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Astro On The Go #OlaBola


As I mentioned earlier in my blog, I will be attending some campuses along with Astro On The Go to enjoy the exciting afternoon with the students! The first campus I went was HELP University (where I studied for my degree programme), the weather was so hot but it didn’t stop the students to enjoy the fun of Astro On The Go campaign activities! I went to Sunway University the very next day and boy, it was so crowded! Many students were eager to know more about the AOTG app :D

Eskayvie: Redianze and I-Qids


Hello smexies, I was invited to attend a product launch from Eskayvie, a local brand that produces various health and beauty supplement which are designed to preserve and promote one’s health. I have to say that Eskayvie is a friendly brand because they introduced our community – Butterfly Project in the poster :)

XES Signature - The Zodiac Collection

Good day smexies!

In March, XES launched XES Signature - a new label which is intended to create more upscale look, with the elements of fun and glam! I was invited to attend XES Signature exclusive preview of its debut collection, 12 pairs of heels representing each zodiac. 

Hence, the introduction of The Zodiac Collection by XES! The debut collection preview event was held at Malaysia International Shoe Festival (MISF) 2014. 

[Ad] Get Ready for Malaysia Clothes Buffet

Good morning smexies!

The Malaysia Clothes Buffet is back! This is their third installment to bring great clothes to the feast for all on-the-go fashionistas!

Yeap, you heard me. ON-THE-GO.