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Summer Gateway: Redang Island


It’s July, my favourite month of all! This year is even awesome because July is the month where I start to enter my career chapter, beside that it is also the month of my birthday and the time I started my awesome relationship six years ago!

So it has to be my favourite month, it has to!

Summer Parties

Hello smexies!

Have you thought of traveling to other countries just for the sake of summer music festivals? I wasn't a big fan of music festivals, more specifically rave parties until I met my boyfriend. He started to introduced me to all sorts of techno music, Hardwell and Tiesto are his favourites. Getting familiar with the music was good but he insisted that I should attend to  dance-fests at Sepang because it had a better vibe in live than you know, popping your headphones to your ears. However, I can't just simply go to Sepang and party all night long because I have curfew. #Asianparentsftw

It sucks but I got to go to Swedish House Mafia's at Sunway in the beginning of 2013, I insisted that I should go because 1)It's only at Sunway 2)BEST OPPORTUNITY EVER, DUH! 3) I JUST LOVE SHM AND YOU SHOULD TO. Although the experience was not what I had in mind - note: it was mad packed with peeps and a girl's hair kept 'slapping' onto my face. 

Seriously, nobody like to taste your salty hair.

Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour KL

Anyway, have you heard of EDC and Tomorrowland? Those two were the biggest electronic dance festivals in the US and Europe respectively which held in every summer. I am keen to go to Tomorrowland because it's in Belgium which I would love to travel to Europe one day. Moreover, the festival is influenced by the fairtytale theme  - it doesn't make sense to me because I didn't know fairies love rave, shouldn't they prefer to glittery Disney songs? I don't know. 

Tomorrowland - Pinterest
Now that I think of it, maybe I could go to Tomorrowland because I can tumpang my friend's bf's crib at Switzerland. :P She sure would love the idea of me crashing into her boyfriend and her's summer. Maybe not that soon... I'm not working yet. After doing some research, it would costs roughly RM5k to RM10k to party for three days straight. Yesh, that is the price of life time experience!

Since I can't go there...yet, why not I gather some inspirational pictures and share it with you? I know many of them would spice up their outfit for the rave party but I'm kinda casual and laid back, I would prefer sneakers and shorts. Thanks to the weather in Malaysia, I think I'm pretty get used to the crowded place with HOT HOT HOT HOT weather. Just imagine walking in a crowded pasar malam, you guess it.

sweats... and it's good for losing your weight too.

That's all for now. I know this post is different than the usual ones, I just want to share the festivals with you.

Now tell me, are you a party animal? Which music festival would you like to attend?

How To: Summer vibrant eyeliner look


Hello smexies! I'm really excited to share my another simple and quick makeup look with you! Recently I've been hooking up with the latest summer 2013 trend (thanks to Google!) and I found out that the colours for summer are always vivid and vibrant, giving it the extra oomph! for our look.

My favourite trend is colourful liner! I'm kind of on-the-go person, I do not have the time for my makeup! I always love to grab my essentials: lip tint, eyeliner, compact powder when I'm out for running errands. When I'm in the mood, I would love to pick vibrant eyeliner to match with my outfit =)

If you have noticed, I love to combine yellow and blue to my eyes because of its vibrant colour. You can try with your favourite colours ie. purple x orange, green x yellow, pink x violet blue... BE CREATIVE! It's summer, fun is all you need!

Source: Makeupforlife

If you don't have vibrant eyeliner (like me!), it's fine to use the choice of your eyeshadow. All you need to do is to damp your eyeshadow brush with water, I use water bottle spray because it's easier to control. Next, choose the choice of your eyeshadow and rub your brush few times on the eyeshadow palette to pick up a generous amount of eyeshadow on your brush. When you apply the colour on your eyes, do add several layers to build the intensity of the colour, the more intensity the more vibrant your eyeshadow will be.

I did on my upper and lower lid with yellow and blue eyeshadow respectively. To enhance the definition of my eyes, I apply a black liquid eyeliner on my upper lid with a small wing. To finish the look, just curl your lashes and apply mascara! If you want to add some drama, false lashes will work like wonders!


I hope you enjoy reading this post. What's your favourite summer colours? Do leave a comment and let me know! =)

My Summer Essentials

Hello smexies!

Guess what? It's summer season now! Well, except for Malaysia because we have Summer 24/7 with occasional rains. But part of me, I love summer because it's also my university semester break where I could have fun with friends under the sun. As a child, I always want to enjoy by the beach in this period. I guess I watch too much of movies where romance is everywhere in summer.

It's been a long while for me to share with you what I actually brought over to my university summer break activity at Asia Water Sport Village few weeks back. I am a book worm and I love to read chic-lit by the beach. I don't know why but it somehow makes me feel like I'm in the movie where I was reading a book and suddenly a ball hit on me. As I was wondering who the heck threw his ball at him, and there he was, a handsome looking guy walked to me and said 'I'm sorry, did I hurt you?' ....

HAHA FML. Anyway! Back to the this post.

1. Avene Thermal Spring Water.
I love to use Avene Thermal Spring Water after having fun with friends under the sun. Whenever my skin is directly under the sunlight, it will automatically turn to red and sensitive. Avene Thermal Spring Water helps to sooth and calm my sensitive skin, leaving my skin fresh and hydrated. 

2. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Water Base SPF50+PA+++
Basically, this product is one of my daily essentials! What I love about this product is that it is not sticky compared to other sunscreen lotions. This product is actually a water base sunscreen lotion with lovely scent, unlike those sunscreen lotion with nasty disgusting scent. Eww... With its SPF50+PA+++, my skin will be protected from the harmful UV ray.

3. CO.E Olive Whitening Hand Cream
I got this product from a beauty fair. This hand cream deeply moistens the basal layer of the skin from inside, provides a refreshing and oil-free texture, moisturize for long, improves roughness, dryness and cracks, whitens skin and leaves the hands smoother and fairer. 

4. Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF110PA+++
I purposely bought this sunscreen lotion before hitting to the beach. After researching about this product, I found out that there are plenty of positive reviews regarding on this sunscreen lotion. I would agree with their reviews because it is not too greasy and has light scented. Moreover, it has high SPF as well! 

5. SILKYGIRL Drink Up! Lip Balm in coffee flavour
Thanks to SILKYGIRL team for letting me to try out their lip balm, it has become my daily routine to have moisture lips. I do not like heavy scented lip balm because it's weird, however this product has light coffee scent. Love your lips and never let those precious dry!

6. SEPHORA Express Dry Shampoo
I've never use a dry shampoo before. Once I've used this fantastic baby between shampoo, my hair turns fresh and non-greasy for a long period of time! It is really important to keep my hair fresh because I hate greasy hair! >< Since I was going to outdoor, it is best to keep my hair from greasy and nasty!

That's all about it! What is your must have summer essential? Let me know by leave your answer in the comment below! 

Happy summer love!


Hey smexies! I went to Pavilion yesterday with my parents for a delightful Korean cuisine dinner at Da On Fine Korea Cuisine, one of my favourite Korean Restaurant!
I love to dine in here because the ambiance and food are great!

After having a heavy dinner, my dad decided to join the fun at the centre court of Pavilion. Apparently, Pavilion is organizing a summer carnival inspired theme conjunction with Despicable Me 2 movie - MINIONS! Who doesn't love minions, seriously who doesn't!?

I really love the concept so much, it's fun and exciting. Since now it's school holidays, I bet all the kids are thrilled to join the fun at Minion Cool Holiday carnival =) Even me, as an adult is still screaming for minions!!

We headed to carnival booth for fun activities. I miss going to carnival, Malaysia has the worst carnival I dare to say lol. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Because the stalls are not exciting and the equipment is old and ewww.. (speechless)
I went for shooting game because I had high confidence. Thanks to National Service training, I had the opportunity to learn how to use M16. I scored 5 out of 10 and I got myself a small teddy bear!! I told my boyfie who was also a trainee that he should win a HUGE teddy for me :P this is to prove that he is a man!

Have a fun summer peeps! Ooo, I finally get to wear contact lens again! =)

Pink N' Proper Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Hey smexies, summer is here and I bet most of you couldn't wait to head out and grab the latest pieces from the fashion world. I know I can't wait because I just LOVE summer! Well, maybe most of you love to shop online, come on! it's simple and efficient. We don't have to queue for a fitting room or make our way to a particular mall. With just a click of our finger, these babies are ours!

Now, where we were talking? Oh right! SUMMER!

Have you heard of Pink N' Proper? It is one of the few online platform in Malaysia that caters trendy female high-street brands found across Europe such as Rare London, Vero Moda, Boohoo, ASOS and many more, which are not usually found in our local retailers (which is true!). Moreover, they do ship worldwide.

Introducing Pink N' Proper Spring/Summer Collection 2013 collaboration with my blogger friend, Angeline! The collection features summer-ready and spoilt with trendy choices such as florals, pastels, edgy and delicate embellishments from various brands such as Rare London, Coco's Forture, Paprika, Fashion Union, H&M, AX Paris and ASOS.  Get ready to be spoiled with trendiest clothes from Pink N' Proper:

#1 Rare London Paneled Skater Dress in Red | RM 159
#2 Fashion Union Stacey FLoral Dress in Grey | RM79
#4 H&M Betty Blazer in Blue | RM119
#5 ASOS Off-Shoulder Lace Peplum Dress in Blue | RM159
#6 Rare London Lace Top Contrast Dip Hem Dress | RM139
#7 AX Paris Structured Sleeves Bodycon Dress in Beige | RM99
#8 Rare London Sheer Dip Hem Dress in Mandarin | RM139
#9 Coco's Fortune Floral Fringe Kimono | RM179
#10 ASOS Rosette Dress in Hot Pink | RM179
Their choice of clothes are gorgeous. With its unique texture and details, ladies we could have an extraordinary summer in looking pretty! I personally fell in love with several pieces and I bet you girls do right? Guess what! Pink N' Proper is giving away 10% discount to all of you until the end o 2013, it sure does sound pretty awesome!

How to get it? It's simple, do look out for the discount code at the sidebar of my blog!
It is "Gorgeous Summer".

By the way, do like on their Facebook Page for more updates! They also provide promotion, Weekly Wednesday bargains, sales, member's only events, Fashion Inspirations and more!

Pink N' Proper website |
Pink N' Proper FB Page |

Have a fun summer peeps!

Summer in Clinique

It was so nice that I got invited to this awesome event from Xue Ren :) Moreover, this was also the first summer event I'd ever attended. 

To get the party started, it is crucial to keep our skins protected from the harmful UV ray. These are the essential stuff I usually have in my bag for outings, from suncreen lotion to hand lotion. For this event however, I only have basic makeup products with me because I just refused to let my makeup melts on my face.

The 8 Essentials:
1. Biore UV Aqua Rich
2. Majorlica Majorca Compact Powder
3. ZA Concealer Correction
4. Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volum' Express Hello Kitty Edition
5. Clinique Super City Block
6. Dolly Wink Black Eyeliner
7. Elianto lip gloss
8. Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater body lotion

The place was packed with party people, DJ jammin' on the stage and the rest were having all the fun in the wave pool, jumping and waving their hands on the air. As we were exploring the place, Xue Ren decided to go for a makeover.

Xue Ren, cute girl indeed!!

Guys, if you missed out the event, you just missed all the hot chics! :P

That's Carmen! A friend of Xue Ren :)
Met some awesome bloggers as well! :D

Carina Yeoh, this is the 2nd time we met
Laura Lee. ahh, finally we could meet up lol
Angeline Ng, cute girl! :)

Gawd, Im like a crazy dude chasing after cute girls.
Pedo-urgh-bear alert.

Every girl's treasure: SUNCREEN!
The event was full of excitement, especially when Dayang rocked on stage. I kinda love Dayang because of her soul/rock/R&B/etc! Many hot chics were they enjoying the sun and party under the wave pool, I wish I could join them BUT WELL, sometimes it is best to avoid water. 

Thanks Xue Ren! for taking this amazing picture :D