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Flat White Inspiration


As you are reading this post, I was actually at Butter+Beans cafe at OUG Garden enjoying a cup of flat white (my current favourite brew; not so thick, not so thin). I didn’t know that there is a cafe around this community area, so surprise surprise! I mean, well… I was somehow raised from this resident area and it is famous for local Chinese food – from Roasted Duck to fresh ketam (it means crabs in Malay). Normally if you want to chill at a cafe, Damansara/Bangsar is the only place to have this (no kidding, it’s true. For me, at least).

Summer Parties

Hello smexies!

Have you thought of traveling to other countries just for the sake of summer music festivals? I wasn't a big fan of music festivals, more specifically rave parties until I met my boyfriend. He started to introduced me to all sorts of techno music, Hardwell and Tiesto are his favourites. Getting familiar with the music was good but he insisted that I should attend to  dance-fests at Sepang because it had a better vibe in live than you know, popping your headphones to your ears. However, I can't just simply go to Sepang and party all night long because I have curfew. #Asianparentsftw

It sucks but I got to go to Swedish House Mafia's at Sunway in the beginning of 2013, I insisted that I should go because 1)It's only at Sunway 2)BEST OPPORTUNITY EVER, DUH! 3) I JUST LOVE SHM AND YOU SHOULD TO. Although the experience was not what I had in mind - note: it was mad packed with peeps and a girl's hair kept 'slapping' onto my face. 

Seriously, nobody like to taste your salty hair.

Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour KL

Anyway, have you heard of EDC and Tomorrowland? Those two were the biggest electronic dance festivals in the US and Europe respectively which held in every summer. I am keen to go to Tomorrowland because it's in Belgium which I would love to travel to Europe one day. Moreover, the festival is influenced by the fairtytale theme  - it doesn't make sense to me because I didn't know fairies love rave, shouldn't they prefer to glittery Disney songs? I don't know. 

Tomorrowland - Pinterest
Now that I think of it, maybe I could go to Tomorrowland because I can tumpang my friend's bf's crib at Switzerland. :P She sure would love the idea of me crashing into her boyfriend and her's summer. Maybe not that soon... I'm not working yet. After doing some research, it would costs roughly RM5k to RM10k to party for three days straight. Yesh, that is the price of life time experience!

Since I can't go there...yet, why not I gather some inspirational pictures and share it with you? I know many of them would spice up their outfit for the rave party but I'm kinda casual and laid back, I would prefer sneakers and shorts. Thanks to the weather in Malaysia, I think I'm pretty get used to the crowded place with HOT HOT HOT HOT weather. Just imagine walking in a crowded pasar malam, you guess it.

sweats... and it's good for losing your weight too.

That's all for now. I know this post is different than the usual ones, I just want to share the festivals with you.

Now tell me, are you a party animal? Which music festival would you like to attend?

Be optimistic, I told myself. Everything is going to be fine.

Let's get personal, I would like to share my experience with you all. I am a girl who dislike being left out (who does?). 

There was a time when I just transferred to a new entire school, with no friends but classmates, it was a total mess. I remember I often had branch alone in the canteen during break time, however I still managed to make some friends but still, there were still emptiness in my heart. When I was still in my old school, I was a timid girl with extremely close friends, I didn't know what to expect when I came to this entire new environment. How do I start over? What should I do?

Eventually, I learned to be independent in a hard way, accepting the fact that I have to stay strong to cope every  problems as much as possible. After months passed by, it was a terrified month for most girls - National Service, but I was eager to join in this service. Why? I just want to start over, a fresh new start, not to be that old timid girl who can't handle any problems. I want to be strong and an independent lady. It succeed every well, I had great months with my NS mates. =) Soon, I started to mix around with different people and now, I realised I have gained a lot from that past memory.

You see, it's okay to be weak. In life, you might bumped onto something which you cannot handle it. The willingness to learn and be strong would indeed, help you to become a better person. Being a university student in a diversity learning place has actually made me even stronger, I have great course mates and friends!

Whenever I am sad, I would think about this. How has I become after so many years? Telling myself that everything is going to be okay, just look at how bad I was in years back and I managed to cope with it. 

Be optimistic, I told myself. Everything is going to be fine. :)


I forgive you

I was there, thinking where I should be in the future.... that was six years back. There's nothing much to say about my puppy love, we were young and it was the trendiest thing to do - dating a guy from a popular click in our school. I gotta admit, he is quite a jerk but I believe that he is just like another nice guy, just in a wrong group of people. 

That's my perception.

I understand how he loved me back then but it wasn't the right time for us, we broke apart and went on. Tie had broken off, we never spoke ever since. Time flies and it is already 2012. Still we are connected on Facebook, we never interact with the advance technology, social network given. I could only know how's his life been through picture tagging, status updates and such but still, we do not talk. I thought of unfriend him with a click but I wasn't sure whether is the right thing to do or not. I couldn't get over it, I forgive you for what you had done to me. How you used to be possessive, protective towards me. You are a Cancer, same as me. We need shells, we need secure.

It is not that I still love you, I thank you for spending time with me. Being with an average girl in a school, I believe that tonnes of girls would hated me because of this. And I am sorry for not sending you back to your car on my last day in my school, I was afraid, I was too selfish.

We were just couple of kids, trying to figure out how to live.

I sincerely wish you to have great journey ahead :') thank you.

Valentine's Day: Of simple and special

I am grateful enough to have a nice boyfriend for three years and it keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Our Valentine's celebration is pretty much average, no wine and lavish food, just an average dinner at our local Italian restaurant and spent whole afternoon in Pavilion. It is just like a normal outing where I can get into book store (usual) to hunt some books and bodek him to get me loose powder as Valentine's Day present. Chilling in a Japanese coffee shop, En Ginza with cute doraemon latte and a bowl of Udon. 

Doraemon latte art


Boyfriend was trying to understand my course more lol

Just like what we do in normal weekends :)

To tell the truth, I am not kind of girl who fancy over Valentine's Day. I do not really want to have expensive dinner on that day itself as both of us are still students, our allowances are kinda constrained. Unlike some other girls who really cannot deal the fact that their boyfriends couldn't pay their super expensive meals at high end restaurants (I am not joking, some girls ARE like that, God knows why). 

Little Italy Restaurant, Puchong
That's me

Well, wine and ribs on Valentine's Day are not a big deal at all, we can have ribs like any other days. Usually, restaurants which come out with Vday dinner sets are really suck big time because they do not prepare the food decently. I have tried once (wayyyyyy before when I was single with family lol) and yes, it was suck. I tweeted about the flower my boyfriend bought for me on our Valentine's Day and how fast the flower will die, Aki Borneo immediately replied me: no, not the flower to see, the people who give em.. Ha ha ha.. :D.. That's one will sure tahan lama.. :p . Which is funny and true! I somehow truly agreed with him!

As we look in different angles, Valentine's Day is just a day to remember our special people, regardless of couple or family and friends. My dad was so nice he purposely bought a Valentine's cake for all of us (surprise!) from Levain on that day itself. 

It was so nice of dad to get a Vday cake for us all!

On that day itself, the Tuesday of Valentine's Day. Boyfriend has classes to attend and I read my favourite story book at home. We only went out for late supper just for the sake of Vday and we were supposed to go to Starbucks but ended up at Wong Kok Restaurant because it is cheaper and fuller lol.

Around 10pm, we had heavy supper aiyoyo ><

It doesn't matter what we did, went on Valentine's Day. The most important thing is to remind us how special we are to someone (friends or family). :3

PS: tomorrow will be my turn to get him a Vday+Birthday+Xmas pressie!
Kiamsiap girlfriend XD

A blog of mine.

There are so many things to blog but why I could not blog a thing lately? I remember when I just started my blog, it was a space as my diary without wasting papers, thinking that nobody would ever discover my blog. 

That was five years ago. 

Years after years, my blog has developed some traffics and Nuffnang was then formed. Seeing that many bloggers, mostly friends started to register with Nuffnang to earn some pocket money or just to be seen. I was able to blog about my life, my crush, soon my love life, ending every post with 'love you' and some kisses. Those was the time I was able to express myself fully, to the max! without worrying over the blog traffic. Until innit showed up, I hooked up on the traffic and started to blog whatever the readers preferred. 

What is the true identity of my blog? 

Those who blog about parties, events tend to have more views. I started to think that maybe readers prefer the happenings, events, stuff like that so I started to have tonnes of crappy food review posts cuz I am suck at it. 'Nuff said.

I am not my mom. Duh.

Then, Michelle Phan was on Youtube, sharing some makeup tutorial videos and sending inspirational messages to all ladies out there. Frankly speaking, I was and always a girl with seriously low self- esteem issue, even though I might look confident outside. Thankfully, my boyfriend has always been by my side to support me no matter what (he doesn't know about my self-esteem issue). With Michelle Phan's inspirational thoughts, I tried on dramatic makeup look, it takes GUTS to start out a fresh look. and also started my Fashion and Beauty posts. I do not have the money for travelling, exotic foods and larvish bars/pubs/clubs. With my cheap camera, I believed that I can share some tips with the girls out there and boosted up my confidence.

Not long ago, a girl showed up in my life. She has everything, from head to toe and she has excellent taste in fashion. I was shocked and really, I was jealous and there goes my confidence! Months and months I kept telling myself I look fine, I am pretty, I have an awesome life, awesome boyfriend but turned out to be helpless at all! 

I am just a average university student who struggling with assignments and clubs meetings. I do not think that it is fair for me. All I was thinking: Nicole, you have to complete your Degree in two years. You must go out and start a new fresh life, like it or not. You see, I am not young anymore. I have flunked my UoL so badly I had to start my UEL Programme all over again from Year 1! I am not 19 years old, I am 22 now!! 

Yes, I am slow.

Anyway, that girl really press my confidence from up here to down there. ZERO. I cried and cried, kept on telling myself to face the fact and take up the challenge, prove everyone that I can manage my life, more importantly my self-esteem issue!!!

All I need is time but time is gold.

But it is alright Nicole, as they said 'No pain no gain'. I can be a lil' bit of drama queen here but it is okay, ranting is the way to reveal the problems, from problems we can search for solutions!!  

My lack of posting is because of my no-direction life. I do not know how my blog will end up... The process of growing up, to be mature is really..........tough.

It should be fine cuz I found my blog identity back! The space where I really express myself freely, sad, happy, whatever it is! No more crappy crappy posts, I shall reserve my blog as a space I share my thoughts and ideas. =')

Between the light and darkness.

PS: Hello there readers, thank you for taking your time to read my post. 


Getting better.

Hi guys, it has been awhile... I am so busy taking care of my sick dog recently, fortunately enough he is gradually getting better and better *fingers crossed*. What I most worried is that he still does not want to eat any food, literally. We have to finger food him with blended dog water food in every two to three hours using syringe! That is really scary...

It looks something like this.
(via MSN)
Mom bought some roasted duck for dinner today. I love roasted duck so much I curi makan UNTIL my dog smelled his ULTIMATE favourite food in the world, he rampas the duck from me and nearly bit my finger.
-__________________- My dog does not eat any of his dog food but hunger for duck meat. 

So YAY to Scotty whom willing to makan somethin'.
At least better than nothin'.

Pretty much about everything, my dog is one crazy duck meat lover.

Feeling any better?

'Feeling any better?' a common line who my mom and I always ask our dog, Scotty. 

He has been ill for two days and it keeps us worrying. For nine years, this is his first time being this ill, refuses to eat anything at all. We brought him to the vet and found out that he has respiratory infection, the veteran gave him two injections and hopefully it turns out well. If he still refuses to eat, we have to give him a blood test and body check-up. According to the veteran, it is impossible for a dog refuses to eat when it has respiratory problems, it might be caused by heart-worm in its lung. 

He was okay in the afternoon but... he turned blue in the evening :[ My dog always turn out to be a healthy dog even though he is skinny but he can jump, run and darn active. 

Lethargic. What more can I say...
This is him just two days ago!

Please be alright, we are worried sick about you.


Missy meets smexy

Notice I have changed my blog title from peacemusicbabe to Little Miss Smexy? I have some hard time  deciding on what name should my blog change to until I read my old posts. I realized I am engaging to self-esteem boosting related posts, ie. labels: fashion, OOTD, beauty. Back in 2010 or way before that, I always blog about my miserable life, how sucks my life was back then. To be honest, I was not confident of myself, my soul and my body figure, it was like a girl being trapped in a dark room or tempurung without exposing to positive sight of life.

I was afraid
until I started to watch makeup tutorials online, I found out that hey, being beautiful is not about fitting in a UK6-8 clothe, it is all about how you present yourself, inside and out :) - in my point of view. I decided to take off from the worst side of me to a better self person with the help of the tutorials, some fashion blogs and the loves from my friends! In my case, I believe that with the help of make ups and appropriate clothings will definitely boost up my-self confident instantly because of the confidence I have. Also, after I switched the toughest course UoL to UEL programme I am a happier person. This is true. 

I was not afraid of taking chances and enjoying my life, here is the recap of memories in 2011:

My very first modelling work in university.
It was actually an unexpected one, the actual girl could not make so I had to replace her with a sudden call from my friend. Without a doubt, I said yes and took it as a challenge to portray as a Korean. It was all paid off =)

My very first makeup tutorial
Ahh, reminds of me guts and narcissism, trying not to laugh while writing this post, lol. 

21st Birthday
Celebrated my 21st birthday with close friends at Italianese, The Curve. It was an awesome evening with laughter =P

First Nuffnang experience
I have been with Nuffnang for more than two years yet this was my first movie premier screening with Nuffies. FREE MOVIE WOOHOO!

First OOTD post
Narcissism alert. I just love to try new things to prove that I am a confident person.

Won passes to Arthur's Day
Participated a contest on Emma's blog and won two passes to this event. Awesome night with boyfie's friends and also, Dragon Red rocked the night!

First time in East Coast of Peninsular of Malaysia
Decided to have a road trip with boyfie to Kuantan for two days. The beach is cleaner than Penang beach OMYGOSH. WHY SO CLEAN, like Diamond water lol.

I am glad that 2011 gave me a splendid memories which truly transformed myself to be a happier person. To see that I transformed from an ugly duckling to a swan, it means that from a child to a grown up miss, I think it is time to leave my present blog title peacemusicbabe to a smexy one: Little miss smexy. lol, I yet still don't want to grow up so fast!

But the most important I have learnt in 2011 is to accept who you are and embrace it because you are unique, ONE and ONLY in this universe! 

damn I heart this quote so much
Just be yourself and have fun!!

ps: Some pictures I taken are from

If only I could get through him.

I don't wear to please you.

I do not understand, does a girl has to dress up to please a boy? What is this!?
Well, perhaps if you are a whore.

Do not give me that face ma'am. You ain't a bitch, you're a whore.

Got a thing she wanted, the maxi dress and she loves it till she wants to share to the world (narcissism here). Until a boy came and said, 'Hey, maxi dress is ain't shit, it's suck. It ain't sexy, how could ya wear this shit?'

Piece a shit you're sayin'? 

Okay, the conversation above is way too off.

Seriously guys, give me a break. Why can't a girl wear clothes they like? We are girl technically speaking, we like to play dress up but not always. We, the average girls do not wear sexy outfits 24/7 so what is your problemo? If you want to have a girl who always wear sexy low cut V neck with cute big ass then you should get a prostitute instead. 

No girl would like a boy who wants a girl wears like a whore.
Please respect us.


How do you define love?

My friend text-ed me saying that one of our friends are in a new relationship with a boy, we were not thrilled but shocked! A girl who broke up few weeks ago and now she is in a new relationship with a guy we assumed that she barely knows just as in the previous relationship.

I was pretty mad when I heard it because when she broke up the guy few weeks back, I advised her not to be rushed in finding a new partner or else she will be regretted. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that she does not concern about it at all. I mean, I put all my soul to advice her and hoping that she will change.

A person who is desperate to have a partner. Is that love or necessity? 

love [luhv] noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.
profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

But does it worth to change partners consistently to feel loved
? I am not a love expert but it is all comes from experiences. Puppy love, being dumped, in love we have all been there or we will experience each of it. Being in a relationship doesn't mean it will give you love, it might give you the expectation of love but not the meaning or the feeling that you thought you would have. 

Love cannot be measured.
Love is not an object.
Love is a feeling.

Love is not love if you couldn't understand it.
Love is universal.
Love is inside of you and me.

Being in relationship is one thing; Being in loved is another thing. What is your definition of love?