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Hiatus again

Hello smexies! You might be wondering, 'Where the heck you'd been for so many weeks!' 

I have a sad news to share with you all. The thing is my camera has sent for repairing, it might takes two or three weeks! That's the reason why I can't blog without my baby Olympus E-PL3. Few weeks back, I lent my camera to my friend for a water sport event. When I got back my camera, I realized that there was a aperture error in my camera lens. It was heart broken because it costs roughly RM320!!!

Then again, I am not getting a new lens since it will be double the amount of the repairing charge. 

Last week, a cousin of mine agreed to lend me her Nikon D3100. Unfortunately, I'm still a dummy to a real DSLR. Olympus E-PL3 is actually a mirrorless camera with similar functions as other DSLR and it's super user-friendly. Gawd, I seriously cannot live without my camera right now!!!

My smexies, I am so sorry I can't review or share my experience with you! It will take another week and I swear I will blog more!

Just to share with you something awesome! I bought all these from Cotton On earlier with Laura at Cotton On! All of these are only RM21!

Pretty awesome right!


Glamourous Burgandy and University Life

'I can't wait for this coming semester, it will be my last third semester!'

My previous assignments are ready for collection and I was pretty nervous about it, since I wasn't doing well in the past semester. However, I was surprised that I did okay, giving that most of my assignments are in merit except for my HR subject, I got distinction for the individual assignment! *I spent four days in doing that essay and it's TOUGH to get distinction from my HR lecturer!* 

Still, I got all merits in total! *bye bye first class*


Anyway, I am currently looking for several looks for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. I keep looking for inspirations through Pinterest, my favourite inspirational source site! There are so many pretty pictures, my favourite part would be makeup trends and crafts because these make me smile all the time! 

I bumped onto Revlon New Shanghai Collection (last fall) campaign picture on Pinterest, the collection is surprisingly Shanghai - with all the glamourous purple and famous red lips on most Shanghai women in those days. 
Emma Stone
I was really inspired when I saw this look. Without hesitation, I took out my makeup tools and completed the look with my own interpretation (It doesn't look like the look above but heck, first attempt is usually bad) HAHA

I choose to line the cat eyeliner downwards, creating a beautiful doll eye ('cause I'm Asian, that's why LOL).  This would help me in enlarging and brigtening my small eye, giving it a beautiful anime character eye. (Which might be true because I look so animated when I blink my eyes) My eyeshadows are in geometric shape using burgundy and brown matte to sharpen the edges.

Now tell me, what do you think about this look? Personally, I like this look very much because it suits me very well and I've mastered the technique in creating downwards eyeliner! If you like this look as much as I do, I will be happy to create a tutorial for you guys! Just let me know by leaving a comment and like this picture on my Facebook page so that I will know!

There are more looks to come for Valentine's and CNY, I'm still thinking which look is suitable for both occasions! =3


Review: Gamila Secret Original Cleansing Bar

Hey lovelies, I've had a chance to try Gamila Secret Original Cleansing Bar in mini.  It is a handmade creation which takes 40 hours cooking process, period of 4 to 6 months for drying, stamping and curving the edges. The ingredients are 100% natural (The combination of 15 Herbs, olive oil and abundance of natural oils), more than 80% virgin Oil (220 pressed Syrian Olives) and it has Dermatological tested. 

I'm quite a person who love natural products, it seems that Gamila Secret catches my eyes. This cleansing bar is suitable for daily use , it tends to not only clean and nourish our skin but also for softening and healing purpose. It is can be used as shaving cream, shower and facial mask. What I love about this product is that the packaging material is recycled paper (Cyclus material) folded by disabled society.

How to use:
First, moisten The Cleansing Bar with warm water between hands, to active the natural living ingredient. Then massage the cream bar until creamy texture and apply it directly on pouring face & body and massage it for approximately 15 seconds. The creamy texture can be used as shaving cream, assistance against in hairs growing and for irritations. Do permit the creamy texture absorb into open pores when bathing then rinse off.

Our skin is made up of various layers, it takes 28 days to renew itself completely. I need to use moisturiser after using Gamila Secret at first because it is kinda dry. So here's a thing: I shall use this product for the next 28 days to see the actual result. I will also update my face condition weekly on my Facebook Page so be sure to follow my page! (click here) After 28 days I shall wrap up my review on this product on my blog :)

My week 1 facial condition, blemish everywhere as always ._.
I have a good feeling about this product, so be sure to follow my page for more updates!


Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Albeha. Opinions expressed here are my own.

The Face and The Bag

It's been ages for me to blog about fashion. Funny story, I literally have obsessed over the 'smiley bag' aka Celine Boston bag. For weeks I have spend hours to look for the bag, luckily I found Un-masqued few days back. They are selling this awesome smiley bag and without any hesitation, I bought this baby back home!

What I like about this bag is the uniqueness of the design. I mean, the smiley face itself is so kawaii! Imagine you are having a bad day, by look at the bag, you might be happy instantly...right? Okay, what am I talking about!
Pairing My Melody pull over with a blazer
Blazer is my must-have-item in the wardrobe, I love layering and it just complete the look without any effort. I initially invest this blazer for my university presentation, however, whenever I am not having any presentation/seminars to attend, I would still wear it for lunch and movie. It doesn't only provide warmth, it also polish the whole look!

By the way, I am currently participating Friendly Fashion Official Blogger Contest. Friendly Fashion is a place where people can swap, sell their clothes and accessories which are in good condition. Moreover, it also provides forum where members could discuss about fashion, trends and such. I want to be part of the team so much because I seriously love fashion. Well, the contest is in voting basis so I need your help to vote for me!

To do so, just go to this link (or click 'VOTE FOR ME' button the right side panel of the blog) and click the vote button under the thumbnail. The contest ends of 15th August so please vote for me! I would really appreciate it, seriously!


It's all about summer!

Summer is just around the corner. It's a season for less of everything: less clothes, less stress and less mess!

Clearly we all should celebrate love and enjoy the sun with fun activities.

Starting this week I shall be doing a blog series on summer, from fashion to road trip. This is a challenge to me because it is my first time of doing a theme blog posts. I have been searching on many websites to get inspirations, guidelines and stuff. Hopefully it will turn out pretty well and you all can enjoy it.

I really hope that you can give some suggestions about what should I blog about summer. If you have any suggestions, why not leaving a comment on my blog? I will be so happy to hear it from you :)


Im on instagram!

Just so you know, i finally own an Android phone and im absolutely addicted to instagram. Some of you might think that it's a normal app but for me, it is super chiooo... I really like the app functions, especially the effects! I dont have to run to my computer for editing, that is a +1!

Anyway, if you were as addicted to instagram as me. Dont mind to follow me, cuz i will follow you back!

Instagram: peacemusicbabe