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OOTD #5 Sharp Blue

Dress: MNG
Bag: Carlo Rino
Gladiator heels: Kuchai Lama

Received boyfie's Christmas present this afternoon. Guess what? It is the blue dress I am wearing for my friends' birthday dinner. =)

I love this dress so much!


KL Bazaar

Hi guys, how is your weekends going? I have finally done with all of my heavy loaded assignments that has to be submitted within month, crazy right? I don't know man, I just transferred from a crazy 100% based exam degree to heavy loaded like shit with minimum examination degree, it is like 180 degree wtf.

Anyway, Alicia and I were expecting to attend a local bazaar, The KL Bazaar at our local community area IOI Boulevard Puchong, the place that I always hang out with friends for food and drinks, I mean nice coffee from Pacific Coffee Company and not those kind of DRINKS. You know I mean?

This is my very first fashion bazaar in my life. SERIOUS! I never get the chance to be any bazaar because of the locations (too far or I duno how to go) and nobody is willing to take me there (I wasn't a good driver back then fml) and even worse, no teman.


No, not this guy.

The Palette, IOI Boulevard
The fashion stalls.
They were so many cute clothes and accessories over there with quite affordable price. Too bad I didn't manage to get anything because of my constraint budget but heck, this bazaar will be held in every Saturday in this month period! So what the heck, the place is near my house anyway. LOL. My friend the other hand, God knows why she has so many of cash to buy so many of clothes even though she has more than enough of clothes, I think she needs to get three more wardrobes to fit all of her clothes. Just saying... Maybe it is true, you will never know o.0

A shop which specialized in Hello Kitty merchandise
That shopaholic.
Blazer: Chic-chick
Top: Nichii stripe top
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: Carlo Rino

I look pretty dark in this, blame the lighting I'm fair yo!

Leopard prints

Leopard and boots

I am obsessed with leopard print lately. Apparently leopard print is the new black in this season (wait, before this let me add a few words, it has been the thing like forever but somehow it is THE thing in this season) and it has remained as the sexiest-must-have in every woman's wardrobe! I was never a leopard print lover because I used to think that it is cheap, old and hoe-like print. You know, like what your mom would wear. oops, I mean old woman.

Until I saw a cute leopard print camisole at Cotton On, I instantly fell in love with leopard print WITHOUT knowing that it is the BLACK in this season. It is so edgy and sexy in the same time, with the right accessories and match, leopard print can somehow spice up your outfit.

Spotted at Forever 21
See how cute the bras are, I am planning to get one of these in year end!

If you are not a fashion risk taker and you want to start a new trend, go with simple things like scarf or headband, it will jazz up your outfit with a blink.
Casual 1
This is my suggestion. The celebrity who inspired me is Kim Kardashian, where she pulled out the basics with a leopard print scarf. Adding some bold colours will immediately lighten up the whole look, here I added a pair of pink sneakers. I always on-the-go so I pair up with sneakers and I love pink (click here for my pink obsession post) ! =D 

However, if you LOVE taking risk because you have awesome confidence in you. Do try this look instead!

Rihanna is busy with her touring in Dublin.

I have nothing to say much about this outfit. Just look at it, picture do paint a thousand words right? Never thought that both prints can work out so well without looking so noisy and messy. Like Rihanna, this is one wild and sexy outfit for night out with your BFFs =]

You're saying?
Ladies, what do you find about leopard print? How do you add your personalities with leopard print?
Gentlemen, how about you? Do you like seeing ladies in leopard prints? Would you let your girl to wear?
Leave a comment and let me know!


UEL Cultural Night

Moving from a department to another department, I am no longer a UoL student but a UEL student now. This time, the student council of DOME is having UEL Cultural Night at Artista Bar, Tropicana!

The Bar
Previous night, the council member called me and wanted me to represent Korea because the model did not want to do so. I was stunned COMPLETELY, I told the member where to get Korean Costume now!? and she said Korean girls love to wear fashionable clothes and good in makeup, suggesting that I should go for it as I really look like an actual Korean. 

That MUST be a compliment, Tuzki Bunny Emoticon. I said YES.

I brought along my pretty pretty partner, Hui Ling for the dinner.

Best thing in the dinner?

GOT TOWER LA WEI!! Ahem, it's Iced Lemon Tea.
Iced Lemon Tea again, BOOOOO :D

Hui Ling

I was supposed to have a decent meal until the members told us, the model to get ready for the show. I was like WHATTTTTTT... I did not manage to eat at all! During the briefing, the host wanted us to talk something about our countries, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon I am a Malaysian, how am I supposed to know anything about Korea!? I told them that I am not from Korea and he did not believe me at first, however he wanted me to google the basic facts right away! I checked on my phone and looked through the facts but still, HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

So, this is what I did. Thanks to Hui Ling, she recorded my performance. LOL, I did not know that!

I nailed it, in a funny way! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

My lovely colourful coursemates and me!

Vivienne and Ainaa =)

Signing off for my next upcoming project,

Lace Top: Forever 21;
Bandage skirt: sistaclosette;
Blazer: chic-chick
Necklace: Forever 21;
Oxford pumps: Charles and Keith


Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night


The way I are

Fashion is made, but style is born- Yves Saint Laurent 


My very first maxi dress

The title says it all! I love this piece of maxi dress, it gives a beach vibe and hobo-licious. It's very hard to find a perfect maxi dress for myself because the patterns and textures are difficult to match my skin tone and body type, either too loose or too tight. *big sigh* 

While I was at Sunway Pyramid yesterday, I saw this beautiful dress on mannequin in a boutique shop. I was like 'OMG I NEED TO HAVE IT', tried it on and I was super satisfied by the texture and pattern. Problem was, I was not sure whether to get it or not even though it is quite cheap. 

Been thinking through out the day and guess what! I finally bought it with mother's approval! Gosh I cannot wait to wear this fabulous dress but one thing for sure, I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO WEAR. 


So ladies, what is your suggestion? Where can I wear this piece to? Leave you comment down below alright? Thanks a lot! TEEHEE




Jeans and shorts, Forever 21;
Two wedges, Vincci;

I could not resist myself to get two pair of wedges as Vincci is having 50% off for both items each. 


Polyvore: a Quiet Afternoon

Quiet afternoon

My vintage inspired piece: a Quiet Afternoon


OOTD #3 Quiet day

Bag: Sometime, Bangsar
Necklace: Diva

Enjoyed the beach last Saturday at Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan, Pahang. Missing the beach already :[ Anyway, I shall blog about the road trip soon. :)


Polyvore: Chill Out

Chill Out


Bandage Skirt

I had received my parcel from SistaClosette, I ordered a pink bandage skirt just to fill up my closet space lol.
I have never own a single bandage skirt until now and I'm simply love it!

Tank top: Forever 21
Bandage skirt: SistaClosette

Tee: Brand Outlet

I submitted a question on Polyvore [link] and here are some of the ideas on wearing this hot pink bandage skirt.

 I'm so happy about this skirt I think I might wear it to my birthday dinner. =]


OOTD #2 BunnyBerry

Tank dress with long cardigan! Great way to spice up my outfit with my favourite flip flops :)

Tank dress: PhatCulture
Cardigan: Cotton On
Flipflops: Tropicana Life

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Polyvore: Sweet and Edgy

Sweet and edgy