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Oh journals

I miss blogging about my personal life, that was my initial purpose of starting a blog - to share my life with you or more a less a space for me to rant every pieces of my life I could find. I like to rant, a lot. Just because my horoscope is Cancer, it doesn't mean that I LOVE to keep stuff to myself...

Not at all. In fact, I love to rant rant RANTT!! 

Okay, seriously, even though my university semester has started, I don't feel like I'm studying or anything. However, I have to be in the campus almost every week for attending meetings only. One of my lecture has left oversea for two weeks whereas another lecture of mine is on leave due to personal matters (I only have two subjects in this semester). After CNY holiday, most of my friends hadto come back to their classes but I was still at home shaking mah legs. Exaggerating much, I actually had to prepare house parties for friends and relatives. mehh...

Maybe I should start to read all the journals that my lecturer gave to me. There are more than 10 journals await me, I feel like I've been defeated by the JOURNALS. Not to say I hate journals, I actually like to read journals. It is just that I'm still having CNY hangover, I need time to recover :D

OKAYY... I will start to study tomorrow. I swear. =[
New Year, New purse! Random much
Alright, I have to stop now. It's late and I need to sleep! I don't want to have insomnia like yesterday, as a result I had to dismiss the meeting early in the morning! I'm a bad VP T_T

Good night!!!

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Interesting Chinese New Year Gift

My parents bought an interesting Chinese New Year gift from Jaya Grocery few days back. It's called '食乜糊'. In Cantonese 食糊 (Sheek Woo) it means winning in Mahjong game. 食乜糊 (Sheek Mutt Woo) on other hand means 'Are you sure you win the game?' or 'How do you win the game?'

The box is printed with the names of winning games such as 大四喜,清一色, 大三元,etc... I am clueless in Mahjong I couldn't differentiate the winning options of the game! >< I only know 碰
The box comes with a cute little note explaining the mahjong is actually made up with pineapple tarts!
And this is how it looks like! So cute right, it looks exactly like Mahjong! But we can eat it, it's sungguh yummeh!

Dear Mahjong players, can you tell me what kind of Mahjong I'm having here? I have no idea what this called, is it 大三元?

I really love interesting food packaging because it is 1)cute 2)interesting 3)how it relates to us! If you have friends who are a mahjong addict, this would be an ideal gift for them! For those who are celebrating Chinese New year, I would like to wish you to have a prosperous New Year with luck and health and also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 


It's December!

Hello people! I have abandoned my blog for almost a month!! It seems that I had a pretty rough semester this time, most of the assignments due at the same time, literally! and those are not simple assignments, it took me a month to complete everything from scratch. :(

But it's all gone now! *phew*

After I have settled my course assessments, I spent much of my time for Fifty Shades of Grey and its trilogy. I know it is somehow 'gross' as what the society thinks, however, the books are indeed more than kinky stuff. =) It sends a deep meaning to all readers but I'm not going to tell you! You have to read the books and feel for yourself!

In the mean time, my name cards have finally arrived!

What do you think? Although I have the name cards now but I do not know what to do with it, lol. Many of my friends persuade me to make my very own name cards, they think that it's cool to have one! Since I have no idea what to do with it... so if you have any events, just let me know! Then I know what to do with these cards HAHA
Not exactly clubbing, I went to The Venue with my friends at Pavilion for Fantasy Night, a local gig performance in tribute to Final Fantasy video game OST. We all got star stunned when we saw Yuna walking around the club (Yuna from FFX, I mean). I shall blog about it soon with more pictures, I still haven't edit some of them :P
Ahh... not to forget my long gone OOTD picture. Here was I at Pavilion yesterday for The Hobbit premier screening with my boyfie. =] Simple sheer blouse with high wedges and comfort jeans, it's comfortable and edgy at the same time! Good cuddling outfit with boyfie in the cinema HOHOHO

Okay, as I promised on Facebook, I would do a Christmas special makeup tutorial IF I could get my stuff right. Ever since assignment started to kick in, I wore less makeup and now my skills dah hilang...just like that. I'm currently picking up my skills as best as I could, so bear with me ladies! D=

Till then, I shall see you all soon!



Okay, this weeks is going to be a BITCH to me. Fuck Olympics thinggy at UK or else we do not have to this RUSH for our assignments.

Trust me, it ain't cool to submit three assginments in A week.
I have gone insane and sick for few days due to the Mt.-Everest level of stress.
Diahrrea and fever, bitches are forver bitches.

I made this by myself okay! lol

Insanity wolf kicks in. This ain't Jacob, this is THE shit. MEME FTW


Could not get Bella? 


Still, I am active at my Tumblr with my daily dose of photos. Where you can see me bitching over assignments. lol GO CHECK IT OUT.

I kinda stupid enough to request for layering my hair yesterday, I spent one year to grow my long and silky hair then wahla! CHOPPED.


Super duper emo now.

Damn it. I will not return to that old saloon again. They do not understand me at all. T___________T


Sexy and HUAT

Blogging in this hour while boyfie is having fun at his hometown. Grrrrr... 
I want to have some fun too! Oh what the heck__

Scotty is still in recovering process, better yet he is more like himself in the way of barking and.... steal my roasted duck all the time! >__________< I like this photo because both of us look super hawt/handsome in his case, lol.  #Imsexyandiknowit

I just love my webcam.
Haha wtf. I am one narcissism badass. So this is what I do when I am super bored.... pose and snap, pose and snap x infinity. Ummm... I am so random right now. It is 2.52am and I am still wide awake, living room is full of noises. Oh yeah, it is Chinese New Year. Light up the fire crackers yo!!


Neehoos, best thing ever happen, my friend invites me to her open house tomorrow! =D I THOUGHT SHE HAS FORGOTTEN ME... OOOOO... This is my FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST TIME attending friend's CNY open house, I feel so retarded right now. Usually I spend my CNY with my relatives soooo yeahh... more ang pows this year! HUAT AH!! #hokkienahlian

just kidding....NOT

Bahhhhh... it's getting late. Gotta have my beauty sleep for tomorrow!!


Pet dragons!

Great news everyone, I officially have pet dragons in the haus! Mommy thinks that it would be so cute to adopt these four dragons to our family and attract good luck and prosperity (Chinese has it all the time). 

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I bet everyone is rushing decorating the haus in order to usher the Dragon of the year. Look at Pavilion, they even have a gigantic dragon in their building. To tell the truth, I had a feeling there will be a dragon hanging around in the building for this CNY decoration and boy I was right after all! =]

Credits: My awesome friend Ryan JY
I really need to get myself a DSLR and not stealing other photos.

So instead of getting the fierce dragons, we have the cute version ones because we already have our very own version of fierce Chinese Northen lion, our Shih Tzu - Scotty. He is fierce when it comes to strangers, he barks like mad when he sees you. 

In other words, don't be fooled by his cuteness!

Enough with the random lines, I want to show you my new pets!
#1 Three dragons share in the same box nest
How sweet is that!

#2 my very own pet dragon, he is huge and fluffy!

Daddy thought that I love huge plush toys, unfortunately I have too many plush toys in my room and I do not think I will get myself another giant soft toys.... but but but but this dragon plush toy is SO CUTEEE!!

I better take back my words.

Teehee. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Care for some love?

Found this at The Body Shop few days ago.
I did not know they sell condoms for charity until my friends told me about it.

Well, I was quite shock literally because I did not expect that.
However, it is for the sake of passion, love and charity so it is still okay for me.

Guys, care for some love? Get it quickly before it runs out of stock!


Stupid stuff

Have you been in a situation doing something stupid with your friends end up being punished or  in whatever bad consequences? I did.

But I couldn't recall any of it.
Heck. Wait, I think I got one.

Girl friends and I used to have boobs fight, literally. Emm.... is that term existed? Anyway, we used to smack/whack each other boobs in class during break time and a male teacher passed by...... now that is an ultimate awkward situation. But why did we had the boobs fight in the first place?


So, what stupid things you have done? Do share because laughter is the cheapest medicine we ever got.

So true, not gonna deny that

P/S: We are still having boobs fight until now regardless how many awkward moments had occurred, we can't help it!!

Rants and more rants.


Being in the hospital can be really tiring, I have no idea why. Been here since 11am to check on dad and wait for his surgery over.

The hospital here does not look like a hospital at all! It looks like a hotel to me, I could not smell those awful medical smell and the the whole building is not only white and white and WHITE. Maybe this is my second time to hospital to visit people.

Luckily they have Starbucks here (could you imagine that they have Starbucks here!?) , yet I am still sleepy. Do they have extra bed here? I would like to take a nap, literally. IT IS JUST SO CHILLING HERE.

Damn I look funny here!

Hopefully daddy is done with his surgery! I am so worried sick and tired I wanna go home and sleep omg omg omg omg... What kind of daughter am I?


Too excited yet too early!?

I must be fucking excited on this coming Kuantan trip. I've never been to Pahang, well except for Genting, everybody knows that aite? The thing is, I've never step my foot on East Peninsular Malaysia, especially the beach. I heard that it's cleaner than PD and of course, filthy beach of Penang (don't smack me aite, I used to live beside Penang beach so I know HOW dirty the beach can be)

It's okay to be excited but it's NOT okay when it comes to packing. The trip is on this Saturday and I have packed my stuff today (Thursday)! How crazy is that! I hate packing in the very last minute like, a night before the trip? because I will get panic and forgot to bring some stuff, the essential ones 0.0

Based on the tweet above, was I excited or angry? I have no idea LOL.


Chronicles of Pink:

Do you love pink?

I wasn't a pink lover when I was young, I hate pink so much because it was so girlish and pretty-pretty-princess, like EWWW... Why did pink ever existed!?

But I was madly in love with Hello Kitty, ironically.

In stead, I loved Black instead! Just because of it coolness and I-would-be-so-unique-cuz-black-no-girl-like-black. As a kid I would dressed up in black: black shirt with black jeans PLUS black sneakers. I have no idea why I could even dressed up as Edward Scissorhands.

That is stupid.

Hello Kitty!!!!

Even Shimmy loves Hello Kitty!

Shimmy is a hot white guy stuck in asian body, that's what he said. LOL


as an adult now I love PINK #likenothingelse. Is this because of the hormones? I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure this a fact. I mean, I love fashion and makeup, playing dress up all the time (THIS IS GIRLISH) but but but I still love black.

Boom babeh! See how cool are black and pink? They pimp up everything! =] They give vintage vibe and the best part is, they don't give a damn punk effect. It all started from Avril Lavigne like viral 0.0 

Before you start to hit me Avril's fans, I am one of her fans too! So stop hitting your sister okay, STOP.

Back to my question: 
Do you love pink? What is your favourite colour then? 

Leave your comment below and let's create a rainbow comment together =}



Previous post was a angry post HAHA. ooops! 


Class starts in a week!

I've lost my blogging mojo, once again I have no idea what to blog. I feel stupid now =[

Anyway, I sent an e-mail to an experience lecturer in HELPCAT that I shall be joining her class, Introduction to Economics next week. Not to be 'kiasu, it's just that my very lecturer couldn't help us to pass the paper, I have to refer to this experience lecturer instead and My God she is super strict.

She even pointed out that absenteeism is not tolerated without a valid MC.

Just great.
I miss my current lecturer now.

I will be running around LRT stations from Damansara Heights to Sg Besi, catching up my classes. Great, this will be my daily routine and I can loose some weight just like ol days! *my working days in the city centre* If only I can drive from HUC to HELPCAT but nahh... it's too far and I hate driving to Sg Besi (around Pudu area) because of the traffic!

But it's good to drive tho, I mean I can drive to Levain's to get my macaroons after class.

or the Chicken Lasagna boyfriend and I had last Sunday? *droooooool* This could be the best lasagna in town with reasonable price (RM12) but my boyfriend prefers Delicious'. We always have different thoughts sometimes, that's what makes us unique.

Lots of my friend told me that Australia Degree Programmes are easier than UK, which is true. Should I love Australia or UK programmes? Hmm... UK programmes have a good reputation compared to Australia's but it is 300% harder. Like what I am dealing right now, enrolled to a difficult degree programme. I seriously have to think about my degree man, either stick to UoL International Programmes or move to other programme.

Ha, enough of studies, I'm still in summer break!

I love to read, do you? Reading was my passion in my leisure until I met my boyfriend. He hates to read so I eventually stopped reading. I remembered that we used to meet up in a book shop, especially Borders because I love the smell of the books and how the books arranged neatly in the bookshelf accordingly. I love to feel the book wrapped in plastic, it's like a treasure to someone. =] I sound like a creepo now. LOL

I have a secret dream, which is able to read a book in a quiet cafe house with soft Bossa Nova songs. Sipping coffee or tea while reading, imagine the characters and the surrounding without any interruption. Suddenly, there is a charming looking guy which I imagined in the book approached me and the love story is begun. Sadly, that is not how my boyfriend and I met. Back to reality, we met in lunch. =]

Anyway, I finished reading Norwegian Wood by Murakami. It is a depressing story about a guy dealing with  previous and present relationships. How his first love ended in a sanitarium and a new girl from his class, he had to make a decision in his life after his best friend died from suicide.

I did not cry but the story disturbed me throughout the night, it made me depressed for few nights. Gosh, that book must be creepy! Not.

Stupid or not stupid, this is a long post =O
Alright then,
I'm not stupid after all.

Restocked my mascara for my eyes (what else!) I love Majolica Majorca because it's under Sheseido, my favourite skin care products. I couldn't afford Sheseido products so I normally use Bio-Essence Tanaka White series which works great on my skin =}

Nehoos, hope this post did not bore you. I know it's a long post, a very long post. LOL


Yo! I'm BACK

Ooops, I've stop blogging for a week again! It's okay, I'm not dead yet haha!

Wearing bf's glasses

See, I still look very very healthy :D I've been in Sunway Pyramid twice in a week, damn stupid wei. I literally can identify which shop is at which floor which wing LOL. Forever 21, Cotton On and PDI are my must-go shops in Sunway Pyramid. I also love Esprit but nahh... out of moolah recently :(

Nom nom nom...

Had Hokkaido Waffle Gelato at MOF, not my favourite gelato actually because it is tasteless FOR ME. I still prefer the Pavilion branch haha! I literally had to finish this 3 scoops of ice cream by myself WHAT!!! It took me forever to finish it LOL...

because no one is willing to eat with me. Grr....

This is actually a short post. Just wanna revive my blog LOL. I will blog a serious long post soon,
I guess...

See ya!

My very vain moment!