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My Havaianas Experience

Good day smexies! Guess what, I joined a blog contest by Butterfly Project conjunction with Havaianas Malaysia and I won a pair of Havaianas flip flops! To tell the truth, I actually submitted this contest few minutes before the deadline without thinking, I thought that it is necessary to join this contest in order to score a pass to Butterfly Project's Spa Party! 

*flip table*

Anyway, since boyfie is away from Kuala Lumpur. Lucky for him, he got to enjoy the beach in Kuantan while I went to the concrete jungle to redeem my Havaianas flip flops! (Pavilion lar!) Frankly speaking, I do enjoy shopping alone because there's no one to stop me from spending my moolah away! Whenever my boyfriend is around, he would be like 'No, you have that already'; 'Can we go for a movie? That way you can't spend any money on unnecessary things'. Oh really, he meant it that way!

So many series to choose!
Check out the prints! #Swag
I chose Havaianas Slim Sand Grey  because it reflects my fair feet! I was choosing either to go with black or sand grey. Black is definitely the ultimate choice because it matches with anything I wear, it is just versatile. However, the colour is too common in the market. Thus, sand grey is second best colour I could go for. Pink in other hand is too striky! Even though it's cute but when it comes to mix and match.... I can't imagine it. 

After redeemed this pair of fabulous flip flops, I hop to Chatime for a good old Mango Green Tea! Life is so good when no one is there to stop me to do ANYTHING! Hehehehehehe...


Why I want a Havaianas!

In conjunction of Butterfly Project's Spa Party, Havaianas decided to join the fun! Havaianas is a famous brand for its flip flops, the one where we would normally wear for pasar malam or even class! 

Why I want a Havaianas is because it is fun and vibrant! Especially an active person like me. Although I don't live by the beach anymore, I still love to strike my famous geeky pose with Havaianas flip flops! It makes me somehow 'urban-ly' cool :D Like seriously!!

Take a hollywood ride with a pair of Havaianas flip flops!
Hilary Duff in Havaianas Slim Black
Blake Lively in Havaianas Slim White

See, Flip flops are not only for pasar malam! It's glamorous in a casual way! So stop wearing heels pretty ladies if you could, heels are pretty but it will damage our legs in long term. Choose to be comfy and wear Havaianas!

It is actually, with its vibrant colours. Don't you just hate it when you only have that pair of blue-white flip flops that your parents would buy for you from pasar malam? Don't get me wrong, it's a must have of slippers for chinese families and it will be in the future. However, why not we spice up our daily wear flip flops? Havaianas has decent designs that could instantly change the whole look of me! 

Yup, you betcha! Flip flops are my must have wardrobe essentials when it comes to comfy. Since it's summer now, I love to wear my beachy NOT bitchy maxi dress with a pair of flip flops for my day out. Trust me, the only thing can go with maxi dress is a pair of beautiful flip flops just like Havaianas! 


Jom! Let us vomit with raindow flowers with Havaianas!