Mamonde: The Brand That Might Change The Game of Korean Beauty in Malaysia

There are so many innovation of Korean beauty products recently, from the creation of BB creams and cushions, the trend has indeed invaded the beauty scene in Malaysia! In fact, I have switched my Japanese skin care brand to Laneige or Sulhwasoo (depending on my skin needs) and it is a delighted experience to me.


Amore Pacific, the giant Korean beauty products corporation, ie “The Estee Lauder of Asia” has announced that Mamonde is set to Malaysia shores in August! Interestingly, Mamonde is the leading global premium cosmetic brand that offers skin care, make up products to suits women’s daily needs. “Inspired by flowers”, Mamonde is a brand that inspires famine beauty with flowers through its flower science technology.



I was invited to attend Mamonde launch previews, thanks to @Butterflymsia to understand more on the brand story. As we entered the “World of Mamonde”, Mamonde brand representative actually flew down to the event from Korea to introduce us the 5 key flowers that were used in their R&D formulation, flower science technology and its floral properties. I’m not going to touch that it is really technical Smile Overall, Amore Pacific has a strong R&D team that is able to extract these floral essence in its optimum level in producing Mamonde products!










Mamonde also have variety of makeup ranges inspired by natural flowers. Their representative explained to me that Mamonde brings women’s beauty into a bloom by instilling wisdom of nature found in the flowers vitality into their products.


In short, you just do not want to underestimate these innovative cosmetic products by Mamonde Winking smile






At the end of the pre-launch event, we were invited to do a flower inspiration art with flower petals in 30 minutes. I have absolutely ZERO background in art and it was a “mission impossible” task but I managed to pull off the art through the inspiration of nature & harmony =)







The event was an eye opening to me as I discovered more and more Korean beauty products and their significance benefits. Furthermore, I was given a set of Mamonde’s best selling range – Honeysuckle First Energy Essence & First Energy serum to try before it reaches Malaysia’s shore. Yes, Korean ladies love the uses of First Energy Essence, it acts as a booster to uplift our skin to give an overall healthier and suppler looking appearance.



Can’t wait to try these!!




Thank you Butterfly Malaysia for the lovely invite, it was a lovely event after all Smile



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