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My Havaianas Experience

Good day smexies! Guess what, I joined a blog contest by Butterfly Project conjunction with Havaianas Malaysia and I won a pair of Havaianas flip flops! To tell the truth, I actually submitted this contest few minutes before the deadline without thinking, I thought that it is necessary to join this contest in order to score a pass to Butterfly Project's Spa Party! 

*flip table*

Anyway, since boyfie is away from Kuala Lumpur. Lucky for him, he got to enjoy the beach in Kuantan while I went to the concrete jungle to redeem my Havaianas flip flops! (Pavilion lar!) Frankly speaking, I do enjoy shopping alone because there's no one to stop me from spending my moolah away! Whenever my boyfriend is around, he would be like 'No, you have that already'; 'Can we go for a movie? That way you can't spend any money on unnecessary things'. Oh really, he meant it that way!

So many series to choose!
Check out the prints! #Swag
I chose Havaianas Slim Sand Grey  because it reflects my fair feet! I was choosing either to go with black or sand grey. Black is definitely the ultimate choice because it matches with anything I wear, it is just versatile. However, the colour is too common in the market. Thus, sand grey is second best colour I could go for. Pink in other hand is too striky! Even though it's cute but when it comes to mix and match.... I can't imagine it. 

After redeemed this pair of fabulous flip flops, I hop to Chatime for a good old Mango Green Tea! Life is so good when no one is there to stop me to do ANYTHING! Hehehehehehe...


A little surprise from SILKYGIRL

A little surprise from SILKYGIRL today afternoon. I didn't expect there would be a package from them, in fact I was expecting another courier package. ^^

Awesome products from SILKYGIRL:
1. Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner
2. Big Eye 2-in-1 Eyeliner
3. Double Intense Duo Eyeshadow in Flushed Maple
4. Lolly lip gloss
5. Drink Up! lib balm
6. Magic BB White Powder Foundation
7. Shaperner + case + pink teddy bear

I can't wait to try them on! Especially the eyeliner, I'm sucker for black eyeliners ><

So my dear readers, tell me which item I should review first? Leave your comment below and we'll see which product is the winner! ;)

Hello there, thank you for leaving your suggestions in the comment box below. Here is my first review on Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner (link). Thank you and happy reading!

Mary Jane Heels

Hello sexeh! Seriously, this is one pair of killer heels. If you have been following my Facebook Page, you would know that I have been obsessed with high heels lately (recent post: Catching up). I could not afford to get the shoes from Forever 21 (RM189!) but I found this pair of heels from This & That with a fraction of price! Not only the price is reasonable, it is really comfortable to wear too!

At first I saw these shoes at Sri Petaling but it was out of my size. I was so paranoid at first until I realized that they have another new branch at Setia Walk, Puchong. Soo... what did I do was taking out my smartphone and called my bf, telling him that I NEED TO GO TO SETIA WALK ASAP. He was annoyed and reluctant to go with me just to get this pair of shoes BUT I treated him dinner so... he has nothing to say. HAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding, he does think that the shoes match my feet. 

ANYWAY, I bought this pair of heels and seriously love it.
and I love my boyfriend too, THERE I SAID IT.


I become a Nerd

Hi guys, I have became another girl in a pair HUGE glasses. 

Owning this pair of glasses is risky, you know why? Apparently, not many people can accept the designs. They might go, 'are you seriously want to invest in a pair of nerdy glasses? What a nerd.' shit like that.

Well. sort of.

My boyfriend could not accept the UGLY truth at first but he is used to it now... because HE HAS TO.

However, I love it because of its simplicity. Big and Bold. Plus, this glasses come with nerd power which can help my grades to sky high, exactly what I need  =D

I love the fedora so much :)

January Beauty Haul

How is Chinese New Year treating you lately? It is about time to check your make up products expiry date, you do not want some chemicals affecting your beautiful skin right?

I actually bought some cosmetic products few weeks ago and decided to do a HAUL post.
Sephora Hydrating and Smoothing foundation in D30
I am a huge fan of Sephora products, I have been in Sephora outlet at least once a month just to restock my stuff lol. They were having sales and this liquid foundation costed MYR35 only (I have forgotten the original price, it is around MYR60+)!! It was very cheap to get a good quality foundation. I could not show the swatch because my camera is not sensitive enough T__T but I found out that the foundation tends to be greasy a bit, maybe because I had been using Cyber Colour Mineral foundation which gives soft and jelly-like foundation. 

However Sephora Hydrating and Smoothing foundation is smooth on the skin and does has some glowy effect! When the sun hits me, damnnn I look tan sometimes lol But after applying loose powder my skin colour is back to normal. Yay? At least it does not make me look like some cheesy vampires hek.

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colours in LSS604 Jupiter

Yay! My first ever NYX product! Bought it at Offline Shop @ Berjaya Times Square, which is way larger than Sunway Pyramid outlet. If you wanna get NYX products, the palettes and stuff, this shop is way to go! It is quite cheap actually, for MYR18 you can have pinkishliscious lips instantly!
Cons: Aweful smell.... but I got used to it YAY!

Stippling brush
After collecting ang pows, it is the time to spend! I really need a liquid foundation brush so badly (my sponge just died T__T) I went searching for the perfect brush aroud Kuala Lumpur. The one I initially spotted was Top Shop foundation brush for MYR33 but for me, I do not think that the quality might match with the price, thinking that it can be some kind of image branding price. But if you know or using Topshop make products, please tell me whether their products are nice or not cuz I have been eyeing some products.

Neehoos, I bought this brush at The Lash Bar, Sunway Pyramid for MYR39. The promoter told me that this is the IN brush which many people are using right now. Thought that wahhhh... Must be veli nais d lahhh so mani people use worrr so I decided to buy it and try. Turned out to be.... GREAT! =P And it is actually named as stippling brush which can give you an airbrush effect, baru I tau adui.
Cons: It is kinda stiff at first but after some times the brush is more flexible.

And that's it, my January Beauty Haul =]

Year end shopping spree

Christmas is over and every shop is blasting Chinese New Year songs everywhere.

Mommy and I decided to shop at Sunway Pyramid today since my university club meeting was being cancelled unexpectedly lol. We went to Barbera Cafe for our lunch, turned out to be disaster because the service is freaking sucks. We actually had to wait for an hour just for our main courses? That is unacceptable for us because we ordered from set meals, not ala carte so it should be faster right? Sadly, the waitress over there was quite slow and always in a sour or moody face, funny is someone even mentioned on Foursquare tips!

True story

However, the food is not bad. After encountered such problem, if you want to have a taste of their food... Just go to their Bangsar outlet, it is much better compared to this one, in my opinion lol.
Being vain again.
Tee: Sometimes
Blazer: Padini
Shorts: ROMP
Wedges: Vincci
Bag: Charles and Keith

Mom was having a good mood for shopping, literally. While she was looking for shoes at Parkson, I was also trying out some shoes, hopefully I could another pair of awesome boots for next year. I saw this...

Damn it, pretty pretty Santa Barbara Polo ankle boots.

I wanna get this so bad because it is SUPER SUPER COMFY inside!! until I saw the price. DAFUQ expensive giler... I dare not to say out the price here wtf. Anyway, we had a pleasant shopping time together like a mother and daughter time lol in a mall. Mother bought her aunty stuff hahahahaha while I got some cute stuff from the mall! 

Cute looking flat pumps from Tiamo!

The crowns are simple adore, aren't they!

My Melody sweater from Forever 21!

That is why I love cute stuff recently. They are waaaaaaay tooooooooooo adorable! I wanted to get a new pair of pumps because my old black pumps are spoilt due to over-wearing-it-during-working-hours, might as well get a new one and I simply love Tiamo flats and mom hates it when I buy some cheap flats from Cotton On (I do love their shoes tho!) cuz it does not last long at all. 

My Melody sweater? Simple, I AM OBSESSED WITH HELLO KITTY COLLECTION. 'Nuff said. I found this cute sweater on the rack and I instantly love it! Mom was gave me a  'omg seriously you kidding me another hello kitty collection this time a sweater okay fine but you pay for it' look when I was gaga over this cute sweater!

Cute stuff ftw!
and memes...

LOL. Okay, done posting but before that.... another obnoxious posing photo!


Pressie from parents

Received Swarovski Hello Kitty charm from parents for Christmas 


Thanks loves

Received the my belated birthday pressie from my university mates.

Love it. Thanks babe! =)

My very first maxi dress

The title says it all! I love this piece of maxi dress, it gives a beach vibe and hobo-licious. It's very hard to find a perfect maxi dress for myself because the patterns and textures are difficult to match my skin tone and body type, either too loose or too tight. *big sigh* 

While I was at Sunway Pyramid yesterday, I saw this beautiful dress on mannequin in a boutique shop. I was like 'OMG I NEED TO HAVE IT', tried it on and I was super satisfied by the texture and pattern. Problem was, I was not sure whether to get it or not even though it is quite cheap. 

Been thinking through out the day and guess what! I finally bought it with mother's approval! Gosh I cannot wait to wear this fabulous dress but one thing for sure, I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO WEAR. 


So ladies, what is your suggestion? Where can I wear this piece to? Leave you comment down below alright? Thanks a lot! TEEHEE




Jeans and shorts, Forever 21;
Two wedges, Vincci;

I could not resist myself to get two pair of wedges as Vincci is having 50% off for both items each. 


Girls weekend!

Met up my babes at Pavilion this afternoon and we had a blast =) Alicia is my secondary school classmate and Hwee Yin is my current coursemate, introduced both of them to each other and things get so weird after that. Apparently, both of them are so close after the introduction. LOL

Sometimes it's good to go out with the girls, I can buy lots of things as I've been 'caged' by BF for awhile (well, my mom orders him to control me)!! Eyeing on Shiseido The Skin Care series for so long, they are offering starter kit! That means the set comes with cleanser, softener and moisturizer. The products are mainly for hydration purpose, I tend to have dry skin so this series could save my life! *fingers crossed*

Also, I was actually looking for lip brush at Sasa, ended up I bought

A product from Cyber Colors, Gemstone aqua-based pudding foundation. The promoter was friendly enough and recommended this product. Luckily this promoter is smart enough to recommend an affordable foundation as I requested a cheaper one. The normal price for this foundation is RM99 but Sasa is having promotion! Slash the price and I got this for RM50+ (I've forgotten the price LOL).

The outing went great and got the things I want. ZOMG, I love shopping...MUST STOP STOP STOP!!!
Till the next time girls!


Bandage Skirt

I had received my parcel from SistaClosette, I ordered a pink bandage skirt just to fill up my closet space lol.
I have never own a single bandage skirt until now and I'm simply love it!

Tank top: Forever 21
Bandage skirt: SistaClosette

Tee: Brand Outlet

I submitted a question on Polyvore [link] and here are some of the ideas on wearing this hot pink bandage skirt.

 I'm so happy about this skirt I think I might wear it to my birthday dinner. =]


Chronicles of Pink:

Do you love pink?

I wasn't a pink lover when I was young, I hate pink so much because it was so girlish and pretty-pretty-princess, like EWWW... Why did pink ever existed!?

But I was madly in love with Hello Kitty, ironically.

In stead, I loved Black instead! Just because of it coolness and I-would-be-so-unique-cuz-black-no-girl-like-black. As a kid I would dressed up in black: black shirt with black jeans PLUS black sneakers. I have no idea why I could even dressed up as Edward Scissorhands.

That is stupid.

Hello Kitty!!!!

Even Shimmy loves Hello Kitty!

Shimmy is a hot white guy stuck in asian body, that's what he said. LOL


as an adult now I love PINK #likenothingelse. Is this because of the hormones? I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure this a fact. I mean, I love fashion and makeup, playing dress up all the time (THIS IS GIRLISH) but but but I still love black.

Boom babeh! See how cool are black and pink? They pimp up everything! =] They give vintage vibe and the best part is, they don't give a damn punk effect. It all started from Avril Lavigne like viral 0.0 

Before you start to hit me Avril's fans, I am one of her fans too! So stop hitting your sister okay, STOP.

Back to my question: 
Do you love pink? What is your favourite colour then? 

Leave your comment below and let's create a rainbow comment together =}



I am so happy that I could go to Sephora this evening just to get Urban Decay product.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original

Apply this on your eyes before your shadow for long wear, more vibrant colour and absolutely no creasing! It actually helps your eyeshadows pop :)

My mom bought some skincare products for herself. Thanks to her, I can get this Colorista Custom Makeup Palette 

This palette includes:
- 40 eye shadows
- 5 cream eyeliners
- 15 lipsticks/lipglosses
- 4 blushes
- 2 bronzers

The colours are vibrant and long lasting :)

For your purse, choose eight of your favorite colors and pop them into the customizable compact.

This is how you pick your colours for the compact :)

For example, this combination can give you romantic colours, maybe.. a movie date? :)

The palette will be my 21st birthday present from my mom. Yeah, she said that to me. Booo... I can't demand for a DSLR now. But anyhow, I love this palette!! :)