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Bloggers day out

Hello my smexy friends!
 Finally the whole assignment thinggy is over, I can focus on my blog once again! 

Today was a fun day with Kim Tam from Test & Share, a blogger who loves to share amazing beauty products with her readers. Go check her blog out if you haven't! Kim came to Klang Valley for a beauty event, since she was here we planned to have a lunch together.

While waiting for her in Gardens Mall, I walked around and snapped some photos. Photography is my hobby and I love to take great photos with my faithful Olympus E-PL3 (I want to upgrade my lens but it is so freaking expensive!). I would say I enjoyed taking random pictures, it relaxes my mind... all thanks to the assignments zzz

Unique looking lamps hanging in the mall.
The mall is full of people on Labour Day

We met up at Yuzu Restaurant, a famous casual Japanese cuisine restaurant. It was my first time there, always pass by the restaurant frequently but never have the chance to try out their food. I was really excited to eat there, my favourite cuisine would always be Japanese. :p

Here are some short food porn:

Yuzu Sukiyaki Beef Udon set
Yuzu Gindara set

Kim and I, we are happy customers!
After having our heavy lunch (worth the price! in my case), we jalan-jalan around the mall. Initially we hunted for CLEO limited box just because of the Lanvin Me perfume, Kim was 'star-struck' to Sweet Mochi, a stall that sells delicious Japanese mochi. She bought three pieces and now, I am kinda regret. I should get a box of mochi~

mochi~~ green tea~~

Anyway, look what we got here! We ended up spending most of our time in Jelly Bunny, they sell cute affordable shoes made out of jelly. Just kidding, it is NOT edible. The shoes are super affordable, we bought  these babies for only RM29 per pair!
Guess whose leg are these!
It was a nice meet up with Kim, we should have a small lunch or mini gathering with other bloggers (some ffk XD). Wouldn't be that fun!? 

Before ending the post, here's my vain look of the day! 

I would love to have a small meet up with fellow bloggers share crazy thoughts! What do you think?


Goodbye August

Goodbye August;
Hello Autumn.

Here's a short update just for you guys. Sorry for not being able to blog for a week, I currently lack of
inspiration to blog. It seems that whenever my semester commences, my otak automatically will
switch to a nerdy pothead. 

Sad, but true.
Meanwhile, I also participated in Nuffnang Facebook Group Contest. Here's my Colours shot on
Nuffnang Shutterbug entry. I didn't think of joining the contest at first, but somehow I managed to
capture this picture while shopping with my boyfriend. So, I will just give it try to submit this photo.
Hopefully it will turn out well *fingers crossed*


The Face and The Bag

It's been ages for me to blog about fashion. Funny story, I literally have obsessed over the 'smiley bag' aka Celine Boston bag. For weeks I have spend hours to look for the bag, luckily I found Un-masqued few days back. They are selling this awesome smiley bag and without any hesitation, I bought this baby back home!

What I like about this bag is the uniqueness of the design. I mean, the smiley face itself is so kawaii! Imagine you are having a bad day, by look at the bag, you might be happy instantly...right? Okay, what am I talking about!
Pairing My Melody pull over with a blazer
Blazer is my must-have-item in the wardrobe, I love layering and it just complete the look without any effort. I initially invest this blazer for my university presentation, however, whenever I am not having any presentation/seminars to attend, I would still wear it for lunch and movie. It doesn't only provide warmth, it also polish the whole look!

By the way, I am currently participating Friendly Fashion Official Blogger Contest. Friendly Fashion is a place where people can swap, sell their clothes and accessories which are in good condition. Moreover, it also provides forum where members could discuss about fashion, trends and such. I want to be part of the team so much because I seriously love fashion. Well, the contest is in voting basis so I need your help to vote for me!

To do so, just go to this link (or click 'VOTE FOR ME' button the right side panel of the blog) and click the vote button under the thumbnail. The contest ends of 15th August so please vote for me! I would really appreciate it, seriously!


Penang For Two

It's great to go back to Penang once in awhile to escape the hectic life in the city. The food and friends, it's something that I wouldn't give up for. Boyfie was nice enough to promise me that he would take me with him for an escape after his finals and there I was, Penang!

The island is still incredible after five years. Roads are still remained the same, however tonnes of developments are increasing in that small small island. To my surprise, the view of the beautiful highway by the beach has be replaced with new sky rise buildings. I am no longer can experience the beautiful sea view. #sad

Anyway, we spent three days there to meet up friends and enjoy the good food. We went to Straits Quay at night for some beers with boyfie's friends. Many friends of mine keep on telling me that I have to go to The Library for the beautiful scenery. They are right, the place is built with British Colonies concept and it is actually a marina for sailing yachts.

We also went to Kek Lok Si Temple for sightseeing. I have been waiting for this moment to use my camera for a good use. Kek Lok Si Temple aka 'Temple of Supreme Bliss' was built in 1890 and it has become a famous tourism spot in Penang. I always want to take a good photo at there but my tripod isn't helping me at all, it is too short and I couldn't manage to take the whole Kek Lok Si temple.

All of these pictures at Kek Lok Si temple with the help of my little tripod. #success

The food at Penang is... wait for it... awesome! Boyfie and I really took the opportunity to drive around the island for good food. It's just that we didn't have much time for our main priority: food hunting! But that might be a good thing, at least none of us are getting fatter! HAHA!

Har mee aka Prawn Mee
Penang Curry Mee
New Lane, Penang

It had been quite a journey for me to have a great escape with boyfie. I realised that without him, I might not be in Penang for good food and friends. Fate is there, they said. :)

Thank you! :D


Inspiration. Where.

Recently went to Publika with boyfie after his finals. We have never been there before and I heard many positive views from my friends, praising that the place is full of inspiration. The venue is located quite far from my area but that is not going to hold me, I love to see new places.

Indeed, to find this place it was like searching that legend-once-mentioned-place. Thank goodness my phone comes with GPS but it didn't help much, it led us to elsewhere. Even me, nicknamed 'Manual GPS' is way better that programmed GPS. Not bragging but it is true. lol.

The new Istana Negara (National Palace of Malaysia). Pretty grand isn't it?
It is true that the place, Publika has sort-of inspirational elements within the building. From the creative interior design of Ben's Independent Grocer (B.I.G.) with blue theme colour added some Francisco and Sydney flows it in to big wide walkway in Publika with pretty unique shops along the walkway. The place is really artistic enough, no wonder they often have exhibition at Publika. 

Although the place is quite empty (too artistic), I still love it. How often we could get this landscape and design in Kuala Lumpur? It is simply breath-taking, just look at the picture. Do you think it is located in Malaysia? I think not, it most likely in Europe, for example, France. I am not sure about you but this was my first thought when I saw it.

Have you been to any place which instantly inspires you? If does, where is it? 
Publika it is for me. :)


Catching up

Catching up with friends and watched Dark Shadows today. Weather is rather hot this afternoon but it doesn't stop me, I love taking pictures.

Productive indeed

I know how does it feels like to be extremely boring during semester break, I am not going anywhere for vacation except for becoming a driver to fetch my mom back from work. Wait, I might be going somewhere but... still it is yet so far from now. 

To avoid boredom, I have led myself to the obsession of a Facebook game. I know, it is embarrassing. More embarrassing is that I am obsessed of playing The Sims Social. The game is so interactive and always making me to be 'thick face' enough to ask for helps to my friends. 

Damn inspired in The Sims but in real life...... meh.

I decided to try out some makeup look, grey and purple I guess. Dah lupa when did I do this eye look but it is a tedious job to get the eyes done with bunch of gradient eye shadows. Not only that, I also helped my mom to do some makeover for her friend's wedding dinner. I do not know why but my mom always WANT me to help her in makeup, unfortunately
I suck at it.

Do you like it?

Craving for desserts and pastries these days, it could be the symptoms of having a very hectic and stress semester, our semester period was compressed into few weeks shorter due to up coming Olympics 2012 in London. Our university, UEL (University of Easy Learning HAHAHA) has decided to shorten our schedule to prepare for the event.

Hey, I just met you
and this is crazy
but here's my mouth and
I gotta eat you...
Boy you came into my life
I crave you so bad
I crave you so bad
I crave you so so bad...
(Call me maybe lyrics HAHA)

I also decided to create a simple light box to do my photo shots, mainly for my blog like beauty reviews or some cute stuff to share.  I really thought of creating this light box for a long time but I have no where to get a piece of white cloth until now! It is a great use in enhancing product shots with less noise and much more focus to the product itself. These are some of my test shots:

Maybe, just maybe my holiday is quite productive after all. Food, games and my passion of doing something I love, which is makeup and photography. It could be a best time to improve my skills. =) I really think that I should use my time wisely for these since I cannot get an internship or part time job because of my LAN subjects classes, it is pretty sad 'cause the classes fall in the weekdays. 

Lousy timetable.

I also current active on Pinterest and weheartit for inspiration in fashion, beauty, design and food. I love photography, fashion and beauty, which makes me so happy that I could see new inspirations every day. If you have Pinterest or wehearit accounts or both, why not add/follow me? I would definitely love it :)

Pinterest: peacemusicbabe
WeHeartIt: peacemusicbabe



Able to have micro-shots with my self-made light box ;P

Pieces by pieces

I really love to take good food pictures. The textures and everything are just simply beautiful.

Lychee and wild berries, yums :)

Lychee and wild berries, yums :)

-taken at Snogurt, SS15.


Greetings Earthlings,

I am so excited that I can be an amateur photographer, owning an Olympus E-PL3 is really a dream comes true to me =)  

I have been dreaming to get a good quality camera for my future photography purposes. I love to take streets, landscape and close up shots because they always produce a unique capture. However, portrait shots are not in my mind, let those to the professional photographers =D 

Here are some of my shots:

Ikura Chawanmushi.
Interior - The Gardens, Mid Valley

Moreover, I have created an account at Flickr, where we can share our photos with others. If you are interested to take a look of my works, do click the link here. I hope that you enjoy viewing it and do give me some feedbacks okay!