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[Review] Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar


How to make a custom eyeshadow palette

I've been looking for custom eyeshadow palette because my Sephora mini custom eyeshadow case has broken into pieces! It was troublesome for me to travel with an eyeshadow palette because it is huge, how can a palette fit into a clutch bag? It's really impossible! No doubt, I did went around the malls to look for empty eyeshadow palette. I found out that the palette is either too big or too small, expensive and it has fixed eyeshadow holes without magnet. 

I thought of making my own eyeshadow palette but it is really hard to find the right case. However, in the end I found it! and I can't wait to share the method with you =) So here goes!

Things you need
  • Empty palette. I got this from Elianto for only RM12! The case has rubber hole (if you can understand my language), I just take it out and TADA. EMPTYY
  • Magnet sheet. I got it from DAISO
  • Pen and ruler
  • Scissors
Step 1
Measure the magnet sheet according to the size of your palette.
Cut the sheet with a pair of scissors 

Step 2
Measure again with your case so that it fits properly =)

Step 3
Peel of the sticker at the back of the magnet sheet and stick on your palette

Tada, you have your own custom palette! =D 

The great thing about this palette that the magnet can hold the eyeshadow pots well. It doesnt fall even though I hold the palette upside down.
Another great thing is, this whole new palette is cost only RM17
Case RM12 + Magetic Sheet RM5
What a budget beauty here!

Now I can depot my eyeshadows without worries! =)

What do you think about this DIY? Leave your comment below and we shall with a little chit-chat


A little surprise from SILKYGIRL

A little surprise from SILKYGIRL today afternoon. I didn't expect there would be a package from them, in fact I was expecting another courier package. ^^

Awesome products from SILKYGIRL:
1. Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner
2. Big Eye 2-in-1 Eyeliner
3. Double Intense Duo Eyeshadow in Flushed Maple
4. Lolly lip gloss
5. Drink Up! lib balm
6. Magic BB White Powder Foundation
7. Shaperner + case + pink teddy bear

I can't wait to try them on! Especially the eyeliner, I'm sucker for black eyeliners ><

So my dear readers, tell me which item I should review first? Leave your comment below and we'll see which product is the winner! ;)

Hello there, thank you for leaving your suggestions in the comment box below. Here is my first review on Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner (link). Thank you and happy reading!