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Summer Parties

Hello smexies!

Have you thought of traveling to other countries just for the sake of summer music festivals? I wasn't a big fan of music festivals, more specifically rave parties until I met my boyfriend. He started to introduced me to all sorts of techno music, Hardwell and Tiesto are his favourites. Getting familiar with the music was good but he insisted that I should attend to  dance-fests at Sepang because it had a better vibe in live than you know, popping your headphones to your ears. However, I can't just simply go to Sepang and party all night long because I have curfew. #Asianparentsftw

It sucks but I got to go to Swedish House Mafia's at Sunway in the beginning of 2013, I insisted that I should go because 1)It's only at Sunway 2)BEST OPPORTUNITY EVER, DUH! 3) I JUST LOVE SHM AND YOU SHOULD TO. Although the experience was not what I had in mind - note: it was mad packed with peeps and a girl's hair kept 'slapping' onto my face. 

Seriously, nobody like to taste your salty hair.

Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour KL

Anyway, have you heard of EDC and Tomorrowland? Those two were the biggest electronic dance festivals in the US and Europe respectively which held in every summer. I am keen to go to Tomorrowland because it's in Belgium which I would love to travel to Europe one day. Moreover, the festival is influenced by the fairtytale theme  - it doesn't make sense to me because I didn't know fairies love rave, shouldn't they prefer to glittery Disney songs? I don't know. 

Tomorrowland - Pinterest
Now that I think of it, maybe I could go to Tomorrowland because I can tumpang my friend's bf's crib at Switzerland. :P She sure would love the idea of me crashing into her boyfriend and her's summer. Maybe not that soon... I'm not working yet. After doing some research, it would costs roughly RM5k to RM10k to party for three days straight. Yesh, that is the price of life time experience!

Since I can't go there...yet, why not I gather some inspirational pictures and share it with you? I know many of them would spice up their outfit for the rave party but I'm kinda casual and laid back, I would prefer sneakers and shorts. Thanks to the weather in Malaysia, I think I'm pretty get used to the crowded place with HOT HOT HOT HOT weather. Just imagine walking in a crowded pasar malam, you guess it.

sweats... and it's good for losing your weight too.

That's all for now. I know this post is different than the usual ones, I just want to share the festivals with you.

Now tell me, are you a party animal? Which music festival would you like to attend?

Swedish House Mafia -One Last Tour KL

On the 18th January 2013, I just went for my first rave by Swedish House Mafia at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, it was truly magical because I got to experience what rave was all about! It was only my boyfriend and I for this party because some of our friends couldn't make it.
My FOTD for the night!
I decided to wear light makeup without foundation because it will be all sweaty and stuff. Instead, I mixed my liquid concealer and moisturizer for a light base, it is something similar with tinted moisturizer. My eyes was just a simple cat eye with gold glitter on top of it, giving it a disco ball look HAHA, I even purposely bought Essence waterproof mascara to avoid having panda eyes after the event! As for the lips, I used Forever 21 Love & Beauty sheer lip gloss in Red. The lip gloss is actually pretty good, it is not sticky but could last really long! (Forever 21 is currently having promo, buy 3 for only RM15!). With a bun updo, I was ready for the party!

I was kind of regret for not having any drinks before the party, I couldn't get my groove on. lol. Again, the drinks in the concert wasn't that worth (could be slightly more expensive) and my boyfriend doesn't drink. urgh, good guy indeed. As we were in the crowd, I had experience what jemdahunk described on party people's dance moves. Around of us, there were typical 'the chicken', 'the double pump' and 'the fist pump' behind me - my boyfriend. And in front of me, there was a girl who was 'the space huggers', she danced and her hair keeps on masuk my mouth LOLOLOLOL I was like 'EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW' I can't dance, all I did was covering my mouth and 'hoolahoop' -.- 
and don't forget, they were plenty 'pok pok' and 'the problematic' LOLOLOL... which one were you on that day?

One thing I really dislike in the party is that... PEOPLE, STOP WALKING AROUND AND INTERRUPTING OUR DANCING WOII Seriously! I mean, come on! When SHM was blasting the most climax part and we went insane, some people would just walked pass me -______- Man, I had to stop dancing just to let you pass... Potong stim betul HAHA Not good lar, the next time you wanna come for a concert, be punctual! unless you got sick lar, you can be excused LOL

Apart from that, the party was REALLY good! Too bad this is the last time we could saw them together (or not, I heard that they will be having a big tour again in August)! Were you there that night? How was it?


Fantasy Night

Hey there lovelies, I am still in 'kupo' mood because I'd attended two live performances based on Final Fantasy video games =) Read here for my previous experience with Distant Worlds!

This time, I bumped onto this concert through Facebook events. Excited I was, I quickly shared this with my friends who apparently are avid fans of Final Fantasy, literally! Moreover, it was a great time for me to celebrate assignments-over-celebration! The performance took place at The Venue, Pavilion where different artists gather and perform. I didn't know this Venue EVER existed until I was there... 'cause it's really difficult to find the hidden gems of musicians and performers.
Amanda and me: over excited pretty much, I guess
Ladies night! =P

I found myself in giggling situation throughout the performance, Asahi was there! My favourite beer of all time! I wasn't sure I should get myself an alcoholic drink because I WAS the driver that night and I did not want to risk my life for that (and it was NIGHT time!). However, after some consideration (and the persuasiveness of the waitress, telling me that they are having Happy Hour promotion), I decided to get Asahi, that wasn't so bad larh.

But please, do not LEARN it from me. Please. Don't.

Anyway, while we were chatting around waiting for the performance to start. There was a glimpse of a girl in Furisode inspired costume with an iconic rod walking around the area, instantly ALL of us were SUPER excited and fangirling because YUNA was in the building! 
Lucky for her, she got a private shot with Yuna!
Back to the show, the whole Final Fantasy tribute gig was performed by Strawhat Mages Production for the love of the master mind in Final Fantasy OST, Nobuo Uematsu, along with TEMJIN and Harmonia ACG as guest performers. With all the blended Japanese culture in one night, I literally want to migrate to Japan for good. lol -.-

Huei Chan aka Yuna performing ^.^ She sang well that day!
I also recorded several videos during the shows, maybe you could watch it here! :D

and the encore :P 

I would say that the night was superb, it was indeed my first time going for a local gig show. I love gigs unfortunately I do not know where do the gigs perform. OWHH!! Check out this video, it's not from me but the performance is utterly passionately awesome! I was so happy when they performed Passion from Kingdom Hearts aka the-easiest-RPG-in-my-life.

Thank you so much for bringing out the awesomness of performances! =]

What do you think about the whole performance based on the videos? Let me know!