01 July 2016

Getting My lashes ready with Realash

What it’s like to have pretty eyelashes through out the day? Of course it would be great! We all die for those gorgeous and luxurious lashes and to achieve it, we can either go for falsies or eyelash extension with is quite a hassle in a way.


However, what if we could have those gorgeous eyelashes naturally?Well, it would take a longer time but the result could be forever! Realash Eyelash Enhancer is an innovative product in increasing the density and length of our eyelashes. The serum regenerates lashes with dermatologically and ophthalmological tested. Moreover, it’s highly raved by many users and bloggers across the globe!


I heard of Realash quite some time when they first launched in Malaysia. Recently, the new Realash is rebranded with a refreshing look and available across the globe! Compared with the previous range, this new product has a new formula that gives soothing and would not irritate the skin, and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. The improved formula also have stronger growing effect and protects weak and damaged eyelashes.


I was excited when I received a package from Realash, it comes with a beautiful box and carefully wrapped with ribbon.




I love the packaging of the all New REALASH! The design is impeccable, with amazing details that feature the innovation of the products with beautiful ribbon =) It looks sophisticated and attractive right?


There is another layer of packaging in the box! The way Realash packages their products is full of surprises no? It’s simple and delicate :) I can’t wait to open this beautiful wrap!




Guess what I received from Realash? Realash’s best seller Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Condition – now that’s new! I thought Realash is all about eyelash but they have expended the range to brows and serums too! Realash is expanding fast!




Interestingly, the products look identical here :) I have heard of Realash Eyelash Enhancer but Brow Condition, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard! Currently, I am applying these products every night. Both products do not have strong chemical scent and it’s easy to apply with the wand. 


Well, I can’t wait the result of the application of both products! Let me know what excites you about REALASH. For me, it has to be the positive reviews from tons of bloggers globally. Seriously, this brand has its fan you know!


Till then! We will see the results after 30 days!

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