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Neutrogena Hits STYLO Runway With Happy Skin 24/7 Collection

Photo 57

Picture credit: Neutrogena Malaysia

Behold, Neutrogena hit the stage, featuring its Happy Skin 24/7 fashion collection, a series of 30 designs presented at Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Festival 2017.

#LifeHacks–Keeping Earrings in Place

I’m going to share a cute way to store your favourite earrings, not only it will ease your life, it will definitely helps to add the extra kawaii-ness to your pretty accessories. It is pretty simple actually, we are using buttons to keep earrings in place!

Life update: work life in a fashion line


“Passion is a must if you want to strive in this industry - fashion.”

Pop Market @ The School, Jaya One

Happy Autumn smexies (it’s August!)

The moment I saw there will be a fashion bazaar, I just had to get there. You know how much I love to check out the online boutiques where they usually feature unique fashion pieces and I’ve been thinking of starting an online retail boutique for sometimes now. Moreover, it’s great to check out the latest fashion trends ;)


XES Premium Boutique Grand Opening


Good news to all my Shah Alam smexies!

XES Premium Boutique is finally open at Shah Alam, offering XES’ latest designs and merchandise at unbelievable price. I was invited to attend XES Premium Boutique grand opening on 17th June.

XES Signature - The Zodiac Collection

Good day smexies!

In March, XES launched XES Signature - a new label which is intended to create more upscale look, with the elements of fun and glam! I was invited to attend XES Signature exclusive preview of its debut collection, 12 pairs of heels representing each zodiac. 

Hence, the introduction of The Zodiac Collection by XES! The debut collection preview event was held at Malaysia International Shoe Festival (MISF) 2014. 

[Ad] Get Ready for Malaysia Clothes Buffet

Good morning smexies!

The Malaysia Clothes Buffet is back! This is their third installment to bring great clothes to the feast for all on-the-go fashionistas!

Yeap, you heard me. ON-THE-GO.

ANTM x GUESS rocks fans at The Butter Factory

GUESS   ANTM 5 Finalists

Hey there smexies!

Last week was a dazzling night as America’s Next Top Model finalists – Jourdan Miller, Marvin Cortes, Cory Hindross, Renee Bhagwadeen and Chris  rocked KL at The Butter Factory.

Introducing: b.tempt'd by Wacoal

Hey smexies! Do you often feel frustrated over picking the perfect bra? I do actually because I have no idea which brand I should buy or which size suits me! Trust me, every bra of mine comes with different size. I think that my boobs are somehow flexible, just like protean.

I was invited by Wacoal to attend their Young and Trendy b.tempt'd lingerie launch at Isetan, KLCC. The brand carries an interesting name, b.tempt'd and it is a short form for 'be-tempted', moreover it's one of world's trend-setting lingerie giant from USA. Designed especially for the young-minded woman, b'tempt'd by Wacoal rocks when sexy but sophisticated lingerie is just what you want. Now, Wacoal Malaysia is bringing b.tempt'd to Malaysia market! For its debut in Malaysia, Wacoal showcased some thoughtfully picked out , iconic collections from the brand.

When I reached Wacoal Young counter, I was blown away with the vibrant purple balloons! There was a lady in purple greeted and escorted us to the registration counter. 

While I saw some of my blogger friends and had a chit chat, the session started with greeting and introduction of b.tempt'd since we aren't familiar with the brand.Next, a balloon release session with the management team behind Wacoal and an energetic dance performance.
The lady here is so nice she explained everything about bra fitting to FiSh and I,
it was a informative conversation!
She insisted that all women should let SA to guide us in bra fitting, which I believe is important!
A speech by Mr Takashi Watanabe, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia.
The dance performance by these wonderful chicks is amazing! 
There are three collections that are handpicked by Wacoal Malaysia - b.tempt'd How Gorgeous,'d and Hip and Chic. The all-American girl next door spirit is embodied in a playful and tempting details such as dainty bows and delicate laces of the lingerie line. Coupled with unmistakable Wacoal good fit, b.tempt'd is on course to become many Malaysia ladies' BFF.

b.tempt'd How Gorgeous lingerie set (available now)
b.tempt'd b. wow'd lingerie set (available now)
b.tempt'd Hip and Chic (will be available in December)
I was so tempted while looking through the bras, I couldn't help myself to get one! My favourite b.tempt'd collection would be'd because of its design and push. It's not exaggerating as La Senza push up bras,'d gives a nice push with a good support :) Also, I love the vibrant colours that somehow able to boost my good mood. 
Proud shopper I am *lol*

If you are looking for a perfect bra, why not give it a try on b.tempt'd by Wacoal? Their sales assistants would be happy to assist you in searching your perfect cup of bra *hehe*. b.tempt'd is now available at Wacoal Young counters at Isetan KLCC and Isetan 1 Utama.

Do visit Wacoal Malaysia Facebook page for more information! 

Pink N' Proper Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Hey smexies, summer is here and I bet most of you couldn't wait to head out and grab the latest pieces from the fashion world. I know I can't wait because I just LOVE summer! Well, maybe most of you love to shop online, come on! it's simple and efficient. We don't have to queue for a fitting room or make our way to a particular mall. With just a click of our finger, these babies are ours!

Now, where we were talking? Oh right! SUMMER!

Have you heard of Pink N' Proper? It is one of the few online platform in Malaysia that caters trendy female high-street brands found across Europe such as Rare London, Vero Moda, Boohoo, ASOS and many more, which are not usually found in our local retailers (which is true!). Moreover, they do ship worldwide.

Introducing Pink N' Proper Spring/Summer Collection 2013 collaboration with my blogger friend, Angeline! The collection features summer-ready and spoilt with trendy choices such as florals, pastels, edgy and delicate embellishments from various brands such as Rare London, Coco's Forture, Paprika, Fashion Union, H&M, AX Paris and ASOS.  Get ready to be spoiled with trendiest clothes from Pink N' Proper:

#1 Rare London Paneled Skater Dress in Red | RM 159
#2 Fashion Union Stacey FLoral Dress in Grey | RM79
#4 H&M Betty Blazer in Blue | RM119
#5 ASOS Off-Shoulder Lace Peplum Dress in Blue | RM159
#6 Rare London Lace Top Contrast Dip Hem Dress | RM139
#7 AX Paris Structured Sleeves Bodycon Dress in Beige | RM99
#8 Rare London Sheer Dip Hem Dress in Mandarin | RM139
#9 Coco's Fortune Floral Fringe Kimono | RM179
#10 ASOS Rosette Dress in Hot Pink | RM179
Their choice of clothes are gorgeous. With its unique texture and details, ladies we could have an extraordinary summer in looking pretty! I personally fell in love with several pieces and I bet you girls do right? Guess what! Pink N' Proper is giving away 10% discount to all of you until the end o 2013, it sure does sound pretty awesome!

How to get it? It's simple, do look out for the discount code at the sidebar of my blog!
It is "Gorgeous Summer".

By the way, do like on their Facebook Page for more updates! They also provide promotion, Weekly Wednesday bargains, sales, member's only events, Fashion Inspirations and more!

Pink N' Proper website |
Pink N' Proper FB Page |

Have a fun summer peeps!

How to Be a Budget Savvy?

For the first time, you might have to leave your sweet lovely nest to pursue your studies in college or university. We all know that living on a budget is not like living in a sweet melted chocolate pot. But there are several ways to have fun without being worried over financial problems!

1. Getting involved in pre-loved goodies community
Instead of throwing out your old clothes, why not sell them to others? It is not only help you to generate some pocket money but also to reduce waste on earth! Friendfashion Malaysia offers a site where members can swap, sell and giveaway their clothes as they do not wear anymore. Besides, you can always get some pretty amazing clothes from pre-loved websites or blogs. Your wallet will be thanking you!

2. Swap your pretty clothes
Get around with your friends and start swapping! Make a cozy ambience of girls night with some good ol smoothies and tell your friends to bring their own clothes for swapping session. Who knows, you might get that sexy dress you've been eyeing for! Just don't forget to swap old crappy clothes and your favourite cocktail dress!

3. Mark on your calender, it's sales!
Yes ladies, don't we love to see sales tag around the malls? Hitting to the sales or bargain racks would help you to pick up some adorable clothes with the fraction of the normal price. But beware of over loading your items, it doesn't benefit your financial but instead, increasing your financial problems. So remember, pick something that is worth to you. For me, I would go for blazers and cardigans to jeans because it will be in trends for eternal years! Just remember, choose wisely!

4. Double up your cotton pad
Having budget doesn't mean that you should stop loving your skin! If you use cotton balls to apply toner, you really have to stop. Cotton balls have the tendency to soak up the excess product and doesn't give you a good result. Switch to facial cotton pads for better application. Instead using two plies of facial cottons pads, why not cut them into half? It will definitely help to save your money and double up in your investment.

5. Do It Yourself
Tired of looking your old looking shorts? It's time to pimp it up! With some creativity you can definitely create something unique with a hint of your very own personality! Get some inspirations from PS I Made This and also my favourite DIY guru from Beauty Splurge on Youtube. Be inspired and save Mother Earth (obviously!)


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The Face and The Bag

It's been ages for me to blog about fashion. Funny story, I literally have obsessed over the 'smiley bag' aka Celine Boston bag. For weeks I have spend hours to look for the bag, luckily I found Un-masqued few days back. They are selling this awesome smiley bag and without any hesitation, I bought this baby back home!

What I like about this bag is the uniqueness of the design. I mean, the smiley face itself is so kawaii! Imagine you are having a bad day, by look at the bag, you might be happy instantly...right? Okay, what am I talking about!
Pairing My Melody pull over with a blazer
Blazer is my must-have-item in the wardrobe, I love layering and it just complete the look without any effort. I initially invest this blazer for my university presentation, however, whenever I am not having any presentation/seminars to attend, I would still wear it for lunch and movie. It doesn't only provide warmth, it also polish the whole look!

By the way, I am currently participating Friendly Fashion Official Blogger Contest. Friendly Fashion is a place where people can swap, sell their clothes and accessories which are in good condition. Moreover, it also provides forum where members could discuss about fashion, trends and such. I want to be part of the team so much because I seriously love fashion. Well, the contest is in voting basis so I need your help to vote for me!

To do so, just go to this link (or click 'VOTE FOR ME' button the right side panel of the blog) and click the vote button under the thumbnail. The contest ends of 15th August so please vote for me! I would really appreciate it, seriously!



*view other SUMMER post series here*

Boho is all about looking laid back fabulously but effortless at the same time. The style focuses on feathers accessories and tribal prints, most likely creating an earthy-kind of feel. I love Boho style because it gives bohemian free spirit, it doesn't require to have many rules to play off the look. Just a simple laid back tee with denim shorts, pair up with sandals or boots and you are good to go!

Here are some inspiration of pulling this look off:



Boho by peacemusicbabe featuring collar jewelry

Celebrities in Boho: Venessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Miley Cyrus
Credits: posh and broke
On top of that, Boho makeup is the simplest of all: Keep everything natural! This means it doesn't required to have heavy foundation all over your face! Just apply earthy tone eyeshadow colours and apply warm shades (bronzer) on your cheeks to create that sunkist glow with nude shades lipstick or lip balm. Also, don't forget to apply mascara and eye liner to create that beautiful eye!

My version of Boho :)
Bohomenian look with my favourite Diva headband!


It's all about summer!

Summer is just around the corner. It's a season for less of everything: less clothes, less stress and less mess!

Clearly we all should celebrate love and enjoy the sun with fun activities.

Starting this week I shall be doing a blog series on summer, from fashion to road trip. This is a challenge to me because it is my first time of doing a theme blog posts. I have been searching on many websites to get inspirations, guidelines and stuff. Hopefully it will turn out pretty well and you all can enjoy it.

I really hope that you can give some suggestions about what should I blog about summer. If you have any suggestions, why not leaving a comment on my blog? I will be so happy to hear it from you :)