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Everything you need to know about Hada Labo Beauty Talk Show

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Choosing the right product your skin is like choosing the perfect person who will complete your world. I guess most of us would have done some trial and errors on skincare products to find the perfect one.The re are, indeed, tons of skincare brands out there for us to fall in love with, but how could we determine the right one that suits our skin? Well, it goes back to the basic – Hydration is the key!

While it is commonly agreed that looking after the skin helps improve our complexion, many of us seem to overlook the importance of incorporating proper hydration as part of our skincare routine. That is why Hada Labo hosted its beauty talk show last Saturday in collaboration with Taiwanese skincare guru Liu Yen featuring local celebrities: Bernard Hiew as emcee, Jojo Goh, Emily Chan, Carol Ong and Jeffrey Cheng to unlock the secrets of glowing youth skin starting with hydration!

Wide ranges of Hada Labo products to choose from

Carol Ong, a newscaster with hectic schedule causes her skin to develop visible fine lines around the eye area. Liu Yen recommended that Hada Labo Lifting & Firming lotion is an ideal anti-aging skincare product that helps to improve and prevent visible fine lines while strengthen the skin elasticity at the same time.

Celebrities sharing their skincare problems with Liu Yen

Emily Chan shared her pain in experiencing breakouts and the troubles of concealing pimple marks whenever she had to appear on TV. Her experience is really relatable to most of us as Liu Yen also acknowledged that Malaysia’s weather is worse compared to Taiwan, which is really easy to have breakouts. However, she shared with us that The Blemish & Oil Control Hydration Lotion is her S.O.S. product as it is formulated to combat blemishes, control the skin oil production and calm irritated skin while remains fresh and hydrated all day long. Liu Yen also mentioned that this product can work as a face mist to lock-in moisture and stay hydrated even with your makeup on.

Celebrities sharing their skincare problems with Liu Yen
Lie Yen is sharing her tips with celebrities

Jojo also shared that her skin constantly feels unusually dry upon travelling, which is troublesome to her. Liu Yen suggested that it could be due to the environmental change, hence Hada Labo’s Hydrating Lotion would be the perfect choice as it serves as a hydrating agent to lock-in moisture for a significant soft, smooth and supple skin.

Liu Yen is showing her skin condition with celebrities

Jeffrey Cheng, representing the men crowd whom to forgo the fundamental steps of hydration in their skincare routine and applying the mask instead. Liu Yen explained that a person’s skincare routine should always include basic hydration steps: cleansing and hydrating which is the foundation of every skincare regime and facial mask is only used when it is necessary to give your skin a boost.

Liu Yen, a well known beauty guru in Taiwan
Through Liu Yen’s explanation with the celebrities, we can conclude one thing: Hydration is very crucial to us because our body is made up of 70% of water and skin cells on the face, like any other cells in the body are made largely of water. Therefore, it needs ample hydration to perform at its optimum.

"8 out of 9 of us claimed that we do incorporate hydration as part of our skincare routine, but it is important to choose the right products and include hydration care into our skincare regime,” remarked Liu Yen.

You can watch the beauty talk show here as the celebrities discussed and teased each other about the importance of hydration with Hada Labo. 保湿要趁早!

Pimp My Chu Lip

Can you imagine life without lip balm? I know, it sucks -  especially when I have to experience those painful chapped lips moment. You know it feels like, right? But wait a minute, which lip balm should you have?

Hmmm… How about Chu Lip?


2014 #Christmas Special: Gingerbread man Bake & Deco Workshop


Hello smexies!

Christmas is around the corner and definitely the time for us to prep up with all sorts of decoration – we have the jolly hat, red Santa and Santarina suit, Rudolph cute headbands, but how about in this year round we celebrate with heart-warming home baked Gingerbread Man cookies?

Trust me, your love ones would certainly appreciate your effort *wink!

Eskayvie: Redianze and I-Qids


Hello smexies, I was invited to attend a product launch from Eskayvie, a local brand that produces various health and beauty supplement which are designed to preserve and promote one’s health. I have to say that Eskayvie is a friendly brand because they introduced our community – Butterfly Project in the poster :)

Introducing Four Winks - Event/Party Planner

Good day smexies! Often times I always love to browse through Pinterest or We Hear It just to get some party inspiration. However, it didn't end good because my hands are allergic to decoration (it would end like.... something rhymes with sheet).But 'fret not, my loves! We have Four Winks here to cater all the party necessities and decorations for your precious event!

High tea session with Butterfly Project Malaysia

Hello smexies, care for a tea?

Be creative, only at The Atmosphere: Artsphere 20/8ty

Hello smexies! Last Sunday was a splendid day with my blogger friends as we hunted for 80 murals at The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan.

The 'Artsphere 20/8ty' pays tribute to the 20 talented artists, whose 80 piece of mural artwork were displayed at the streets, making the location with the highest collection of mural art in Malaysia. Located at The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan, it is an ideal place for specialities stores, boutiques and cafes.

ANTM x GUESS rocks fans at The Butter Factory

GUESS   ANTM 5 Finalists

Hey there smexies!

Last week was a dazzling night as America’s Next Top Model finalists – Jourdan Miller, Marvin Cortes, Cory Hindross, Renee Bhagwadeen and Chris  rocked KL at The Butter Factory.

Artsphere 20/80–only at Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan

Good morning smexies!
Do you love arts? If you do, there will be a grand opening event at The Atmosphere on this coming Sunday. What was the buzz about, you may ask? Well, the mall will be featuring 80 murals, created by our local and international artists!
Mutltimedia E-invitation
Not only that, there will be a contest run for all photography lovers out there! They are also running ‘Strike a Pose’ contest whereby you can win amazing prizes :)

The contest is running from 22 Dec til 16 Feb 2014. Start snapping some creative awesome photos
because the total prizes worth up to RM15,000!
Do check out their Facebook page right here:  . I will be there so yeah, do say to hi if you see me haha :D

Beauty blogger ‘v’ shills workshop

Hello smexies!

Last week I was invited to attend a workshop organized by SHILLS, a well known beauty brand from Taiwan. The private workshop event was held at Rasa Utara, Berjaya Times Square. I had to attend to this workshop because I need to find a way to reduce the roundness of my face. I actually bought this range of product but I had no clue about direction and information.

Hence, the workshop was kinda important!

The purpose of V SHILLS workshop was to introduce their latest skincare range -Miracle Lift. The range is mainly target for firming and lifting, that's why every woman needs!

The first product introduced was Miracle Lift Firming Cleanser. It is a smooth and creamy cleansing lotion pack with anti-aging agent that provide long lasting mositure, effective sebum control and improve lines to the skin. Moreover, it has 4 purposes in 1 bottle:

  1. Deep cleansing + Whitening
  2. Lifting and Firming
  3. Improve Elasticity
  4. Deep Hydrating

Once I've cleaned my face with the cleanser, there was a cool feeling all over my cheeks. According to the SHILLS team, the ingredients were activated in firming and tightening. I always thought that it was because dehydration but after their explanation, the cleanser was actually working!

After that, they introduced the second product (famous product I guess!) - Miracle Lift Facial Lifting Serum. It firms and tightens cheek, reduce double chin and sculpt facial contours; enrich with elastin formula that stimulates skin's natural abil produce more collagens.

I was invited to be the model of the day, the reason is simple- I have 'bread' face aka the feature of my cheeks are as fluffy as a bread (according to Mandarin translation). The funny part was the beauty expert actually looked at me and said 'You can't escape anymore' LOL.

The massage technique was illustrated on the slide show. When the beauty expert started to massage my face, it felt so relaxing. I would consider that as my first massage experience. No kidding, I have not been to any spa massage or facial before. *I'm...unemployed yet*

See how the serum worked? It does lift my face, giving an instant 'V' lift on my right cheek! I was impressedd!! Within 5-10 minutes massage, I could have a beautiful V shaped face just like those super models. *not bad leh* We were joking that I look like I just had a stroke on my face LOL.

I actually bought a bottle of Miracle Lift serum from SHILLS warehouse for only RM40!! I kinda like...found the hidden treasure or something. This product really works!!

Last but not least, SHILLS finally revealed their latest product - Miracle Lift Facial Firming mask, which was just launched not long ago. The mask is uniquely formulated and proven of using natural plant extracts to rejuvenate your skin with anti-aging effects for an immediate improvement on fine lines. Simply put, this mask would actually give you that slim and defined face you've always desired.

The mask is not like your usual mask with wet sheet and soggy, however, Miracle Lift mask is a gel-like mask. Once you put the mask on, you could feel a cooling effect around the neck, cheek and chin areas. It was advised that we have to put the on the mask for 8 hours long and no speaking nor eat during the mask treatment, which is a *bugger* lol. 
Well, it would be the same if you had the treatment while sleeping = same effect. 

I learnt alot througout the workshop. It was informative and fun at the same time. We girls have the same experience and excitement-to be SLIMMER without a sweat! It is still advisable to have a good body from a proper workout and a balanced diet! No pain, no gain GIRLS!

We were invited to have a tour at their latest exclusive boutique at Berjaya Times Square. The boutique is compacted with lots of lots of SHILLS product where it sometimes are not available at any SaSa outlets. 

Check out how helpful were the SAs.
Just to let you know girls, SHILLS is currently doing a promo on their Miracle Lift set for only RM168. If you are interested, you know where to get it! :)

I am happy that I could start blogging again. Now babes, Little Miss Smexy is back for more exclusive posts. <3

Spooky October - Allianz 1942 Halloween Event

Hey smexies! 

October is a meaningful month to me because we have Pinktober to create awareness on breast cancer - it's all about PINK literally for everything; and we have Halloween, where it's the time to squeeze our brain juice on funky costumes and makeups. It is also where we, makeup geeks LOVE to experiment new look without any barriers ;)

Speaking of creativity without barrier, Allianz is throwing an exclusive party for this coming Halloween in Klang Valley! They will bring spooky fun in a 300sq ft haunted path with 4 mysterious 'haunted' stations.  Be sure to be super creative because there will be 'Most Creative Halloween Costume Contest'! 

Well, it's time to throw a Dementor's kiss to your friends (if you know what I mean heehee) or dress up as a cracked porcelain doll. Get involved with your awesome bloggers for this haunting night for fun and creeps because this is an exclusive events for bloggers and invited guests only!

I am not sure what I will be dressed up as but likely to be a Female Titan from Attack on Titan? LOL. Maybe not, I might end up looking like the abnormal one :D Maybe a mysterious masquerade female that love to throw knifes on random people.

Maybe sugar skull skeleton, zombie or corpse look would be my ultimate choice! It requires a certain level of makeup skill and I would LOVE to challenge myself :) I will be busy creating certain Halloween looks on my close friends and I can't WAIT to show it to you!!

As holiday season approaches, Allianz Malaysia would like to share the importance of home security and carrying cash when we are away. You know how dangerous the world is! Do check out their services and products available here:

Any bloggers interested to attend this event,
please RSVP by contacting Vivien at or 012-5765633.

See you there! <3

KOJI Dolly Wink Blogger Workshop

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

Hello smexies!

When it comes to Dolly Wink, we all know that it is a BIG deal going on here. Most of us are familar with Dolly Wink, from the cute packaging of the products to Tsubasa Masuwaka, we all know that these are the essences of Dolly Wink - A famous cosmetics brand from Japan!

I am a big fan of Tsubasa Masuwaka's songs, really!

The workshop was held at Little Pantry, IOI Mall. I had no problem travelling as I am officially a Puchong girl HAHA. Anyway, the place had this kawaii pink ambience which matches with the whole Dolly Wink concept - Kawaii and Elegant.

What was the workshop all about? FALSIES of course! I just love wearing falsies because I do need help in eyelash department - I have fine lashes, and one more thing! I lost a section of eyelashes on my right upper eyelid ><

Did you know that Koji-honpo has 66 years of history and inspired by geisha back in those days? Those geisha used their own hair to weave false lashes. After a successfully commercializing false lashes, Koji-honpo has launched several falsies ranges in the market such as Spring Heart Series (beginners) and Dolly Wink(inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka). Koji Hopo false eyelashes are handmade and it takes 3 days to complete the whole process of producing a pair of falsies! 

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes
Koji introduced falsies testers that are available at Japan retail shops where the customers can 'try the lashes' with a eyelash handle. Normally we always imagine how do the eyelashes work on us without trying it but ended with a BIG disappointment right? But this would enable us to see whether the lashes fit us or not :)

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

Not only that, Koji also released an app named つけまカメラ, Tsumeka Camera where we could try out Koji Dolly Wink lashes virtually! (Available on Apps Store and Android). You can adjust the falsies position and the fun part is, the falsie would literally stick on your eyes and follow your face whenever you move. I hope it does make any sense to you lol

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

If Dolly Wink falsies are to OOTP, Koji-Hopo Lash Concierge is there to assist you in lashes department. Unlike dramatic gyaru inspired Dolly Wink falsies, Lash Concierge is designed for working professionals such as lawyers, teachers and even corporate people.

Lash Concierge can be used as daily eye false eyelashes, it's durable and long lasting. The fun part of Lash Conceirge range is that they introduce semi/half lashes for more natural look. Notice the percentage points on the packaging? The higher percentage of the lashes, the more natural it will be on your eyes. It was an exclusive opportunity for us to try out these lashes because

Koji-honpo will launch this range in October or November, preparing us for the upcoming festive season - Christmas!
Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

I was given an opportunity to try Lash Concierge in Pure Smile 01 - it is a pair of half lashes for daily use. The lashes are different than the one I normally use because the lashes are lightweight and soft. It is easy to apply and able to blend into my real lashes without looking too fake.

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes
Maybe I should go to Gyaru, should I? Let me know!
After the whole introduction of Koji-Honpo, the team was demonstrating the proper of applying false eyelashes. I thought what I did was correct but I was wrong - the falsies are delicate and I really need to be extra careful when it comes to these. Not that I always damage the lashes but it's just... you need to be a princess in applying Koij-Honpo false eyelashes haha!
Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes
As they were demonstrating the proper of applying falsies on Carolyn.
Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes
So many Koji products!! Ahhhhhh :D
There are several products I love on that day. Beside Dolly Wink, I love Koji Line Beat 24 hours Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner. It is similar with Dolly Wink eyeliner but Koji Line Beat is heavier, suitable for beginners who wants to achieve the cat eye look with better control.
Not only that, I am still a faithful fan of Dolly Wink
(psst, their mascaras are the bomb!)

I must say, this is a great experience for me to be a part of Koji Dolly Wink Blogger Workshop! I had a great time with my bloggie friends and trying out their products are JUST SO MUCH FUN! Thank you Butterfly Project Malaysia for inviting me to this wonderful event!

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

Summer Parties

Hello smexies!

Have you thought of traveling to other countries just for the sake of summer music festivals? I wasn't a big fan of music festivals, more specifically rave parties until I met my boyfriend. He started to introduced me to all sorts of techno music, Hardwell and Tiesto are his favourites. Getting familiar with the music was good but he insisted that I should attend to  dance-fests at Sepang because it had a better vibe in live than you know, popping your headphones to your ears. However, I can't just simply go to Sepang and party all night long because I have curfew. #Asianparentsftw

It sucks but I got to go to Swedish House Mafia's at Sunway in the beginning of 2013, I insisted that I should go because 1)It's only at Sunway 2)BEST OPPORTUNITY EVER, DUH! 3) I JUST LOVE SHM AND YOU SHOULD TO. Although the experience was not what I had in mind - note: it was mad packed with peeps and a girl's hair kept 'slapping' onto my face. 

Seriously, nobody like to taste your salty hair.

Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour KL

Anyway, have you heard of EDC and Tomorrowland? Those two were the biggest electronic dance festivals in the US and Europe respectively which held in every summer. I am keen to go to Tomorrowland because it's in Belgium which I would love to travel to Europe one day. Moreover, the festival is influenced by the fairtytale theme  - it doesn't make sense to me because I didn't know fairies love rave, shouldn't they prefer to glittery Disney songs? I don't know. 

Tomorrowland - Pinterest
Now that I think of it, maybe I could go to Tomorrowland because I can tumpang my friend's bf's crib at Switzerland. :P She sure would love the idea of me crashing into her boyfriend and her's summer. Maybe not that soon... I'm not working yet. After doing some research, it would costs roughly RM5k to RM10k to party for three days straight. Yesh, that is the price of life time experience!

Since I can't go there...yet, why not I gather some inspirational pictures and share it with you? I know many of them would spice up their outfit for the rave party but I'm kinda casual and laid back, I would prefer sneakers and shorts. Thanks to the weather in Malaysia, I think I'm pretty get used to the crowded place with HOT HOT HOT HOT weather. Just imagine walking in a crowded pasar malam, you guess it.

sweats... and it's good for losing your weight too.

That's all for now. I know this post is different than the usual ones, I just want to share the festivals with you.

Now tell me, are you a party animal? Which music festival would you like to attend?