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Mamonde: The Brand That Might Change The Game of Korean Beauty in Malaysia

There are so many innovation of Korean beauty products recently, from the creation of BB creams and cushions, the trend has indeed invaded the beauty scene in Malaysia! In fact, I have switched my Japanese skin care brand to Laneige or Sulhwasoo (depending on my skin needs) and it is a delighted experience to me.


Amore Pacific, the giant Korean beauty products corporation, ie “The Estee Lauder of Asia” has announced that Mamonde is set to Malaysia shores in August! Interestingly, Mamonde is the leading global premium cosmetic brand that offers skin care, make up products to suits women’s daily needs. “Inspired by flowers”, Mamonde is a brand that inspires famine beauty with flowers through its flower science technology.



Finding the right shade with Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup


Whoah, look at the long title but it worth it. Why? Because I finally found the right shade for my skin tone all thanks to Butterfly Malaysia and Estee Lauder.

Last month, I was invited as one of the butterfly to discover the right shade for my skin tone with Estee Lauder’s friendly beauty advisor at ISETAN KLCC. I always have problem in finding the right foundation with no proper consultation at all. You know how it’s like when you are a makeup store alone and none of the BA attend to you (they must be too busy something), all you can do is apply a few swatches and choose the one that most suitable to your skin eh? After that, when you’re back home and oh boy, it doesn’t match to your skin tone at all! #wastemoney

That happens to me every single time when I’m looking for foundation.


Pimp My Chu Lip

Can you imagine life without lip balm? I know, it sucks -  especially when I have to experience those painful chapped lips moment. You know it feels like, right? But wait a minute, which lip balm should you have?

Hmmm… How about Chu Lip?


2014 #Christmas Special: Gingerbread man Bake & Deco Workshop


Hello smexies!

Christmas is around the corner and definitely the time for us to prep up with all sorts of decoration – we have the jolly hat, red Santa and Santarina suit, Rudolph cute headbands, but how about in this year round we celebrate with heart-warming home baked Gingerbread Man cookies?

Trust me, your love ones would certainly appreciate your effort *wink!

Eskayvie: Redianze and I-Qids


Hello smexies, I was invited to attend a product launch from Eskayvie, a local brand that produces various health and beauty supplement which are designed to preserve and promote one’s health. I have to say that Eskayvie is a friendly brand because they introduced our community – Butterfly Project in the poster :)

High tea session with Butterfly Project Malaysia

Hello smexies, care for a tea?

ANTM x GUESS rocks fans at The Butter Factory

GUESS   ANTM 5 Finalists

Hey there smexies!

Last week was a dazzling night as America’s Next Top Model finalists – Jourdan Miller, Marvin Cortes, Cory Hindross, Renee Bhagwadeen and Chris  rocked KL at The Butter Factory.

[Butterfly Project] Review: MrLens Malaysia

Good day smexies! 

I'm sure most of us are indeed loving those dazzling contact lens that would make a gorgeous accessories to our eyes. Yours truly is a fan of contact lens, specifically normal contact lens because it is hard to get colour lens which can be used for normal and astigmatism (I have astigmatism on my left eye only *bummer*) . Normally I would opt to get my contact lens from optical shop because it's safer compared with any accessories shop and online. It's crucial to get the authentic contact lens product because our eyes are extremely IMPORTANT!

I always wish that my new contact lens can straight away arrive at my doorstep with just a click away. My wish just came true because last month, I was selected as one of the butterflies of Butterfly Project Malaysia to shop at an online optical hub  - MrLens Malaysia.

Acpuris Journey #2: am and pm

Hey smexies!

Finally I am back to blogger world... After months of my university Gala Night preparation, finally we have pulled off the event successfully. I was assigned to negotiate with sponsors and assisting my president in every aspects. With all the stress and lack of sleep, my dear pimples popped out and waved 'Hello!!' to me.


Many people suffer from acne because it tends to cause psychological effect on people, it causes mental stress from teasing and also physical stress. Everybody wants to have a flawless and radiant face that may be important for their jobs and also giving a good impression to their love interest. Unfortunately with this acne issue, we would suffer from social withdrawal and feeling unwanted because of our looks.

The full range of ACPURIS skin care (from left):
1. ACPURIS Mild Purifying Cleanser | RM113
2. ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion | RM149
3. ACPURIS Spot Corrector | RM113
4. ACPURIS Balance Control Milk Lotion | RM159
5. ACPURIS Balance Control Skin Toner | RM159      Total: RM693

After having a consultation with ACPURIS team, I started to use the basic three in the morning. You might have guessed the basic three would be cleanser, toner and lotion right? WRONG! Instead, ACPURIS recommends to use cleanser, sebum control emulsion and spot corrector. ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion is used to control the oil on our face in the preventing in having oily skin throughout the day.

Morning Routine to prepare my skin for the day
Cleanser | Sebum control emulsion | Spot Corrector
After a long day of battling with studies and the polluted environment, my skin needs to be pampered as much as possible. I will always use all the range from cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sebum control emulsion to spot corrector to erase all those nasty acne problems! *fighting* Even though it is recommended to use the full range, I sometime feel so lazy and I would tend to skip few products.

Before zzz
cleanser | toner | moisturizer | sebum control | spot corrector
Andd ahh hah! Just because I did not take care of my skin properly, I have a slight acne issue on my usual problematic areas: nose and chin. That's why it is really IMPORTANT to take care of your skin, don't be a lazy bum just like me!

So right now, I've been starting to use the full range of ACPURIS and I just love using their moisturizer because one pump is enough to cover the whole face and neck with patting motion. Also, ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion is a water gel base product that is useful in oil control and leaving our face matte and fresh! One thing is awesome that I have less greasy face even 6 hours after the application.

I have a feeling that ACPURIS would fulfill the needs of my problematic face. I would love to say thank you to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for giving me this opportunity to review and improve my face condition with ACPURIS.

Stay tuned to my next ACPURIS because I can't wait to share my experience with you, smexies! ;P

Review: Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

You know what I hate? Hot weather.
You know what I love? Cool weather.

Sorry smexies, I literally could not take the heat anymore here! It's freaking hot omfg.  Like today, I woke up at 10am and straight preparing myself with makeup and stuff. When I reached my car..... my makeup was starting to melt, seriously! The weather was so bad, it rained but it was still hot after the rain!

Luckily, I have Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cool Mask with me. I received this mask way longgg before but I just didn't have the time to blog about it. Whenever I have new product, I always use it before reviewing it. I don't know why but I just loveee to use the product first. Hence, I've been using two of these masks before reviewing. Luckily I still keep one with me for this review purpose. 

My dream is to be like ViVi models one day.
It's true, don't laugh!

I just love the quality of TT mask, it isn't the same with other Taiwanese brands. I love the fact that their pulp sheets always adhere much better! way better!

The size of the mask fits me perfectly and it gives cooling effect to my face. However, the minty effect is way too cool for me. It's like having Cool Fever on your whole face! Well, I couldn't use to it first but gradually, it was pretty bearable.

That's the whole point of the mask - cooling!

Check out my relaxing face. huh. what do you think about my eyelashes?

After 20 minutes of usage, my face is moisturized with the essence of the mask. Moreover, I'm wayyyy more relax now while typing this post! and much hydrated! It doesn't give much brightening effect on my face but hey! at least the cooling effect help me a lot in this badd weather!

and I have a glowing and radiant face now! *sparkle sparkle*

1. The adhesive of the mask is superb!
2. I believe that the essence is fully absorb into my skin within 20 minutes. Proof: the mask dries off in 20 minutes
3. The mask fits my face perfectly!! 

1. It's too cool for me. *I sound like a non popular kid*
2. Price maybe? It's RM8.00 per sheet!
3. It's inconvenient for those who wants to purchase the mask offline.

Will I repurchase this product? Despite with the price, the quality of the mask is just absolutely amazing! I have been using many different brands but most of them dries off completely in 5 minutes and does not provide strong adhesive! It's kind expensive for me but the result is good!

Have you tried TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask? What was your experience?

 TT Mask Facebook:

Financial compensation was not received for this post. A product was gifted from Timeless Truth Malaysia. Opinions expressed here are my own.

Butterfly Project Spa Party

Hey smexies!

I'm so sorry that I did not blog about a spa party organized by Butterfly Project, a beauty blogger community based in Malaysia. I hope you guys don't mind :) I have never been to spa at all, I always want spend my relaxation with my mom but she always busy with work.

Thank goodness for Butterfly Project, the team decided to throw a spa party for all beauty bloggers. It was held at Posh! nail spa at TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.

The event was filled with girly decoration, purple balloons were everywhere and we were told to wear bathrobe to enjoy the relaxation. It was fun because it was packed with fun activities such as fashion runway by Pink N' Proper and a few amazing beauty bloggers.
I managed to capture five, forgive me ]=
Moreover, Ayna decided to throw an unplugged performance with her cute ukulele. How I wish I could have it but.... I am clueless when it comes to guitar, I should probably stick to my pink piano then.

Check out the awesome gifts Pyramid Butterfly!
I believe that great food is critical for a successful party. Thanks to Good Friends Cafe team, they managed to bring out cute and delicious food for us!

I really have no idea how to write this blog because there are too many things to share! haha... To be honest, I enjoyed the part when I got to have pedicure with several bbloggers.

We sure know how to party like a rock star!The girls and I had great time trying out the awesome Fotobox because it was seriously FUN.

 We were crazy and I know it!

Overall it was a fun event for all bbloggers. However, I did not have enough time enjoy all the activities because of the time constraint. It's okay because the most important part of this party was to enjoy to the fullest with other beauty bloggers. That's what a community all about, right!?

Our gifts from the organizer and sponsors
Oh yeah! I want to say a big thank you to Tammy for bringing out the best party ever! I truly believe that all bloggers/vloggers enjoyed with these fun filled activities. Not only that, without these amazing collaborators and volunteers, Butterfly Project's Spa Party would not be successful at all!

  1. Posh! Nail Spa
  2. Good Friends Cafe
  3. Aspen Spa
  4. Fotobox
  5. Tres Chic Party Planner
  6. The Body Shop Malaysia
  7. so Soft. JOHNSONS
  8. Havaianas Malaysia
  9. Pink N' Proper
  10. TT Mask Malaysia
  11. Only Beauty
  12. Signoria by Salvatore Ferragamo

I hope this party brings a lot of laughter among the bloggers because I am pretty sure I was having FUN with other crazy bloggers! You know who you are! Thank you once again to Butterfly Project for organizing this spa party! Do hope that I will have another fun ride with you all in future events!

My Havaianas Experience

Good day smexies! Guess what, I joined a blog contest by Butterfly Project conjunction with Havaianas Malaysia and I won a pair of Havaianas flip flops! To tell the truth, I actually submitted this contest few minutes before the deadline without thinking, I thought that it is necessary to join this contest in order to score a pass to Butterfly Project's Spa Party! 

*flip table*

Anyway, since boyfie is away from Kuala Lumpur. Lucky for him, he got to enjoy the beach in Kuantan while I went to the concrete jungle to redeem my Havaianas flip flops! (Pavilion lar!) Frankly speaking, I do enjoy shopping alone because there's no one to stop me from spending my moolah away! Whenever my boyfriend is around, he would be like 'No, you have that already'; 'Can we go for a movie? That way you can't spend any money on unnecessary things'. Oh really, he meant it that way!

So many series to choose!
Check out the prints! #Swag
I chose Havaianas Slim Sand Grey  because it reflects my fair feet! I was choosing either to go with black or sand grey. Black is definitely the ultimate choice because it matches with anything I wear, it is just versatile. However, the colour is too common in the market. Thus, sand grey is second best colour I could go for. Pink in other hand is too striky! Even though it's cute but when it comes to mix and match.... I can't imagine it. 

After redeemed this pair of fabulous flip flops, I hop to Chatime for a good old Mango Green Tea! Life is so good when no one is there to stop me to do ANYTHING! Hehehehehehe...