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[FIRST] Blogger Babes Asia Launched in Kuala Lumpur!

Blogging has been part of my life since high school but now after years and years of struggling to maintain my beauty blog, I really need #majorhelp. I tried to fork out my time to do blogging but the content is always the struggling part. What am I supposed to blog? Everybody is somehow blogging the same trend, where is my standpoint? What is so unique about my blog?

Let’s make it official: I’m total lost in my blog identity, or my identity as a blogger.
Thank goodness I signed up Blogger Babes Asia Launch where it’s partnership with clozette x Blogger Babes, the community helps to strengthen a blogger’s portfolio to an actual social influencer. I really need supports plus, it was a great event to meet fellow bloggers. *Which I have not met for a longgg while*

I was in the mood to get dressed up – it was all about looking polished and fresh

High tea session with Butterfly Project Malaysia

Hello smexies, care for a tea?

Spooky October - Allianz 1942 Halloween Event

Hey smexies! 

October is a meaningful month to me because we have Pinktober to create awareness on breast cancer - it's all about PINK literally for everything; and we have Halloween, where it's the time to squeeze our brain juice on funky costumes and makeups. It is also where we, makeup geeks LOVE to experiment new look without any barriers ;)

Speaking of creativity without barrier, Allianz is throwing an exclusive party for this coming Halloween in Klang Valley! They will bring spooky fun in a 300sq ft haunted path with 4 mysterious 'haunted' stations.  Be sure to be super creative because there will be 'Most Creative Halloween Costume Contest'! 

Well, it's time to throw a Dementor's kiss to your friends (if you know what I mean heehee) or dress up as a cracked porcelain doll. Get involved with your awesome bloggers for this haunting night for fun and creeps because this is an exclusive events for bloggers and invited guests only!

I am not sure what I will be dressed up as but likely to be a Female Titan from Attack on Titan? LOL. Maybe not, I might end up looking like the abnormal one :D Maybe a mysterious masquerade female that love to throw knifes on random people.

Maybe sugar skull skeleton, zombie or corpse look would be my ultimate choice! It requires a certain level of makeup skill and I would LOVE to challenge myself :) I will be busy creating certain Halloween looks on my close friends and I can't WAIT to show it to you!!

As holiday season approaches, Allianz Malaysia would like to share the importance of home security and carrying cash when we are away. You know how dangerous the world is! Do check out their services and products available here:

Any bloggers interested to attend this event,
please RSVP by contacting Vivien at or 012-5765633.

See you there! <3

Butterfly Project Spa Party

Hey smexies!

I'm so sorry that I did not blog about a spa party organized by Butterfly Project, a beauty blogger community based in Malaysia. I hope you guys don't mind :) I have never been to spa at all, I always want spend my relaxation with my mom but she always busy with work.

Thank goodness for Butterfly Project, the team decided to throw a spa party for all beauty bloggers. It was held at Posh! nail spa at TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.

The event was filled with girly decoration, purple balloons were everywhere and we were told to wear bathrobe to enjoy the relaxation. It was fun because it was packed with fun activities such as fashion runway by Pink N' Proper and a few amazing beauty bloggers.
I managed to capture five, forgive me ]=
Moreover, Ayna decided to throw an unplugged performance with her cute ukulele. How I wish I could have it but.... I am clueless when it comes to guitar, I should probably stick to my pink piano then.

Check out the awesome gifts Pyramid Butterfly!
I believe that great food is critical for a successful party. Thanks to Good Friends Cafe team, they managed to bring out cute and delicious food for us!

I really have no idea how to write this blog because there are too many things to share! haha... To be honest, I enjoyed the part when I got to have pedicure with several bbloggers.

We sure know how to party like a rock star!The girls and I had great time trying out the awesome Fotobox because it was seriously FUN.

 We were crazy and I know it!

Overall it was a fun event for all bbloggers. However, I did not have enough time enjoy all the activities because of the time constraint. It's okay because the most important part of this party was to enjoy to the fullest with other beauty bloggers. That's what a community all about, right!?

Our gifts from the organizer and sponsors
Oh yeah! I want to say a big thank you to Tammy for bringing out the best party ever! I truly believe that all bloggers/vloggers enjoyed with these fun filled activities. Not only that, without these amazing collaborators and volunteers, Butterfly Project's Spa Party would not be successful at all!

  1. Posh! Nail Spa
  2. Good Friends Cafe
  3. Aspen Spa
  4. Fotobox
  5. Tres Chic Party Planner
  6. The Body Shop Malaysia
  7. so Soft. JOHNSONS
  8. Havaianas Malaysia
  9. Pink N' Proper
  10. TT Mask Malaysia
  11. Only Beauty
  12. Signoria by Salvatore Ferragamo

I hope this party brings a lot of laughter among the bloggers because I am pretty sure I was having FUN with other crazy bloggers! You know who you are! Thank you once again to Butterfly Project for organizing this spa party! Do hope that I will have another fun ride with you all in future events!

Introducing: b.tempt'd by Wacoal

Hey smexies! Do you often feel frustrated over picking the perfect bra? I do actually because I have no idea which brand I should buy or which size suits me! Trust me, every bra of mine comes with different size. I think that my boobs are somehow flexible, just like protean.

I was invited by Wacoal to attend their Young and Trendy b.tempt'd lingerie launch at Isetan, KLCC. The brand carries an interesting name, b.tempt'd and it is a short form for 'be-tempted', moreover it's one of world's trend-setting lingerie giant from USA. Designed especially for the young-minded woman, b'tempt'd by Wacoal rocks when sexy but sophisticated lingerie is just what you want. Now, Wacoal Malaysia is bringing b.tempt'd to Malaysia market! For its debut in Malaysia, Wacoal showcased some thoughtfully picked out , iconic collections from the brand.

When I reached Wacoal Young counter, I was blown away with the vibrant purple balloons! There was a lady in purple greeted and escorted us to the registration counter. 

While I saw some of my blogger friends and had a chit chat, the session started with greeting and introduction of b.tempt'd since we aren't familiar with the brand.Next, a balloon release session with the management team behind Wacoal and an energetic dance performance.
The lady here is so nice she explained everything about bra fitting to FiSh and I,
it was a informative conversation!
She insisted that all women should let SA to guide us in bra fitting, which I believe is important!
A speech by Mr Takashi Watanabe, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia.
The dance performance by these wonderful chicks is amazing! 
There are three collections that are handpicked by Wacoal Malaysia - b.tempt'd How Gorgeous,'d and Hip and Chic. The all-American girl next door spirit is embodied in a playful and tempting details such as dainty bows and delicate laces of the lingerie line. Coupled with unmistakable Wacoal good fit, b.tempt'd is on course to become many Malaysia ladies' BFF.

b.tempt'd How Gorgeous lingerie set (available now)
b.tempt'd b. wow'd lingerie set (available now)
b.tempt'd Hip and Chic (will be available in December)
I was so tempted while looking through the bras, I couldn't help myself to get one! My favourite b.tempt'd collection would be'd because of its design and push. It's not exaggerating as La Senza push up bras,'d gives a nice push with a good support :) Also, I love the vibrant colours that somehow able to boost my good mood. 
Proud shopper I am *lol*

If you are looking for a perfect bra, why not give it a try on b.tempt'd by Wacoal? Their sales assistants would be happy to assist you in searching your perfect cup of bra *hehe*. b.tempt'd is now available at Wacoal Young counters at Isetan KLCC and Isetan 1 Utama.

Do visit Wacoal Malaysia Facebook page for more information! 

Butterfly Project - Spa Party contest entry

Hey smexies!

 Have you heard of Butterfly Project Malaysia? It is a beauty community based in Malaysia where local beauty and lifestyle bloggers gather with a focus and from the heart, soul and passion. Butterfly Project designs monthly projects for bloggers that would benefit, motivate and encourage them to find their voice, goal and dreams with inspiration and full of ideas.

While I was playing extreme water sports.
I keep missing out their previous projects due to overload work I had, from studies, assignments and society commitment. I couldn't spare some time for my blogging passion. However, now that I am having a semester break, it is time hit back to blogsphere =)

Butterfly Project is organizing the ultimate spa party for community in this coming June. It will be the best opportunity for me join in and have fun with other influential bloggers. Why would I want to join this party? There are three reasons I would like to share with you!

1. My society just organized an extreme water sports activity last Saturday at Asian Water Sports Village. After playing extreme water sports for whole day, now it is the time to relax and have non-extreme/girlie activities with other awesome beauty addicts. I am a girl and I'm obsessed with manicures, pedicures and glitters galore!

2. I am a fun person!
Well actually, I am fun and shy at the same time. Spa party is an awesome time for me to expose my true self - crazy to other people. Thanks to the overload works I had with my university, I might have a mental issue and spa would be a great escape from stress! Crazily fun, I have prepared my bath robes and slippers with me (It's all in PINK!)

I am a girl after all.

3. Beside all the fun activities in the spa party, meeting new people would be a major plus plus! I would LOVE to meet new people. Think about it, although we usually communicate each other through the powerful Butterfly Project group on Facebook, I just can't wait to meet you guys personally! Wouldn't it be fun? We can be bf - 'blogger=friends' and share our favourite things together-gether!

Beside all these three reasons, I am delighted to hear there will be an awesome collaboration with few of my favourite brands!

Thank you so much to Butterfly Project's for organizing this wonderful event for all of us! If you are interested, why not join this contest as well? You might have a chance to meet all awesome people (including me as well provided I got pick!) Do visit Plus Size Kitten's post here for more info!
The big grin on my face *so excited!*
I hope I will be seeing you babes soon!
xoxo *wish me luck*

Bloggers day out

Hello my smexy friends!
 Finally the whole assignment thinggy is over, I can focus on my blog once again! 

Today was a fun day with Kim Tam from Test & Share, a blogger who loves to share amazing beauty products with her readers. Go check her blog out if you haven't! Kim came to Klang Valley for a beauty event, since she was here we planned to have a lunch together.

While waiting for her in Gardens Mall, I walked around and snapped some photos. Photography is my hobby and I love to take great photos with my faithful Olympus E-PL3 (I want to upgrade my lens but it is so freaking expensive!). I would say I enjoyed taking random pictures, it relaxes my mind... all thanks to the assignments zzz

Unique looking lamps hanging in the mall.
The mall is full of people on Labour Day

We met up at Yuzu Restaurant, a famous casual Japanese cuisine restaurant. It was my first time there, always pass by the restaurant frequently but never have the chance to try out their food. I was really excited to eat there, my favourite cuisine would always be Japanese. :p

Here are some short food porn:

Yuzu Sukiyaki Beef Udon set
Yuzu Gindara set

Kim and I, we are happy customers!
After having our heavy lunch (worth the price! in my case), we jalan-jalan around the mall. Initially we hunted for CLEO limited box just because of the Lanvin Me perfume, Kim was 'star-struck' to Sweet Mochi, a stall that sells delicious Japanese mochi. She bought three pieces and now, I am kinda regret. I should get a box of mochi~

mochi~~ green tea~~

Anyway, look what we got here! We ended up spending most of our time in Jelly Bunny, they sell cute affordable shoes made out of jelly. Just kidding, it is NOT edible. The shoes are super affordable, we bought  these babies for only RM29 per pair!
Guess whose leg are these!
It was a nice meet up with Kim, we should have a small lunch or mini gathering with other bloggers (some ffk XD). Wouldn't be that fun!? 

Before ending the post, here's my vain look of the day! 

I would love to have a small meet up with fellow bloggers share crazy thoughts! What do you think?