27 November 2017

MASK to the rescue with Neutrogena New Hydrogel Mask & Capsule Sleeping Mask!


The newest additional drugstore mask to your skin is Neutrogena’s travel friendly capsule sleeping pack and Hydrogel Mask. The mask series is introduced in the fall where the weather has changed and hence, our skin textures have turned to dry and even patchy, just like my case.



Neutrogena’s Capsule Sleeping Mask | RM 12.90 | Available at Watsons

You know what is love about this product? The intensity of the hydration your skin will thank you for in 15 minutes! This series is great for those who loves travelling and prefer a sleeping mask pack to get those radiant looking in minutes!


It comes in two products:

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Capsule Sleeping Mask , 10ml – A capsule sleeping mas pack with Niacinamide to make skin luminous and radiant looking.

Neutorgena Hydro Boost Capsule Sleeping mask, 1o ml – A capsule sleeping mask pack with 100% natural origin Hyaluronic Acid to replenish moisture continuously, leaving skin optimally hydrated, radian and supple.



Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask | RM 13.90 | Available at Guardian

This is the latest innovation from Netrogena where it come with 100% paperless Hydrogel mask which delivers a stronger efficacy from its essence gel making process and its special obscuring effect. The adhesive of the mask is quite good as it doesn’t fall when applying and it moulds perfectly around face like a second skin! I tried the Fine Fairness series after a long day of work, not only my skin is supple, it definitely sooth my mood in the comfort of my home.


I’m not sure whether the mask would gives an instant result, but it is no doubt that we can’t be lazy to take care of our skin. Well, to choose from both series, I most likely to prefer Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask because it does gives a supple feel to my skin, equivalent of one bottle of hydrating serum in 15 minutes Smile 

As for capsule sleeping mask, I felt there was a itchiness while applying. This is quite a personal preference as my skin didn’t react well with the formula of the sleeping mask pack. Again, this does not mean the product is not good. There are other bloggers gave good review on this product, perhaps you could try one pack (10ml) and see it from there :)

If you would like to know more information of this lovely masks, visit Neutrogena’s Facebook Page for further details.

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