11 March 2017

Enhance your lashes naturally with Realash!

Yes you heard me right! Ditch all of your fake eyelashes because you could have naturally grown gorgeous lashes!

It is all begins when I received a package from Realash Cosmetics hails from France, a brand that is available in 35 countries worldwide, including Malaysia.


REALASH Eyelash Enhancer is a serum that is targeted to fortify, increase density and lengthen the eyelashes. Moreover, its formula has been improved and dermatologically and ophthalmological tested by specialist, so ladies it is SAFE! Just apply the serum like you would apply any eyeliner on the lid, after 30 days of application, your lashes will be longer and fuller.


REALASH Eyelash Enhancer comes with a pointy brush for accuracy application on the eyelid.

Do not underestimate the eyelash enhancer as it has massive positive reviews from beauty gurus! I was eager to try when I received the product. Given that I am a absence minded person, I did not apply continuously for 30 days but the result was quite impressive!

I did not have the “before” picture because my lashes wasn’t visible at all (the sad truth of my pathetic lashes, hence why I always apply thick layer of mascara and fake eyelashes), however, after I have used REALASH, well you can see the result itself below.


I’m not going to lie here, although the lashes do not grow longer BUT definitely fuller! Yes, I am very impressed with the result! The serum does not irritate my sensitive lid so yeah, +1 for that! If I have used it religiously, the result would be even better for sure.


Thanks to REALASH, I do not need to apply thick mascara. Just a layer of mascara is enough to make my eyes look dramatic! And ladies, imagine if I have applied it every day before sleep, the result would be pretty amazing! So what I am going to do is I will set a #goal to apply EYELASH for 30 days straight to see the full result, do stay tuned to my Instagram @littlemisssmexy to find out more!

Surprisingly, the product quite accessible in Malaysia, through Online of course. Just visit REALASH website to find out more, and if you want to purchase it, please do! The product is retailed at RM190, quite worth it for the amazing result!

Do follow REALASH’s social media to check out more inspired gorgeous lashes!

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