21 August 2016

[ALL TIME FAVOURITES] Restocking Laneige Products

The recent haze weather is killing me. The air pollution is affecting my mood and also my health! I have to constantly stay hydrated through a lot of water and avoid out door activities to avoid the overwhelmed bad condition outside!

Moreover, I have to restock my skin care products to stay hydrated with Laneige but I always refuse to purchase full range it is kinda pricey to me. However on one typical evening, I was tired and bored after work so I decided to watch Go Shop to see what products were they advertising AND Laneige was having this CRAZY-LY AFFORDABLE promotion (SERIOUSLY, IT WAS A CRAZY DEAL ALRIGHT) – Two Sleeping Masks + Multi Cleanser_EX + Power Essential Skin Refiner (Softener) + Balancing Emulsion for ONLY (I meant ONLY) RM229!

BANG! Right there, that promotion was shown in front of me. I was hesitated to purchase at first but the promotion was on going in the very last 15 minutes! Knowing that I LOVE to bargain offers, I immediately purchased it online and GUESS WHAT – Another RM20 off from Astro Go Shop Merdeka Promotion.

The whole package was sold at RM209! Plus, I received the parcel 2 days later in good condition. I’m wondering, has Christmas came early this year? Where can I find this promotion in store? I guess NONE.

Can I say that I’m the happiest child on earth?

Lesson learnt today: Never underestimate Astro Go Shop, they really do have plenty of crazy offers from genuine brands. And NOPE, I’m not paid to say this. lol. I have to share this out with you all, if you are bored, go to Astro Go Shop channel on their online store to check out their deals. This is one of the best shopping experience for me.

What was your best shopping experience? Any crazy offers that you couldn’t miss? Do let me know through commenting below!

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