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Spring Essentials: KOSE SEKKISEI

Vanity Trove July: Infinite Yourth is Possible with Kose

Hello smexies!
Can you imagine to have an infinite youth in your life? Well, it's possible with KOSE! This is the first time of Vanity Trove to collaborate with KOSE.

We all love KOSE products, right? Their products are quite famous in Asian regions, especially in Taiwan! When I found out that Vanity Trove box is all about KOSE products, I went insane literally!

Let's get started, shall we?

The box comes with six products of KOSE Infinity Pure Advance series. It is an anti-age series which combat dryness, dullness and visible pores! *My savour!!*

I will introduce each product to you all using images okay? so Beware of moderate amount of pictures! :D

Step 1: Clean your face with Pure Advance Oil Cleasing Gel

Step 2: Wash your face with appropiate of  Pure Advance Clear Up Wash

Step 3: Apply Pure Advance Essence Lotion II with a piece of cotton/palm of your hand and gently pat into your skin

Step 4: Massage your skin gently with Pure Advance Serum II

Step 5: Squeeze a small amount of Pure Advance Eye Jelly onto the tip of your ring finger and pat around the eye area

Step 6: Shield your skin from harmful UV rays with Deep Protection UV

With the help of KOSE Infinity Pure Advance, I can discover the secret to maintain eternal youth! I would say that this VT edition is full of surprise because it's all about premium products! Personally I would not purchase KOSE products because of the price factor. However, with VT I could discover KOSE products with only RM50, fraction of the KOSE origin price!

Great news to you all,

With VT, you can customize your box accordingly with only RM50! Just fill in your beauty profile and select several products that suit the best for you into your next box. Awesome indeed, I love the fact that we can actually know the products better before trying them!

More information about VT, visit: