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Review: Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner

PERFECT STAY 20HR EYELINER IS Silkygirl latest and improved eyeliner, it is a water-poof eyeliner with creamy formula, hence it would not smudge easily. I wonder how true this is cuz i’ve been using different eyeliner brands which claim that their eyeliners are smudge-proof but it smudges on my eyes easily.
The creamy texture is indeed creamy, i have no difficulties while applying on my eyelids. however, i could not achieve strong cat eye look with sharp end. i think this is because of the texture, i prefer to use liquid eyeliner to create strong cat eye look. gel liner is fine as long i have angle eyeliner brush. overall, it looks good on me.
here, i am going to test on the eyeliner staying power by drawing a heart shape on my hand.

Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20hr Eyeliner shows that it has strong staying power, it is a water poof eyeliner.  the third image (above) shows that the liner doe not smudge easily, i smudged the heart shape with my finger ‘aggressively’ but the liner is still stay there. i’m happy to say that i’m really satisfied with staying power of this eyeliner.

i would like to say thank you to Silkygirl team for giving me the opportunity to review and share my love to my readers. Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20hr Eyeliner is a good eyeliner for all ladies. i am not sure about the price but trust me it will not cost a fortune (Silkygirl marrr).

updated: You can now get SILKYGIRL Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner for RM17.90!

will you get this eyeliner if you have the chance? share your comments below and we will have a little chit-chat together :)

Review: SAMPAR Paris Glamour Shot Eyes

Do you believe in miracle? Things you wish for could happen in one minute? We all love to wish for endless things, it might be hoping for a future husband, getting endless cash, typical materialistic wishes eh? Now how about this, having a magic wand that could erase dark circles,  puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines around the eye, would you love to have that?
SAMPAR Paris Glamour Shot Eyes is another popular beauty-must-have from its Cosmakeup range.

[Click here to know more about cosmakeup and SAMPAR Glamour Shot review].  The product claims that
in ONE minute, this multi-action glamour revealer erases dark circles, brightens the dark areas around the eyes and blurs under-eye wrinkles and fine lines. As if that wasn't enough, its formula enriched in hyaluronic acid offers a long-term and lasting anti-wrinkles action.

Well, is that true? Let's find out!

Behold my naked face, can't wait to try this baby out!

Direction: After fully moisturizing the eye contour, dab a bit of product under the eye with the applicator. Lightly tap with fingertips until the product is completely absorbed.
After one minute, TADAH. The result is...
Not much difference! 
I would not say not much difference because I don't have fine lines and much wrinkles. However, the product DOES reduce the dark circle and puffiness around my eye [Look closely on my left eye] My eyes are now less dark circle and puffiness. ^^

Comparison before-after using SAMPAR Paris Glamour Shot Eyes
Unconditionally, I really do love this product because it does make a difference on my eye within ONE minute. If it is used continuously for FOUR weeks, the results of brighter eye will not be in short term but also in long term too! My mom tried on this product and believe me, the results were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Her eyes looked more youthful instantly, but sadly she didn't want me to take a photo of her. lol. I would recommend that you could try this product at any SAMPAR Paris counter in your local departmental store for personal experience. =)

Will I purchase this product? Definitely, if I have the money (RM126 for 10ml) =P The product is really good for a late sleeper like me, blame the university! LOL.  I really adore my eyes more than my lips so I will get one for myself soon :)

For more information, you can go to or their Facebook Page

Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Albeha. Opinions expressed here are my own.

Simple trick for colourful eyes

Hey lovelies! I've been searching for beautiful fall make up looks just before 2013, I love fall 2012 makeup trends because the looks are bold and beautiful! from vampy lips to strong edgy bold eyeliners (my favourite trends of all).

To have strong colourful eyes, it was a challenge to me because I don't have a delicate hand to blend the colours smoothly, my eyes most likely would end up like a panda. Luckily, one of my favourite Youtube makeup guru, Gossmakeup has marvelous tips and tricks for achieving the look. He has been giving useful tips on most makeup basics, such as contouring and highlighting techniques, achieving dewy skin, etc. He often gives his tips without any demonstration but still able to give easy learning tutorial from his advice, no doubt, because he is a professional makeup artist. =D

What I am going to now is to show you what he had taught on his youtube channel, simple trick for beautiful eye colour. You may find that his look is greatly different than mine because I don't have any glitter with me -.-

So after you have primed your eyes, go straight with a eyeliner pencil, preferred with kohl (smooth texture) and line your eyes.
It doesn't matter if it's messy =)
Dab black eye shadow along the eyeliner to create a smooth line. After that, use your favourite colour (for me it has to be purple) and dab the colour accordingly. This would create a gradient effect from dark to light colour =)

Don't forget to blend!

Your beautiful eye colour is now complete. Simple eh? Remember to line your eye lid with eyeliner and curl your lashes to be nice and perky! =)

 This is the most easiest trick of all in achieving bold colourful eyes. You can try to use any colour to create your favourite eye look. I added some glitter from my pure glitter lip gloss to add some oomph factors on my eyes, I really need to get some glitter for my eyes :|

You can wear this for parties and the current festive season, new year celebration? Dare to be creative and courage to make your eyes to look BOLD. I simply love eye makeup more than lips. :D I hope this tutorial inspired from Gossmakeup could help you to build up your confident in bold looks.

What do you think about this tutorial? Leave your comment below. Would you dare to try it? :P


To Red or Not To Red?

Good day to you lovelies, it's TGIF today! I have been experiments my cosmetics for few days in my room just to try out new looks and also to find my signature look (sounds so glamour lol). Anyway, I recently did this simple look and it does suit me a lot. Apart from my eyes, I love my eyebrows as well!

The image above is the comparison between nude lips and red lips. The first (left) image is currently my daily look, I often wear this for classes because it is clean and simple. However, the second (right) image is what I would do if I have more time to makeup, adding the red lips. Of course, I somehow would wear this to university because it also kinda 'awaken' my whole face. I'm not sure whether it makes sense to you or not, but it really polishes the whole look. Giving it an ommph.

Products used:

  1. Garnier Instant Fairness BB moisturizer
  2. Silkygirl Pure Fresh Oil-Control-2-Way Foundation in 03 Rose Beige
  3. K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer
  4. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel
  5. Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen in 01 Blackest Black (review here)
  6. Silkygirl Hi-Definition Waterproof Mascara
  7. Silkygirl Limited Edition Ice Cream Lip Pot in Chocolate Vanilla (review here)
  8. Silkygirl Long Wearing Lip Liner in 01 Nude
  9. Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipstick in 25 Hot (right image)
  10. Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher in Cheeky Peach
  11. Etude House Face Colour Corset in #5 Tight Shading Corset

Dear ladies, would you wear red lips to classes (college or university)? What's your say?
And guys, what would think if a girl wears red lips to classes? Is it a yay or a nay? 

Let's have a discussion here, it would be awesome! :)


Eye Candy in 4 Simple Steps

I'm not sure about you guys but I was pretty excited when I received my academic calender and schedule. Time to get all of my university supplies, such as notebooks, memo pads and tons of cartridge inks (assignments, sigh!). 

Also, I need to stock up some makeup essentials for university, it's a habit to me. I cannot make it to university without applying minimal makeup. In my opinion, it is good to be presentable for class because it shows that you respect the lecture and definitely will be more semangat/wide awake.

Anyway, many of my friends literally ask me the same question: How do you even have time to makeup for morning classes? Well, I have to wake up an hourly early just to get prepared... hair, makeup, clothes, accessories... Okay, I lied wtf. Well basically I have just an easy trick to brighten up my eyes and it's only requires less than 10 minutes. NO LIE.

  1. Use a black eyeliner pencil with creamy texture and line the entire eyelid, it doesn't matter if it's messy.
  2. Use a smudge brush or cotton bud to smudge the black eyeliner to create smokey effect.
  3. Bring the colour down to the centre of lower lash line to balance the black colour. 
  4. Slightly apply any of your favourite colour on the crease area to bring out some colours. Here I use highlighter to brighten up my eyes. You can opt for brown, blue or even green if you want to add some pop on your eyes ;)
  5. Define your eyes using liquid eyeliner (as thin as possible) and apply two coats of mascara on your lashes and you're done!
Don't forget add your favourite lipbalm or lipgloss too! It's important to get lips hydrated for classes whole day long! You don't want to have chapped lips right? :P I hope that this trick could help all of the busy ladies out there!