to get all of my university supplies, such as notebooks, memo pads and tons of cartridge inks (assignments, sigh!). 

Also, I need to stock up some makeup essentials for university, it's a habit to me. I cannot make it to university without applying minimal makeup. In my opinion, it is good to be presentable for class because it shows that you respect the lecture and definitely will be more semangat/wide awake.

Anyway, many of my friends literally ask me the same question: How do you even have time to makeup for morning classes? Well, I have to wake up an hourly early just to get prepared... hair, makeup, clothes, accessories... Okay, I lied wtf. Well basically I have just an easy trick to brighten up my eyes and it's only requires less than 10 minutes. NO LIE.

  1. Use a black eyeliner pencil with creamy texture and line the entire eyelid, it doesn't matter if it's messy.
  2. Use a smudge brush or cotton bud to smudge the black eyeliner to create smokey effect.
  3. Bring the colour down to the centre of lower lash line to balance the black colour. 
  4. Slightly apply any of your favourite colour on the crease area to bring out some colours. Here I use highlighter to brighten up my eyes. You can opt for brown, blue or even green if you want to add some pop on your eyes ;)
  5. Define your eyes using liquid eyeliner (as thin as possible) and apply two coats of mascara on your lashes and you're done!
Don't forget add your favourite lipbalm or lipgloss too! It's important to get lips hydrated for classes whole day long! You don't want to have chapped lips right? :P I hope that this trick could help all of the busy ladies out there! 


Simple cat eye look

Finally I have the time to do another dramatic cat eyes look tutorial =)

*Damn happie okieeee*

Mysterious dramatic look
To achieve this dramatic look, all you need to have are a eyeliner PENCIL and a brown shimmering/matte eyeshadow colours.

1. Apply light brown colour all over your lid =) Matte colour that suits to your skin colour is also can be applied on your eye lid.

2. Apply a dark brown colour on your crease to create deep set of your eye crease, it will show your eyes in 3D effect lol.

3. Next, use a black eyeliner pencil to line a cat eye. Line up from the outer corner of your eye to the centre of your eyelid and STOP! =O

4. *The trick is here* Use a cotton swab and smudge the liner all over the eyelid, this will create a smooth line.

5. Use the eyeliner pencil again and line up your waterline to define your eye!

and.... You are done!! with your eye look. 
After that, you can apply your foundation, loose powder, your favourite lip colour and a hint of blusher!

Serious look lol
It is simple as that! What I like about this dramatic cat eye look is that it is SUPER easy (you can achieve it within 10 minutes!) and it is super casual for class or lunch with my girls or even, movie dates!

I hope you like this simple tutorial and if you have something to say, why not leave a comment below! =) Thanks!


Gyaru: Tsubasa Masuwaka

It all happened when I received Candy Doll brochure at SASA store few weeks ago...

I was captivated with Himegyaru looks because of their innocent barbie doll looks (all thanks to colour circle lens). The Candy Doll brochure features Tsubasa Masuwaka, a himegyaru icon in Japan and also the model who owns Candy Doll and Dolly Wink, popular makeup brands in Japan.

The girl behinds everything!
I instantly fell in love with their looks, especially the eyelashes and the completely matte face, it is exactly looks like a doll! To be honest, I was dying to try their products because of the gyaru hypes all over me. Impulse buys with no regret!

Teehee. =)
I was also influenced by a youtuber on gyaru makeup look tutorials, anzfalcon. I found out gyaru makeup is actually simple to do, the only tricky part is when we have to apply eyelashes, especially the bottom eyelashes. Sigh, I am still not good at applying bottom eyelashes!! So I was attempting to look like a gyaru unfortunately, I did not look like a gyaru. LOL. That is why I named my tutorial video 'Simple gyaru INSPIRED makeup look'. haha

See, gyaru look FAILED.
but... I tried and I love it! 

So here you go, my another tutorial on Gyaru. Hope you enjoy!

leave your comment down below my blog regarding on this look. I would appreciate it. Thanks!!


Rushing on time?

Hello there! Last Sunday my friend from Nilai called me and wanted to meet up with the NS buds, I was shocked because everyone was practically there. I told her I will be there in 30 minutes. Rushing rushing rushing? How am I going to do my face?

Are you in rushing and you have no idea what to do? All you did were panic panic panic? No fret, here is how.

Anyway, great hang out with my lovely friends. We just could not stop gossiping about everything that happened in NS back those days. Oh well, we all gonna meet again on Vivian's Bday this Saturday! =)


Classic Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello peeps! How are you today? I apologize for the lack of updates on my blog. I just do not have the mojo to blog or something. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

As the title said 'Classic Cat Eye' makeup tutorial is what I am going to show now. Guys, move away if this is not your thing. If this is, well keep reading =)

Girls, you stay!
lol kidding mate!

So this is the look, inspired by In2It brochure I got that afternoon. I might look like those Chinese opera actress based on my eyes look right!? I thought so.
This is how it looks.

The power of makeup. Before and After. Scary huh!!!

I actually did a makeup tutorial video and I apologize of the suckie lighting in my room. It's pretty dark in here, I will improve myself on conducting a tutorial video next time! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

I look pretty stupid now.

Feel free to check out my vid. =D If there any question, leave a comment on my blog okie. Also, not to forget to follow my facebook page at here! CLICK

Thankie thankie!