16 April 2017

Veet Sensitive Touch Review

As mentioned in my previous post (click here if you haven't know), I will be reviewing Veet's latest innovated gadget - Sensitive Touch today.

Veet Sensitive Touch is a new styling gadget that every woman needs. It is not just any ordinary electric trimmer, it is a high precision styling trimmer with detachable heads to facilitate accurate and gentle hair removal at sensitive parts, including eyebrows, underarms and bikini lines!

Speaking of which, I was given an opportunity to review this fabulous product. True enough, I do not regret a bit of using Veet Sensitive Touch. I do not have the skill of getting my brows trimmed and it is costly to have professionals to trim my eye brows, it would eventually cost me roughly RM50 for monthly maintenance.

However ever since I started to use Veet Sensitive Touch, I love the instant results! The electric trimmers come with two heads, for wide and narrow use, I chose narrow head for my brows. With a simple glide, my eyebrows were smoothly trimmed without any cuts! At first you might heard the "buzz" sound, don't be afraid! Just go with it, I don't know why but I had a fun time trimming my brows like a pro.

Before trimming my brows with Veet Sensitive Touch, notice the messy hairs around my brows? I gotta trim those hair out!

After getting my brows trimmed with Veet, my brows are now more precise and it is smoothly trimmed with no cuts! 

I must say, the product works well on me. You might feel a bit of tingling feeling during and after trimmed but it is still bearable. Best part, you don't need to spend much on getting your brows done monthly!

(To be honest, I would consider myself to get my brows trimmed annually just because there is a brand that offers free eyebrow trimming during Birthday month LOL)

Veet Sensitive Touch definitely touches my soul for beautiful brows :D

Well? What are you still waiting for? Get your hands on Veet Sensitive Touch for removing unwanted hair conveniently at anytime and anywhere! For only RM119, it is available at all majority pharmacies and online store in nation wide.

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