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2014 #Christmas Special: Gingerbread man Bake & Deco Workshop


Hello smexies!

Christmas is around the corner and definitely the time for us to prep up with all sorts of decoration – we have the jolly hat, red Santa and Santarina suit, Rudolph cute headbands, but how about in this year round we celebrate with heart-warming home baked Gingerbread Man cookies?

Trust me, your love ones would certainly appreciate your effort *wink!

Interesting Chinese New Year Gift

My parents bought an interesting Chinese New Year gift from Jaya Grocery few days back. It's called '食乜糊'. In Cantonese 食糊 (Sheek Woo) it means winning in Mahjong game. 食乜糊 (Sheek Mutt Woo) on other hand means 'Are you sure you win the game?' or 'How do you win the game?'

The box is printed with the names of winning games such as 大四喜,清一色, 大三元,etc... I am clueless in Mahjong I couldn't differentiate the winning options of the game! >< I only know 碰
The box comes with a cute little note explaining the mahjong is actually made up with pineapple tarts!
And this is how it looks like! So cute right, it looks exactly like Mahjong! But we can eat it, it's sungguh yummeh!

Dear Mahjong players, can you tell me what kind of Mahjong I'm having here? I have no idea what this called, is it 大三元?

I really love interesting food packaging because it is 1)cute 2)interesting 3)how it relates to us! If you have friends who are a mahjong addict, this would be an ideal gift for them! For those who are celebrating Chinese New year, I would like to wish you to have a prosperous New Year with luck and health and also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 


Valentine's Day: Of simple and special

I am grateful enough to have a nice boyfriend for three years and it keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Our Valentine's celebration is pretty much average, no wine and lavish food, just an average dinner at our local Italian restaurant and spent whole afternoon in Pavilion. It is just like a normal outing where I can get into book store (usual) to hunt some books and bodek him to get me loose powder as Valentine's Day present. Chilling in a Japanese coffee shop, En Ginza with cute doraemon latte and a bowl of Udon. 

Doraemon latte art


Boyfriend was trying to understand my course more lol

Just like what we do in normal weekends :)

To tell the truth, I am not kind of girl who fancy over Valentine's Day. I do not really want to have expensive dinner on that day itself as both of us are still students, our allowances are kinda constrained. Unlike some other girls who really cannot deal the fact that their boyfriends couldn't pay their super expensive meals at high end restaurants (I am not joking, some girls ARE like that, God knows why). 

Little Italy Restaurant, Puchong
That's me

Well, wine and ribs on Valentine's Day are not a big deal at all, we can have ribs like any other days. Usually, restaurants which come out with Vday dinner sets are really suck big time because they do not prepare the food decently. I have tried once (wayyyyyy before when I was single with family lol) and yes, it was suck. I tweeted about the flower my boyfriend bought for me on our Valentine's Day and how fast the flower will die, Aki Borneo immediately replied me: no, not the flower to see, the people who give em.. Ha ha ha.. :D.. That's one will sure tahan lama.. :p . Which is funny and true! I somehow truly agreed with him!

As we look in different angles, Valentine's Day is just a day to remember our special people, regardless of couple or family and friends. My dad was so nice he purposely bought a Valentine's cake for all of us (surprise!) from Levain on that day itself. 

It was so nice of dad to get a Vday cake for us all!

On that day itself, the Tuesday of Valentine's Day. Boyfriend has classes to attend and I read my favourite story book at home. We only went out for late supper just for the sake of Vday and we were supposed to go to Starbucks but ended up at Wong Kok Restaurant because it is cheaper and fuller lol.

Around 10pm, we had heavy supper aiyoyo ><

It doesn't matter what we did, went on Valentine's Day. The most important thing is to remind us how special we are to someone (friends or family). :3

PS: tomorrow will be my turn to get him a Vday+Birthday+Xmas pressie!
Kiamsiap girlfriend XD

Ainaa's birthday

Presenting Ainaa, the birthday girl who had her wish came true having a meal at Dreamz Bakery, The Strand Kota Damansara. It was my first time driving alone to Kota Damansara from my far far away land, thank goodness I was able to find this cute little concept cafe!

The girl with the big smile on her face!
The place has this kind of a new concept interior design which emphasize on the cosiness of the shop, with cute drawings. I bet most of the girls love this place so much! Dreamz Bakery actually do have custom made cakes for all cake lovers out there for their birthdays, weddings, anything you can name it they will do it.

The concept

The interior

Let's check out the cakes here,

Layer cake
How cute is that plate! I wonder where they get these plates cuz I wanna get it as well! Ainaa ordered her favourite cake in this shop, she told us that it tastes yummy :3

I ordered tiramisu. The texture is creamy (very good) but the taste is somehow...disappointed me. It is just a regular tiramisu in most shops and somehow pH tiramisu is much tastier than this. I am suck in describing food but this just does not fancy me at all. 3: For rating, myabe 3 out of 5.

Hello Kitty Almond cookies
But one thing DID fancy me was Hello Kitty almond cookies, the biscuit has a strong almond taste and crunchy too :) I bought one packet of the cookies ended up Scotty ate it all. Sighh... My dog is not a dog, he is the prince of the house. 

Cute stamps!
The fun part of this cafe is that you can write some cute messages for your friends or hang it up on their walls. GIRLS LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TO HAVE THIS KIND OF ACTIVITY, I am one of them and I am wondering why... 

Ainaa and her card

My random made card, the massage goes:
To everyone here, Hello & Bye Bye!

Group shot with my friends :3
We really had a great time chatting about things, from education to horror stories and Yuri/Yaoi. Thank goodness none of us are Yuri/Yaoi fans, lol. The best thing about this is that I get to meet them tomorrow with another new episode of fun fun fun and.....assignments. ><


Big Boy 22

Big boy is finally 22 now. After three years of planning, he got to celebrate his birthday in all-HIGH mode! =) I am just happy for him. We celebrated his 22nd at Mist Club, Bangsar and it was huge. I have not been to a club in two years and this is what I had became, a newbie to clubs. I am a goodie goodie good girl, I shall tell you why.

You see, my parents are strict, super duper strict, they would not let me go to clubs if I do not have a reason. I personally not a huge fan of clubs so they should be happy instead. I only go to clubs when there will be events or happenings, other than that... I refuse to go. 

Anyway, this is my boyfriend's birthday celebrate and I just cannot say no, it is his moment LOL. I seek for my parents' permission and they let, with one condition: they will be the one who will send me home. *BAM* Not only that, I have to be home before 1am. DAYUMMMMMM. 

Luckily my boyfriend was okay with it. How he cannot accept with it ha? But some of my friends were not happy about this. Oh forget it, we had so much fun anyway! The best thing about this celebration: everyone attended to his big day, which made my boy cried (just saying, hopefully he didn't get to read this). Haha!

Truth is, I got to get back home by 2am! Parents were late because they couldn't find the place HAHAHA! I don't know why Mist club really susah nak cari, I think it's because of the name, MISTERI/MYSTERY mahh... Maybe yes maybe no lolollll

That is my drunk look boyfie but he is not drunk at all. He just looks like one. BAHAHA.

ahhhh~finally a post after long hiatus.

Vivi's big 21 =)

Tuzki Bunny EmoticonHello loyal readers, I know that you must be checking out my dead blog for a week. I am so sorry for that, I am not only rushing for studies and assignments, however club meetings this time. Yupe, the emoticon beside this describing my current situation. =]

After the long hours of meetings for weeks, my BEAClub had finally done our first ever activity: a visit to orphanage home in Kepong area last Saturday. The activity seems easy to be managed but not for us, most of us are just first year student and have no idea what to do with the procedures. Haha, at least we learnt something from this activity. I might post about this once I got all the photos from our members. 

Also on the very last Saturday after visiting the orphanage home, I rushed back home (nearly evening) after dropped one of our members at the nearest LRT Station for my closest National Service friend, Vivian aka Vivi. =D We knew each other on the first day of camp, I can't miss her big day of course! Moreover, some of my NS friends attended the party and yesh! Gathering!! =}

Matthew, the white face in our group had baked a birthday cake for Vivian and it looked super nice and tasted effing delicious!!

This is the guy and guess what?
He is a baker now, how unpredictable!
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Words cannot describe how was the birthday party, seriously! We have not been met for nearly three years but we were still like old times, gathered around and started to chitchat like nobody business. Ahhh... good times and who says NS sucks? NS is the best experience I ever had!

Just ignore us, we were just being ourselves!

Being TWO and ONE


A gift from my brother.

Celebrated my birthday with my very close friends at Italianese, The Curve for just a simple dinner. All of us shared the same laughter, especially with Martin's typical jokes, he always good at that.

Purposely went to Levain to purchase this Criollo Arabica.
A layer of Almond Sponge soaked in Espresso syrup, Ganache and Coffee Buttercream.

We are forming a pyramid!

The girls =)

The guys

My closest friends 

BF and I, finally we can take a nice picture =)

Note: Watch it in HD (720p)

I almost forget that Italianese offers this service, which made me so embarrassing. Oh well, it will be a memorable day for me =)