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Astro On The Go #OlaBola


As I mentioned earlier in my blog, I will be attending some campuses along with Astro On The Go to enjoy the exciting afternoon with the students! The first campus I went was HELP University (where I studied for my degree programme), the weather was so hot but it didn’t stop the students to enjoy the fun of Astro On The Go campaign activities! I went to Sunway University the very next day and boy, it was so crowded! Many students were eager to know more about the AOTG app :D

Astro On The Go is coming to your campus!

Harroo, smexies!

I’m sure most of the Malaysians are familiar with Astro, it is a direct broadcast satellite pay TV service provider from Malaysia. Astro offers 170 channels, including several High Definition channels for enhancing the watching experience. Astro has engraved in my life in a very young age, where I started to addict to Disney Channel for so many reasons (High School Musical, anybody?)

XES Signature - The Zodiac Collection

Good day smexies!

In March, XES launched XES Signature - a new label which is intended to create more upscale look, with the elements of fun and glam! I was invited to attend XES Signature exclusive preview of its debut collection, 12 pairs of heels representing each zodiac. 

Hence, the introduction of The Zodiac Collection by XES! The debut collection preview event was held at Malaysia International Shoe Festival (MISF) 2014. 

Introducing Entertainer App: ONE to ONE deals

Screenshot (38)

Often time I have this conversation with myself ‘I really should get a mani pedi but look at those prices! Maybe not this time.’ Don't get me start with the dining expenses, it is gradually becoming more expensive for normal university students. Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to have a quick dinner at Puran B and it costed us RM80 just for two persons.

*Sales* of Aussino on 25–26 April!

Hello my smexy babes,

Are you ready for a great summer room makeover? I’m sure do! If you are not having any plan this coming weekend, why not head to Syopz Mall, Tayor’s University Lakeside Campus?

Aussino is having a clearance sale up to 80% off! To tell the truth, it is great to get amazing deals for the bed sheet designs that could change the look of your room!

Poster_aussino (1)

SO why wait? Mark your calendar from 25-26 April for an AMAZING deals opportunity with Aussino!

[ad] Mirror mirror hair salon X Milkadeal

Happy Sunday smexies!

Do you need a hair makeover before summer begins? Guess what, Mirror Mirror Hair Salon is having a amazing deal for you. With only RM88, you can have your hair to get the summer colour or a beach wave with treatment and other hair care services.

I was invited as one of the HiShop Affiliate Programme bloggers to try out their offer, conjunction with MilkADeal (they are sister companies, double joy!). I always wanted to give my hair some touch ups for celebrating my last year being a university student #lameexcuse lol.


[Ad] Get Ready for Malaysia Clothes Buffet

Good morning smexies!

The Malaysia Clothes Buffet is back! This is their third installment to bring great clothes to the feast for all on-the-go fashionistas!

Yeap, you heard me. ON-THE-GO.

Introducing Four Winks - Event/Party Planner

Good day smexies! Often times I always love to browse through Pinterest or We Hear It just to get some party inspiration. However, it didn't end good because my hands are allergic to decoration (it would end like.... something rhymes with sheet).But 'fret not, my loves! We have Four Winks here to cater all the party necessities and decorations for your precious event!

Napwell - The world's first napping mask

Do you hate to wake up disoriented, especially the sudden BUZZ going on your alarm clock. Smexies, I'm sure do. I love to sleep, especially taking a good afternoon nap! But it is kinda suck when my mom yelled at me just to wake me up or the big loud buzz, is it hard to get a good sleep or nap?

Be creative, only at The Atmosphere: Artsphere 20/8ty

Hello smexies! Last Sunday was a splendid day with my blogger friends as we hunted for 80 murals at The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan.

The 'Artsphere 20/8ty' pays tribute to the 20 talented artists, whose 80 piece of mural artwork were displayed at the streets, making the location with the highest collection of mural art in Malaysia. Located at The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan, it is an ideal place for specialities stores, boutiques and cafes.

Artsphere 20/80–only at Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan

Good morning smexies!
Do you love arts? If you do, there will be a grand opening event at The Atmosphere on this coming Sunday. What was the buzz about, you may ask? Well, the mall will be featuring 80 murals, created by our local and international artists!
Mutltimedia E-invitation
Not only that, there will be a contest run for all photography lovers out there! They are also running ‘Strike a Pose’ contest whereby you can win amazing prizes :)

The contest is running from 22 Dec til 16 Feb 2014. Start snapping some creative awesome photos
because the total prizes worth up to RM15,000!
Do check out their Facebook page right here:  . I will be there so yeah, do say to hi if you see me haha :D

Spooky October - Allianz 1942 Halloween Event

Hey smexies! 

October is a meaningful month to me because we have Pinktober to create awareness on breast cancer - it's all about PINK literally for everything; and we have Halloween, where it's the time to squeeze our brain juice on funky costumes and makeups. It is also where we, makeup geeks LOVE to experiment new look without any barriers ;)

Speaking of creativity without barrier, Allianz is throwing an exclusive party for this coming Halloween in Klang Valley! They will bring spooky fun in a 300sq ft haunted path with 4 mysterious 'haunted' stations.  Be sure to be super creative because there will be 'Most Creative Halloween Costume Contest'! 

Well, it's time to throw a Dementor's kiss to your friends (if you know what I mean heehee) or dress up as a cracked porcelain doll. Get involved with your awesome bloggers for this haunting night for fun and creeps because this is an exclusive events for bloggers and invited guests only!

I am not sure what I will be dressed up as but likely to be a Female Titan from Attack on Titan? LOL. Maybe not, I might end up looking like the abnormal one :D Maybe a mysterious masquerade female that love to throw knifes on random people.

Maybe sugar skull skeleton, zombie or corpse look would be my ultimate choice! It requires a certain level of makeup skill and I would LOVE to challenge myself :) I will be busy creating certain Halloween looks on my close friends and I can't WAIT to show it to you!!

As holiday season approaches, Allianz Malaysia would like to share the importance of home security and carrying cash when we are away. You know how dangerous the world is! Do check out their services and products available here:

Any bloggers interested to attend this event,
please RSVP by contacting Vivien at or 012-5765633.

See you there! <3

FREE 500 PortaWiFi devices this Raya by Celcom! ('Cont)

Blue Cube at Publika

Hello smexies!
Thank goodness I managed to beat the traffic today, I was eager to get my very own PortaWifi device from Celcom =) If you didn't know, Celcom is giving away 500 PortaWiFi for free (read more)

As an on-the-go person, I love staying connected with my phone and tablet. Usually I would be a freak when my phone is out of mobile data, seriously I would. Not only Facebook and Twitter, I always use my email app to communicate with my colleague, from work and university stuff. I just have to stay connected to the internet!

So, you might be wondering: What is Celcom PortaWiFi?? 
It's actually a device that could make your life easier! PortaWiFi by Celcom is a device that lets you enjoy your personal WiFi whenever you go. Not only at home or outdoor with your laptop, you can stay connected in the car as well!

For those who are either going back to hometown or a road trip during Raya, this device would help you to ease the bosan-ness while stuck in the traffic. If you didn't get the flyer at the toll plaza and still interested to get one... fret not! Celcom is having promotion where you can get a FREE PortaWiFi when you sign up with their Celcom First Data plan and enjoy up to RM120 rebates on your monthly bills
The full set of Celcom PortaWiFi:
dongle and power adapters

Excited isn't it? For more information on this awesome device cuz I know you guys LOVE more, click here! Register yourself a Celcom PortaWiFi at your nearest Blue Cube.

Road trip here I come!

Psst... Free 500 Celcom PortaWifi up for grabs!

Hello smexies!

Don't your love surprises? I sure do! I always wanted to have a big surprise anytime, anywhere and I don't mean the bad surprise!

So please, don't try to scare me till the death. omg. please don't!

Anyway, I found a surprise in a toll plaza. I ain't tripping yo! I was supposed running some errands downtown. As I was passing by Sg Besi toll plaza, I saw people were distributing something to all drivers!

I ain't tripping, it's real!

They were actually distributing flyers saying that

CELCOM is giving away 500 PortaWifi 
for this Raya celebration! 

So generous lah Celcom :P

Who doesn't love surprises, huh? Be sure to drive by any toll cuz you never know, you might get Celcom PortaWifi for free!! yesh, FREE!

PS: I can't wait to redeem my Celcom PortaWifi device! :D

Pink N' Proper Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Hey smexies, summer is here and I bet most of you couldn't wait to head out and grab the latest pieces from the fashion world. I know I can't wait because I just LOVE summer! Well, maybe most of you love to shop online, come on! it's simple and efficient. We don't have to queue for a fitting room or make our way to a particular mall. With just a click of our finger, these babies are ours!

Now, where we were talking? Oh right! SUMMER!

Have you heard of Pink N' Proper? It is one of the few online platform in Malaysia that caters trendy female high-street brands found across Europe such as Rare London, Vero Moda, Boohoo, ASOS and many more, which are not usually found in our local retailers (which is true!). Moreover, they do ship worldwide.

Introducing Pink N' Proper Spring/Summer Collection 2013 collaboration with my blogger friend, Angeline! The collection features summer-ready and spoilt with trendy choices such as florals, pastels, edgy and delicate embellishments from various brands such as Rare London, Coco's Forture, Paprika, Fashion Union, H&M, AX Paris and ASOS.  Get ready to be spoiled with trendiest clothes from Pink N' Proper:

#1 Rare London Paneled Skater Dress in Red | RM 159
#2 Fashion Union Stacey FLoral Dress in Grey | RM79
#4 H&M Betty Blazer in Blue | RM119
#5 ASOS Off-Shoulder Lace Peplum Dress in Blue | RM159
#6 Rare London Lace Top Contrast Dip Hem Dress | RM139
#7 AX Paris Structured Sleeves Bodycon Dress in Beige | RM99
#8 Rare London Sheer Dip Hem Dress in Mandarin | RM139
#9 Coco's Fortune Floral Fringe Kimono | RM179
#10 ASOS Rosette Dress in Hot Pink | RM179
Their choice of clothes are gorgeous. With its unique texture and details, ladies we could have an extraordinary summer in looking pretty! I personally fell in love with several pieces and I bet you girls do right? Guess what! Pink N' Proper is giving away 10% discount to all of you until the end o 2013, it sure does sound pretty awesome!

How to get it? It's simple, do look out for the discount code at the sidebar of my blog!
It is "Gorgeous Summer".

By the way, do like on their Facebook Page for more updates! They also provide promotion, Weekly Wednesday bargains, sales, member's only events, Fashion Inspirations and more!

Pink N' Proper website |
Pink N' Proper FB Page |

Have a fun summer peeps!

You do need a party hat

I always want to have a beautiful decoration for my parties, especially birthday! Don't you love the ambiance created with amazing decoration and activities? Unfortunately, it is really difficult to get the right person to assist you in making your special day memorable.

However, Party Hat is here to the rescue! What's a party hat you asked? 
No, it's just random party hat you wear during happy hour or on birthday. 
No, it's not the name of a clown. 
No, it's definitely not a fake Pizza Hut 

Party Hat is actually a party planner team in Klang Valley!
Party Hat provides these several services: 
★ Mobile party hosting
★ Party planning ~ birthdays, full moon parties, weddings and social gatherings.
★ Design party supplies ~ banners, chocolate wrappers, cupcake tags, gift tags, food labels, water bottle labels, napkin tags, straw tags, etc. according to your theme.

Which are basically what I would die for in any events and activities! Based on the design, Party Hat must be a creative genius team. I love some of their designs on personalised party printable, it's really creative and fun!

One of the service provided from Party Hat for party princesses. Cuteness-overload~
Pamper your princess on her birthday

My most favourite service from Party Hat would be their table setup. It is impressive, the details and everything are matching to customers' expectations. Right materials, colours and food are crucial to make an event successful!

Right colour to feast your appetite and mood. =) Light pink is my favourite colour!
Look how organised the setup is!
Impressive table setup in candy theme. Lollipops everywhere with cupcakes and candies!
Oh maii~~

Party Hat team will be happy to organise or design your event activities based on your personal interest and budget! I approach them to know more about their functions and they are really friendly to talk with! 

If you want to have a wonderful joyous event with beautiful decoration and fun activities, you can look for Party Hat team!

Contact details
The Party Hat team
Blog |Email: |Facebook: Party Hat 

What's your favourite service provided by Party Hat? Leave you comment below and we will have a little chit-chat together! 


Ricoh Aficio™ SP 100 e Series

Hey loves! Do you remember how awful it was to get our assignments done without a printer? I still clearly remember the incident: I was rushing to my local university photocopy service to get my assignments done, unfortunately, the quality of the printing was a major pain in the ass. Well, that's the main problem for students, Y NO PRINTER IN MY ROOM?

Well, those days are over. Thanks to Ricoh, one of the world's leading suppliers of office automation equipment, has introduced 1st Black & White Compact Laser Printers, Aficio ™ SP 100 e Series printers  which are affordable for personal use and small businesses (from RM299 onwards).

The printers were designed for limited desk space, especially us, the students, we can just place these compact devices on a desktop to enjoy the space for our works or studies. As for the business people who often travels, these light devices can be brought to conferences or meetings to provide access to print, copy, and scan functionally with a carry bag! Talk about efficiency, business people are no longer to hunt for nearest printing shop! Moreover, all models come with starter AIO (All-In-One) cartridge which are easy to maintain and replace, the devices also have an impressive unit life of 50,000 prints! 

Stylish, Compact, Portable. Wanna know more about Aficio™ SP 100 e Series printers?
Head to Ricoh website: for more info!

More good news to all!

Ricoh Malaysia is giving away 100 exclusive rewards upon purchase of any Ricoh Aficio™ SP 100 e Series printer – Instant Rewards, Weekly Rewards and Monthly Rewards.  Customers who purchased the printer will receive limited edition The Dark Knight Rises™ Premium and stand a chance to win Monthly and Weekly Rewards. Just surf here to know more!

Tab 6_Exclusive Rewards_R3

Moreover, Ricoh also having daily giveaways with easy steps. To do so: Just go to and click ‘Daily Giveaways’. From there, just follow three (3) steps:
1. Like Ricoh Malaysia (Official) Facebook Fan Page (
2. Share the campaign site
3. Complete the participation form

List of winners will be posted on the campaign site as well as Ricoh fan page every evening, so be sure to check out everyday!

DEAR STUDENTS, you might be in luck to enjoy free printing service from Ricoh at your campus very soon! All you have to do is to like Ricoh Malaysia (Official) Fan Page ( and enjoy free print up to 50 pages! 50 pages, that is like a whole lecture notes! Free lecture notes, who doesn’t like it!? Kindly refer to their Facebook page for updated campus tour schedule to avoid missing out this opportunity! fb_campus-tour-schedule
For more updates from Ricoh Malaysia,
remember to click a ‘thumb up’ on their Facebook fan page. You know you don’t want to miss out Ricoh latest updates and new products.

To know more about  Aficio™ SP 100 e Series Printers and their latest promotion, just check out at these websites

happy printing! 

DRUM TAO: Art of Drum Tour

Are you in the mood for an extravagant experience in the heart of Malaysia? 

Well, you must be in the right timing because DRUM TAO, a world-renowned Japan martial arts and drum-playing extraordinaries will be showing their world class performance in KL for the very first time in this coming August!

Date: 24-25 August
Venue: Plenary Hall, KLCC

Established in 1993, Drum Tao continue to amaze audience by creating an entirely new art form that is modern yet retains a sense of nostalgia. With the intense and powerful beats of Japanese drums, it would underpin a musical massage that penetrates deep into the heart of the audience. And now, the great performance team will be explode onto KL stage with its electric mix of dance and martials arts as the dynamic and innovative Japanese performers beat their Wadaiko Drums.

Tao Drum has been playing for audiences of more than 5 million across the globe. They have performed in 400 cities, in 17 countries that include Switzerland, Denmark, Isreal, USA, Australia, Spain Belgium, UK and Germany!! With their world class performances, this is one show that you just don't want to miss!

Here's an video about this awesome performance,

So, are you ready for an exhilaration adventure? Just serve to TicketPro to purchase your tickets: or Establish Events Facebook Page. Be sure to purchase your tickets before 20 July to enjoy 15% early bird promotion!

Why wait!?