18 March 2018

Everything you need to know about Hada Labo Beauty Talk Show

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Choosing the right product your skin is like choosing the perfect person who will complete your world. I guess most of us would have done some trial and errors on skincare products to find the perfect one.The re are, indeed, tons of skincare brands out there for us to fall in love with, but how could we determine the right one that suits our skin? Well, it goes back to the basic – Hydration is the key!

While it is commonly agreed that looking after the skin helps improve our complexion, many of us seem to overlook the importance of incorporating proper hydration as part of our skincare routine. That is why Hada Labo hosted its beauty talk show last Saturday in collaboration with Taiwanese skincare guru Liu Yen featuring local celebrities: Bernard Hiew as emcee, Jojo Goh, Emily Chan, Carol Ong and Jeffrey Cheng to unlock the secrets of glowing youth skin starting with hydration!

Wide ranges of Hada Labo products to choose from

Carol Ong, a newscaster with hectic schedule causes her skin to develop visible fine lines around the eye area. Liu Yen recommended that Hada Labo Lifting & Firming lotion is an ideal anti-aging skincare product that helps to improve and prevent visible fine lines while strengthen the skin elasticity at the same time.

Celebrities sharing their skincare problems with Liu Yen

Emily Chan shared her pain in experiencing breakouts and the troubles of concealing pimple marks whenever she had to appear on TV. Her experience is really relatable to most of us as Liu Yen also acknowledged that Malaysia’s weather is worse compared to Taiwan, which is really easy to have breakouts. However, she shared with us that The Blemish & Oil Control Hydration Lotion is her S.O.S. product as it is formulated to combat blemishes, control the skin oil production and calm irritated skin while remains fresh and hydrated all day long. Liu Yen also mentioned that this product can work as a face mist to lock-in moisture and stay hydrated even with your makeup on.

Celebrities sharing their skincare problems with Liu Yen
Lie Yen is sharing her tips with celebrities

Jojo also shared that her skin constantly feels unusually dry upon travelling, which is troublesome to her. Liu Yen suggested that it could be due to the environmental change, hence Hada Labo’s Hydrating Lotion would be the perfect choice as it serves as a hydrating agent to lock-in moisture for a significant soft, smooth and supple skin.

Liu Yen is showing her skin condition with celebrities

Jeffrey Cheng, representing the men crowd whom to forgo the fundamental steps of hydration in their skincare routine and applying the mask instead. Liu Yen explained that a person’s skincare routine should always include basic hydration steps: cleansing and hydrating which is the foundation of every skincare regime and facial mask is only used when it is necessary to give your skin a boost.

Liu Yen, a well known beauty guru in Taiwan
Through Liu Yen’s explanation with the celebrities, we can conclude one thing: Hydration is very crucial to us because our body is made up of 70% of water and skin cells on the face, like any other cells in the body are made largely of water. Therefore, it needs ample hydration to perform at its optimum.

"8 out of 9 of us claimed that we do incorporate hydration as part of our skincare routine, but it is important to choose the right products and include hydration care into our skincare regime,” remarked Liu Yen.

You can watch the beauty talk show here as the celebrities discussed and teased each other about the importance of hydration with Hada Labo. 保湿要趁早!