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Happy Mother's Day

Brother purposely went to buy Holland's Tulips for mother yesterday morning. I can't help it but snapping the flowers. Tulip is my mom's favourite flower, and it's surprisingly not cheap.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all awesome moms! Go hug your mom now!

Lovely Walk with Scotty

Settled in Kuala Lumpur for almost five years, I had no idea that there is a dog-friendly park until I read a forum online. Apparently, Desa Park City offers a great fertility for all dogs owner where they could bring their doggies for a jog at The Waterfront, a lake park in the residence area. My greatest treasure of all time, Scotty, a shih tzu often goes for a jog back in Penang, however once we moved back to KL, it didn’t had the chance to walk around the parks in our residence area.

Poor little doggy but not anymore. We decided to bring Scotty to go for a jog with other dogs in the park!
The park is indeed clean with beautiful lake that reflects the sky, the path is clean with crystal clear pathway. It is really a decent place for taking our favourite pets for a jog. Many people were jogging with different breeds of dogs, from Golden Retriever to Husky and some cute small breeds! Scotty was so excited he saw the park, it was like a ‘zen’ place to him!
That’s him training his stamina, he loves to run but sadly, he is quite old for a long jog. Scotty needs to rest after 5 minutes of jog, this dog is realliieee old but still fierce towards strangers.
Scotty taking a rest
I had a great day taking Scotty out for a walk, it is great for both of us to have healthy lifestyle! Try to take your pets for a walk ya, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle even for animals!



Sent my brother off to Japan today, he will be experiencing in Japanese culture for over the week. Guess what, his foster parents open a candy shop at Kyushu! *Candy!*

When is my turn to have da fun?

Time flies,

I love to look at our old pictures,
remember how you had your long fringe and I had my hideous specs?

Me in 2009 and 2012

Him in 2009 and 2012

How time flies. It is going to be another extraordinary fourth year being together :)

Party like a rockstar NY2012

Hi guys, as you all know I was expected to attend a party nearby Setapak for NY2012 celebration. Boyfie's best friend was invited as house deejay in the local pub. 


We did not have any NYE countdown plan due to hectic week, I have no idea what to do on that day either. His friend called and asked us to join them for countdown but I was reluctant at first because I hate clubbing when they have events, just do not like being squeeze like sotong and susah nak dance lol. Luckily, it was just in local pub so why not give it a shot?

haha, cannot stop laughing lor

We enjoyed the night with friends, more to his friends but who cares lol. The night went great, no squeezing squeezing and free beer tower whole night (tauke belanja)!!! I think lol. Here are some pictures, good time!

Did not expect my close friend here LOL.
Why the world so small sometimes? why?

The girls

The guys

Our boss is in the haus. 

The us


We all laughed when he was posing.
I mean... so fake!

How was your celebration? Share your memories below or also your post link to me, it is fun to share out our stories right? And again, Happy New Year!


I am still stuck on you!

Many of my friends celebrated their Christmas with lavish dinner and celebration this year, I made a exception this Christmas season.... a job. Yes, I spent my Christmas weekend with sanitary pads. lol.

Please do not get me wrong, I was not even whining about working in festive season. I was actually gaining experience through this promotion event. I suck at sales. Trust me, sales is never a cup of my tea but I am learning.

Being vain while working lol
It all started when I was searching for jobs desperately for cash and I was damn bored during semester break. My friend was desperate too and he sent me a job recruitment site designed for part time and freelance jobs and that is how I found this promoting job haha.

 Until I went for the training, baru I realized the job is promoting Kotex Luxe sanitary pads at Subang Parade. So if you were at Subang Parade, you would have seen me shouting around obnoxiously. I am so sorry about that but... I had to do it to achieve the sales target. 

Ampun Maaf?

The products and samples
I have learnt on how to persuade clients to buy our stuff and also how to deal with them. Not only that, I also found out some useful marketing approach in this hectic festive season =) Three days from morning till night with two breaks is not an easy task for me, every night I would had to massage my feet before sleep because of standing whole day!! Hehe

Anyway, my Christmas day was not bad at all because I got the chance to spend some hours with boyfie before the clock stroked 12! Best part was we had lok lok for supper!! :D The funny thing was he mentioned about having lok lok on Christmas few months ago and I was not happy about it.... but it happened eventually. LOL. The lesson of the story is, we are not Alice Cullen. 'Nuff said.

Our favourite local hawker centre

What I really enjoyed the Christmas season is that I still have the chance to spend Christmas with boyfie even though I was working for whole longggg day! True story.


OOTD #5 Sharp Blue

Dress: MNG
Bag: Carlo Rino
Gladiator heels: Kuchai Lama

Received boyfie's Christmas present this afternoon. Guess what? It is the blue dress I am wearing for my friends' birthday dinner. =)

I love this dress so much!


Congratulation! =)

Attended ex-classmate's wedding in Meru, Klang. All of us are happy for this lucky guy, picture below shown. =D

My fellow Form Six classmates =)

We all looked fake LOL
Our after dinner tipsy boys. EPIC EXPRESSIONS
Group picture with the newly wedded couple.
We wore the same colour. haha!

Next week I'll be heading to Klang again, this time is Morib. I better grab a straw hat for this coming beach trip. =)


Blow the candles dad II

We celebrated daddy's birthday at our favourite place, D' Empire Brasserie at Solaris Mont Kiara. The place has not change a bit as we did not went to this restaurant for two years (the last was celebrating Mother's Day in 2009) lol.

D'Empire Brasserie, 
22, Ground Floor, Solaris Mont Kiara, 
Jalan Solaris 4, Off Jalan Duta Kiara, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03-62036887. 
Business hours: Everyday from 11am to 11pm. 

The ambiance of the restaurant, credit: best food junction

Daddy ordered his must have appetizer, Escargots

Escargots 1/2 Dz

Close up

Hawaiian Pizza

Close up

For the main dishes,

Daddy's Rack of Lamb

Mommy's Marinara Aglio

My brother's Grilled Tenderloin

My Brad Pit! :D

D' Empire Brasserie serves authentic European, French and Italian cuisine. It is also a great place to have function, parties or some gatherings because the ambiance is cozy ;) Maybe I should have a birthday dinner at  here.... or Italiannies? Decisions decisions...

Anyway, my brother wanted to have ice cream at Swensen's @ Solaris Mont Kiara (opposite Coldstorage).

The environment

Chocolate Fondue!!

Comments: I am not a Swensen's fan at all. The service is rather slow, it took roughly 20-30 minutes to prepare chocolate fondue but the place is not full of customers! Strawberry ice cream tastes funny to me lol. I personally prefer to pay more at Haagen Dazs because their ice creams are superb. 


yippie #3

This is how we communicated few years ago.

Purple Honey ♥

This could be the greatest, most romantic marriage proposal ever! Just like what the title said. :)
It's simple and truly meaningful ♥

I want to have a marriage proposal like this. teehee.


Yummy cake!






Happy birthday dad! :)