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Get holiday sprinkle with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet


Rouge Edition Velvet

Aren’t we all crazy about festive season? It’s always to be the best season to flaunt our gorgeous look to welcome new year! And guess what, I have found the best lip product to go with the parties and celebration!

Beauty Challenge: Realash Eyelash Enhancer


This month is all about beauty challenge!

Blast off the germs with Bloop


Review: Etude House CC Cream #Silky

Etude House, CC Cream, Korean, Makeup
I’ve been falling in love with Etude House products recently, most of my makeups have switched to Etude House because of its chic-cute packaging. I’ve been waiting to this moment to purchase Etude House CC Cream because the price is quite expensive (RM89.90), fortunate enough I got to purchase this from Carousell app (market place app for fashionistas!) for only RM49.90!
… and it’s BRAND NEW! *steal!*

Take a bath with Sensenique handmade soaps

The popularity of natural handmade soaps have been growing rapidly in the beauty industry, more and more health conscious consumers see these handmade soaps as a chemical free alternative to conventional soaps. I personally LOVE natural handmade soaps because it has a huge range of scents and traditional healing properties.

Review: Maybelline New York Lashionista mascara

Hello smexies!

I had no intention to purchase a mascara as I personally have half a dozen of mascaras. Don't ask me why I collect so many mascaras, normally two mascaras are enough for few months before disposal BUT I just love to try out different mascaras.

Review: Shills Exfoliating Bubble Facial Scrub

Good day smexies! I have something to share with you :) Shills was generously enough to send their latest product to me for a review - Shills Natural Acne Solutions Anti-Blackhead Exfoliating Bubble facial scrub.

Review: Shills Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence

Good day smexies!

If you have been following SHILLS Facebook updates, you would realise that they have revamped their page into navy blue in conjunction to introduce their latest star product - Shills Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence.

Review: SHILLS Rose Essential Pampering Travel Kit *Vlog*

Hey there, smexies and cuties!

I bet many of us are exciting for the Chinese New Year celebration, the Chinese of course! Have you bought all of the new shoes, clothes and bags? Anyway, many of you are probably arrange the perfect timing to go back to your hometown to celebrate with your loved ones, except for me because my hometown is Kuala Lumpur!

Anyway, here is another collaboration with Shills Malaysia! They contacted me earlier to review their latest bath range - Shills Rose Essential Pampering Travel Kit. To make thing even awesome, I shall review the kit using vlog concept!

Review: Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream

Hello smexies. Recently I've been trying out Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream in my daily skin care routine. I got this from the secret santa at Butterfly Project Christmas' potluck dinner last month, guess who was the secret santa? It was from Trislynn - PREP and TRENDS. I'm also happy that we became friends on that day and received her gift as well, coincidence? hehe

Review: Shills Cherry Blossom Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil

Hello there smexies! Recently I'm starting to love this makeup remover from SHILLS - Natural Science makeup remover Cleansing Oil (cherry blossom). I bought it few months back in SHILLS warehouse sales, it was only RM20 or RM25 during that time. Since it was so cheap, I just had to have it because my makeup remover was running low.

Review: Etude House Vivid Pop Stick in 06 Girls on Top

Hello smexies!

I've been loving Etude House recently because of its long running Buy 1 Free 1 promotion. Moreover, I always wanted to switch my makeup look inspired by Korean and Japanese trends. One of their iconic looks would be on the lips - where magical place happens LOL

[Butterfly Project] Review: MrLens Malaysia

Good day smexies! 

I'm sure most of us are indeed loving those dazzling contact lens that would make a gorgeous accessories to our eyes. Yours truly is a fan of contact lens, specifically normal contact lens because it is hard to get colour lens which can be used for normal and astigmatism (I have astigmatism on my left eye only *bummer*) . Normally I would opt to get my contact lens from optical shop because it's safer compared with any accessories shop and online. It's crucial to get the authentic contact lens product because our eyes are extremely IMPORTANT!

I always wish that my new contact lens can straight away arrive at my doorstep with just a click away. My wish just came true because last month, I was selected as one of the butterflies of Butterfly Project Malaysia to shop at an online optical hub  - MrLens Malaysia.

Review: nail it with bloop! Nail stickers

Hello smexies!

This time around Christmas, I don't have to scratch my head to think about which nail pattern I should go for warming gatherings or parties. Luckily for HiShop and bloop, I found a great way to have beautiful nails without consuming much time!

Nail stickers are getting popular in the market, it's fun and convenient. It's pretty true because we always love to update our manicure with no dying time!  The pattern I received from HiShop was a lace inspired with a feminine touch design.

First, I applied two coats of bloop nail polish in red from Glam Me Up range. The colour was pretty vivid and dried really fast (compared with other brands I'd tried).

Now here's the fun part: Getting my nails laced up lol.
1. Choose the sticker according to the size of your nail (if your sticker is too wide, I suggest you can cut it with a small pair of scissors).
2.Wrap it up and rub the sticker over the nail starting from the centre working it out towards the sides.
3. Press it firmly and also the excess nail strip across the edges of the fingernail.
4. The package came with a mini nail file, you can use it to file off the excess sticker in a downward motion.
5. Apply a layer of top coat for a long lasting wear.

Viola! I tried out this sticker wrap from bloop, thanks to HiShop. The entire process took me roughly 10-15 minutes, which is pretty quick! I'd tried other nail wraps before but it didn't last long, the wrap actually took off two days after application which was a bummer. However, bloop nail it! worked pretty well as it is still stick on my nails while I'm writing out this post (I applied it two days ago).

I am delighted with the result of this nail wrap. Next time if I wanted to have pretty nails for any occasion, I would go for bloop nail it! *I'm not being paid for saying this, I really love this nail wrap!* 

Have you ever tried any nail wrap? What was your experience? 

*The items mentioned above was sent to me by HiShop Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.

Review: bloop candy duo lipstick

Hello smexies!

I'm sure that we are in holiday mood now, it's going to be December soon! That means it's SHOPPING time! OR coming out with several gorgeous look to complete with the festive season. That's why I'm going to introduce this product to you! It's bloop Candy Duo Lipstick!

I've been using this lipstick for a month and my friends always compliment my lips. I love the fact that it has this 'on-the-go' or '2-in-1' concept. Candy Duo lipstick comes with two lippie tubes: matte lipstick and lip gloss. The best part is it has label 1 and 2 for friendly usage! When I'm rushing to class, I don't have to find which is which by checking the label! Technically speaking, the labels are the steps. Simply put, 1 = matte lipstick and 2 = lip gloss.

The fun part was the matte lipstick is known as magic lipstick by bloop. It has dragon essence and enables to enhance my lips to pinkish colour followed by the colour of my lips. One shade is enough, the colour is seriously vivid. I tried reapply twice in a row and oh-my-god, it was sooo fuschia pink!

That's how my lip looks like using bloop Candy Duo lipstick, amazing right? I truly love this product because the colour MATCHES with my lip effortlessly. Not only that, it can last for whole day. no joke. The colour was still obvious after I ate, drank at university. Totally worth it for a price of RM38 =)

Obviously, I'm giving you a discount code if you're interested to try out this product. Use the code: BLOOP20 whenever you shop at HiShop.

*It is available for ALL bloop products only*
valid till 30 of November

Review: Bidanpo Mediental Clinic Mask

Hey smexies!

The mask I'm reviewing today is Bidanpo Mediental Clinic mask. You might not be familiar with the brand, neither do I. I received this item from HiShop few weeks back and yes, let's get back to the main topic before I drag the post again lol.

Unlike the regular mask, you guessed it, Bidanpo Mediental Clinic Hwa Chim TCA Clinical mask is a 2-step mask which comes with mask base ampoule. The mask base is a serum which is important because it will prep your skin so that it could absorb more moisture from the mask sheet. 

The 2 step functional mask that contains matured bamboo 'Whitening Fermentation Solution', applying the principal of Oriental medicine esthetic care that promotes absorption. The mask combines clinical ingredients using a principle of 12 precious fermenting solution and oriental medicine beauty care that create synergy and improve troubled skin. With the extra ‘Clinic Mask Sheet' with bamboo matured ‘Jeong-hwa Fermentation Solution’ featuring the best of oriental medicine aesthetic care, it helps clear acne and blocked pores, for a moisturized, refreshed complexion.

My verdict:
I don't see much difference after the first application. However, I love the scent of the mask. It does not has floral scent but 'bamboo-ish' instead. Although, there is not much difference after using it. It is recommended to use twice in a week for a best result. The price of this mask is RM16.90, it's kinda pricey but I would love to try it because there are positive feedbacks on this mask.

Exclusive for Little Miss Smexy's readers
RM20 rebate shopping at HiShop: HSMASK 

 *With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 15 November 2013*

The product is sent from Hishop for reviewing purpose. However, it does not influence my personal review/opinion.

Getting those dramatic lashes - Lash Extension

Hey smexies!

We all know that as the society is moving to a fast paced environment, women have don't have patience to apply falsies (not to mention that some don't even curl their lashes too!). It is no hit wonder that lash extension is getting popular these days.

I, sometimes skip curling eyelashes and mascara for classes because I need to be in class on time, our lecturers are super strict in punctuality. Normally I will resume my makeup at campus before class starts but it is just plain weird - not many of my coursemates are into makeups and stuff. 

Don't judge me for being a makeup junkie okieee!

My bare face, see how thin and fine lashes I have
I was invited to get my lash extension done by Pink Passion, a local salon around PJ/Kelana Jaya. Although I don't think I should get mine done because I think it's Over-The-Top for a student like me, I could rely on my dear mascara. However, it would be an incredible experience because I have not been in a non-hair salon at all. *I didn't even go to a facial spa also, which most of my friends could not accept THIS particular fact - no money maa* 

I love how the shop intererior looks like - you guessed it! PINK EVERYWHEREEEE :Q With the pinkish interior with dim lighting, customers will have the ease to relax for the whole process. The Bosa Nova music was whispering to my ears, telling me to take off my shoes and relax - everything will be alright. *lol, sorry for spoiling your mood*

The beauty technician was explaining to me that there are three types of extension length which is customized for all sort of eye shape. For me, I cannot go for the longest one because it will not frame my eyes well, it is best for those who has 凤眼 (typical monolids). My eye shape is round so she recommended that I should go for innocent look ie. she will lengthen the centre part of my eyelid with long lash extensio to create a rounder eyes.

I will be using size S and M because L doesn't frame my eyes well and also,
I was wearing specs :D

Took a selfie picture before the process :D
As the beauty technician started her work, she placed a surgery tape under my eyes to make sure there will be no glue stain all over my eyes. There was a tingling sensation as she added the lashes one by one with tweezers, it was not a painful experience at all!

A huge difference after having lash extension! 
As she continued placing the individual eyelashes on my right eyelid, I nearly fell asleep! I had a busy morning at KLCC for Global Entrepreneurship Summit and 1MET launch. With the relaxing music flowing around my ears, I had to say, it was the best feeling ever - falling asleep in a salon LOL.

Taking a nap while waiting for the glue to dry :)
The entire session was only an hour but it is totally worth it if you are an eyelash lover. What I love about the eyelash extension is that I can go out without worrying my thin eyelashes :) A set of lash extension can be lasted up to four weeks or more depending how do you take care of the lashes. 

Now I can look nice effortlessly with my new eyelash extension! I don't have to spend much time on my eyes for classes, or dating :D Remember to love your real lashes because they need some love too!! =) 

My usual makeup look: but it looks far BETTER and sexier!
Thanks to these lash extensions :D

Price: RM168

Pink Passion: The Signature Salon
No. 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C, 
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


Acpuris Journey #2: am and pm

Hey smexies!

Finally I am back to blogger world... After months of my university Gala Night preparation, finally we have pulled off the event successfully. I was assigned to negotiate with sponsors and assisting my president in every aspects. With all the stress and lack of sleep, my dear pimples popped out and waved 'Hello!!' to me.


Many people suffer from acne because it tends to cause psychological effect on people, it causes mental stress from teasing and also physical stress. Everybody wants to have a flawless and radiant face that may be important for their jobs and also giving a good impression to their love interest. Unfortunately with this acne issue, we would suffer from social withdrawal and feeling unwanted because of our looks.

The full range of ACPURIS skin care (from left):
1. ACPURIS Mild Purifying Cleanser | RM113
2. ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion | RM149
3. ACPURIS Spot Corrector | RM113
4. ACPURIS Balance Control Milk Lotion | RM159
5. ACPURIS Balance Control Skin Toner | RM159      Total: RM693

After having a consultation with ACPURIS team, I started to use the basic three in the morning. You might have guessed the basic three would be cleanser, toner and lotion right? WRONG! Instead, ACPURIS recommends to use cleanser, sebum control emulsion and spot corrector. ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion is used to control the oil on our face in the preventing in having oily skin throughout the day.

Morning Routine to prepare my skin for the day
Cleanser | Sebum control emulsion | Spot Corrector
After a long day of battling with studies and the polluted environment, my skin needs to be pampered as much as possible. I will always use all the range from cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sebum control emulsion to spot corrector to erase all those nasty acne problems! *fighting* Even though it is recommended to use the full range, I sometime feel so lazy and I would tend to skip few products.

Before zzz
cleanser | toner | moisturizer | sebum control | spot corrector
Andd ahh hah! Just because I did not take care of my skin properly, I have a slight acne issue on my usual problematic areas: nose and chin. That's why it is really IMPORTANT to take care of your skin, don't be a lazy bum just like me!

So right now, I've been starting to use the full range of ACPURIS and I just love using their moisturizer because one pump is enough to cover the whole face and neck with patting motion. Also, ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion is a water gel base product that is useful in oil control and leaving our face matte and fresh! One thing is awesome that I have less greasy face even 6 hours after the application.

I have a feeling that ACPURIS would fulfill the needs of my problematic face. I would love to say thank you to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for giving me this opportunity to review and improve my face condition with ACPURIS.

Stay tuned to my next ACPURIS because I can't wait to share my experience with you, smexies! ;P

Join me in Acpuris Journey

Hello smexies! How's your first week of September, good? Awesome! For me, it has become the most hectic week for my new semester. Recently I had been staying in my campus from morning till evening to work on my department Gala Night dinner in the end of the month!

And guess what? due to all the stress of working on our Gala Night, my face is starting to have pimples! especially on my forehead and chin area. Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, I was given an opportunity to review ACPURIS, a skin care brand from Korea!

acpuris,acne,skin care, korea,

I was invited to join other bloggers last Saturday to have a personal session with the team in understanding the brand better. ACPURIS design to prevent acne and oily skin with its natural ingredients in clearing and maintaining clean skin without any troubles!

There are total of six products under ACPURIS:

  1. Mild Purifying Cleanser
  2. Balance Control Skin Toner 
  3. Balance Control Milk Lotion
  4. One Step Sebum Control Emulsion
  5. Intensive Spot Treatment
acpuris,acne,skin care, korea,

I'm really excited to try out ACPURIS because well, not all acne skin care products suit me. I tried high end brand but it didn't work, in fact my skin condition worsen - I had redness around my chin area, it irritated my skin as well. Let me share my skin condition with you:

Technically, I have mild acne and blackhead issues. I usually have acne problems two weeks or one before my period. However, I tend to have oily skin. My skin would become greasy after three hours of skin care application. What I hate is that my makeup would hence melt and I have a not-so-delicious-cakey face >< That's my concern!

The ACPURIS representative told me that the cleanser would help to remove blackhead without two weeks. I was like whoaaahhhh! serious? Now I am excited and have a high hope from ACPURIS.

acpuris,acne,skin care, korea,

With ACPURIS, I might be able to refresh my skin for the upcoming Gala Night!
Muahaha *flawless skin pheeewit!* 

Join me in four weeks progress review on ACPURIS! (after five days of using ACPURIS, there was some changes on my nose area! Do check out my next review to find out more :D)

Review: bloop Candy Lipstick in 309

Hello smexies!

 I'd just received a parcel from HiShop bloop Buddyz Campaign - it was a cute moisturizing lipstick from bloop - Candy Lipstick in 309.

I truly adore the packaging of the candy lipstick, it is sweet and light - just like any candies in stores.  I love the fact that it has this cute 'lipstick' label on the case, it is thoughtful and playful at the same time =) Moreover, it is convenient to bring along in my bag because of the light weight of the product, unlike other lipsticks that are slightly heavier and bulkier.

The colour of bloop Candy Lipstick in 309 is slightly towards maroon, it has this dark shade of pink/red. I didn't think that the colour was that candilicious because of its dark shade. Boy I was wrong for good, the colour was actually pinkish on my lips.

As you can see it from the swatches above, candy lipstick does a pretty good job in pigmentation. Two shades are suitable for natural look but you were like me - the dramatic one, three shades are superb in giving a pair of luscious lips.

Before and after :D
My lips immediately transferred from a pair of dehydrated lips to a hydrated, plump and kissable lips. bloop Candy Lipstick has highly saturated colour that is long lasting and does not fade easily throughout the day.

Will I purchase this product? Although bloop Candy Lipstick is a fairly good quality lipstick, it is slightly expensive compared to drugstores lipsticks. I might be considering in purchasing the lipstick if I'm satisfied with result from bloop Candy Lipstick in a long run. 

And Don't Forget The Offer: Buy bloop products on HiShop with an exclusive 20% discount code- BLOOP20! Offer ends on 30 September 2013

What do you think about bloop Candy Lipstick? A Yay or Nay?