23 October 2016

Starting a new chapter



I'm dying to announce this news to you all -  I have decided to quit my job in fashion industry! I’m not sure whether this is rather good news or not but sure thing is, I will be moving into digital marketing industry instead!


Making this decision is tough, I have gone through several ups and downs in my role and trust me, it was a rough ride. I learnt so much that sometimes, it is best to reflect at the end of the year to see whether the entire roller coaster is worth the ride or not. Since I also love how digital evolved through out the decades, I wish to learn and grow my knowledge in this never-stop-before industry! Yes, this requires knowledge, not only in technology and digital, it is also about current affairs.

Two years in fashion retail taught me that we still need to move on despite what happened throughout the journey. I might be timid in dealing this journey but I can say that I have improved in talking to other people, voicing out my opinions and staying humble at the same time. It is truly a remarkable journey but I would like to start a whole new chapter in life.


Anyway, let’s hope for the best shall we? I made a tough decision and I have no regret.


How about you? What strive you in making a tough decision?