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Have Some Baos at Random Food Store, Damansara Uptown


Raved by hipsters, minimalists and even radio announcers, Random Food Store is the latest Damansara Uptown latest eatery. The store comes with a fusion of East-Meet-West concept, where you get to enjoy the Chinese baos of Buncit-Bao-Bar and serenade yourself a cup of coffee, co-founded by Adly Azmi and Keith Koay (Malaysia Barista Champion 2016 & rank 16 at the World Barista Championship 2016).



It’s all started when my family found the perfect spot to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary in a juicilicous way – Korean BBQ of course!

[#CoffeeHop] Miss Coffee & Toast


Look! Spotted a bistro which has the similar name of my blog. ^^

Of high tea and love...

Hello smexies!

I am going to blog about non-beauty related stuff, it is actually a special post for my boyfriend and I... We have been together for almost five years but seldom go out for a fancy meal nor vacation, I would say because we both are still students.

Few months back I was stumbled upon Groupon Malaysia and I saw Teaffani Patisserie, Fahrenheit 88 offered a high tea for two for only RM29.00 instead of RM59.80. I immediately called up my boyfriend and told him about this deal, we both agreed that we should celebrate and enjoy our semester break after our exams. Since he likes pastries and I am a fan of high tea, we decided to bought this deal!

And now, we had the chance to use this deal! 
We ordered Earl Grey, my favourite! 

I just love English high tea setting because it is just sweet!  We expected to have three tier set up but heck, it was still an enjoyable meal! The waiter was friendly and professional at the same time, it is just like in any Japanese butlet concept cafe (I've never been there but I would love to!).
For me: Scone with strawberry jam, macarons and a slice of cake!
I am so happy that I could spent a lovely day with my boyfriend after a long fight with assignments and exams! I had a thought that I should throw a birthday party here with my close friends because the ambiance and food are just so good!


Bloggers day out

Hello my smexy friends!
 Finally the whole assignment thinggy is over, I can focus on my blog once again! 

Today was a fun day with Kim Tam from Test & Share, a blogger who loves to share amazing beauty products with her readers. Go check her blog out if you haven't! Kim came to Klang Valley for a beauty event, since she was here we planned to have a lunch together.

While waiting for her in Gardens Mall, I walked around and snapped some photos. Photography is my hobby and I love to take great photos with my faithful Olympus E-PL3 (I want to upgrade my lens but it is so freaking expensive!). I would say I enjoyed taking random pictures, it relaxes my mind... all thanks to the assignments zzz

Unique looking lamps hanging in the mall.
The mall is full of people on Labour Day

We met up at Yuzu Restaurant, a famous casual Japanese cuisine restaurant. It was my first time there, always pass by the restaurant frequently but never have the chance to try out their food. I was really excited to eat there, my favourite cuisine would always be Japanese. :p

Here are some short food porn:

Yuzu Sukiyaki Beef Udon set
Yuzu Gindara set

Kim and I, we are happy customers!
After having our heavy lunch (worth the price! in my case), we jalan-jalan around the mall. Initially we hunted for CLEO limited box just because of the Lanvin Me perfume, Kim was 'star-struck' to Sweet Mochi, a stall that sells delicious Japanese mochi. She bought three pieces and now, I am kinda regret. I should get a box of mochi~

mochi~~ green tea~~

Anyway, look what we got here! We ended up spending most of our time in Jelly Bunny, they sell cute affordable shoes made out of jelly. Just kidding, it is NOT edible. The shoes are super affordable, we bought  these babies for only RM29 per pair!
Guess whose leg are these!
It was a nice meet up with Kim, we should have a small lunch or mini gathering with other bloggers (some ffk XD). Wouldn't be that fun!? 

Before ending the post, here's my vain look of the day! 

I would love to have a small meet up with fellow bloggers share crazy thoughts! What do you think?


Interesting Chinese New Year Gift

My parents bought an interesting Chinese New Year gift from Jaya Grocery few days back. It's called '食乜糊'. In Cantonese 食糊 (Sheek Woo) it means winning in Mahjong game. 食乜糊 (Sheek Mutt Woo) on other hand means 'Are you sure you win the game?' or 'How do you win the game?'

The box is printed with the names of winning games such as 大四喜,清一色, 大三元,etc... I am clueless in Mahjong I couldn't differentiate the winning options of the game! >< I only know 碰
The box comes with a cute little note explaining the mahjong is actually made up with pineapple tarts!
And this is how it looks like! So cute right, it looks exactly like Mahjong! But we can eat it, it's sungguh yummeh!

Dear Mahjong players, can you tell me what kind of Mahjong I'm having here? I have no idea what this called, is it 大三元?

I really love interesting food packaging because it is 1)cute 2)interesting 3)how it relates to us! If you have friends who are a mahjong addict, this would be an ideal gift for them! For those who are celebrating Chinese New year, I would like to wish you to have a prosperous New Year with luck and health and also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 


Burger-licious, so delicious

I'm not a burger person but I made a deal with my boyfie last Saturday - to have burger with him for dinner! +Wondermilk was having a The Mighty Burger Fest in one of their outlets, Damansara Uptown.

The Chuck Norris burger was quite a challenge to me, one of my friend came up to me and mentioned that eating 'Chuck Norris' is impossibru because nobody could finishing Chuck Norris up *except for Bruce Lee, WHAA-CHAA* Challenge accepted.

I had daily-wear makeup with me for the dinner, I'm obsessed with eyeliner because it makes my eyes bigger. I have Asian eyes 'cuz I'm ASIAN *still, I love my crazy-tired-looking-eyes* I had to become the driver of the day because my boyfie had injured his knee during his futsal match (noob will always be noob XD, no cure)
Enjoying sunset view while waiting for boyfie 
When we got there, the place was fulled of people and the smell of burgers. We ordered Chuck Norris and Zombie burgers since the names were interesting. I had to become his so-called 'waitress' of the day too, I had to ambil the ketchup, burgers, and etc. all he did was giving me was a 'not impressed' face when the restaurant was out of chili sauce.

Behold, Chuck Norris is making his way to my tummy! lolwut

After omm nom nom-ed the burgers, I decided to drive back to Puchong just for chocolate lava cake, also known as 心太软 at Tong Pak Fu! I insisted to have it before calling it a day because I'd been craving for it for such a long time!
His and my dessert of the night!

It was nice to spend an evening with him occasionally, we seldom go out for food hunting as we are busy with our studies. He has his exams and I have my Student Council to manage, we just cannot find one day to meet up. However, we do sms each other everyday just to kepoh and butt in about our daily life, mostly talk crap, seriously crap.

I hope you enjoy reading my non-beauty related post, more of like my kepoh life. :D

Penang For Two

It's great to go back to Penang once in awhile to escape the hectic life in the city. The food and friends, it's something that I wouldn't give up for. Boyfie was nice enough to promise me that he would take me with him for an escape after his finals and there I was, Penang!

The island is still incredible after five years. Roads are still remained the same, however tonnes of developments are increasing in that small small island. To my surprise, the view of the beautiful highway by the beach has be replaced with new sky rise buildings. I am no longer can experience the beautiful sea view. #sad

Anyway, we spent three days there to meet up friends and enjoy the good food. We went to Straits Quay at night for some beers with boyfie's friends. Many friends of mine keep on telling me that I have to go to The Library for the beautiful scenery. They are right, the place is built with British Colonies concept and it is actually a marina for sailing yachts.

We also went to Kek Lok Si Temple for sightseeing. I have been waiting for this moment to use my camera for a good use. Kek Lok Si Temple aka 'Temple of Supreme Bliss' was built in 1890 and it has become a famous tourism spot in Penang. I always want to take a good photo at there but my tripod isn't helping me at all, it is too short and I couldn't manage to take the whole Kek Lok Si temple.

All of these pictures at Kek Lok Si temple with the help of my little tripod. #success

The food at Penang is... wait for it... awesome! Boyfie and I really took the opportunity to drive around the island for good food. It's just that we didn't have much time for our main priority: food hunting! But that might be a good thing, at least none of us are getting fatter! HAHA!

Har mee aka Prawn Mee
Penang Curry Mee
New Lane, Penang

It had been quite a journey for me to have a great escape with boyfie. I realised that without him, I might not be in Penang for good food and friends. Fate is there, they said. :)

Thank you! :D


Authentic Japanese Food

I just found the good place for Japanese food in Klang Valley, Komura Japanese Cuisine Restaurant. It is located in Corus Hotel KL (slightly opposite of Suria KLCC). It serves authentic Japanese food with traditional Japanese interior design concept, which gives you the ooopm-oishii factor.

I was surprised with their traditional concept in this place, it is absolutely beautiful. We decided to order some ala carte and sets so we could share together. The price range of this place is quite reasonable compared with other exquisite Japanese cuisines in hotels around Klang Valley.

tempura moriawase
chawan munshi
teppanyaki seafood

I just love my Sukiyaki, the taste of the soup is simply delicious. The sweetness of the soup is what authentic Sukiyaki is all about! Beside that, the customer service is absolutely wonderful. The waiters and waitress wear Japanese traditional clothes, walking and serving politely to the customers with the smile on their faces. It is seldom to see the waiters wear their traditional clothes, I used to go to a Japanese Restaurant in a hotel located at Sungai Petani, Kedah and their services and foods are excellent! and that was 15 years ago lol.

I would recommend this restaurant for those who are picky on Japanese food. They have a room on tatami filled with 18-20 people. Hek Hek Hek… Checking on my calendar now, Owh! July is coming eh. :D

Come to Komura and see it for yourself. Whether is it bad or good, it is worth to try new things right?