The Eye drop brand that every girl should have


There is so much loves when it comes to taking care of your eyes. We often play dress up, getting our make up done to look our best in every occasion. With a slap of corrector/concealer, we can cover our hideous eye bags or dark circles to look refresh. But do we put in the same effort in making ourselves feel good at the same time?

I wear contact lens almost every day to work or running errands; while spending long hours on digital screens and living under this crazy hot weather, my eyes tend to be very dry and it’s really uncomfortable. I’ve tried different solutions but it does not give much of an impact until I’ve tried Rohto eye drops.


Interestingly, Rohto is the number one global eye brand that have developed several best-selling eye drop solutions in the market. Hailed from Japan, the brand is vowed to develop a daily eye care routine that is essential for everyone, especially those who spend most of their time on digital screens.


I was introduced to Rohto Cool Eye Drop, which is one of the top seller range in Rohto. This eye drop come with a unique cooling formula that provides an instant cooling sensation which soon fades to be replaced by a totally refreshing feeling for the eyes! Another major PLUS point is that Rohto Cool Eye Drop is suitable for the usage WITH or WITHOUT contact lens. The packaging of this eye drop is designed with adorable oval cap and transparent body – which allows us to see if the product has changed colour, or has become cloudy (which mean you gotta replace with a new bottle).


With all the claims given, I’ve tried to put few drops on my eyes with contact lens and it didn’t give me much of an instant cooling sensation (as some might felt it), however, I did felt refresh in few seconds! Perhaps I have used to eye drop solution and I couldn’t find the different sensation. Then again, refresh? YES!


I’ve been carrying Rohto Cool Eye Drop now while running errands and trust me, I have never LOVE an eye drop solution until I met Rohto. It’s easy to carry and help me to stay fresh throughout the day!

Rohto Cool Eye Drop is retailing at RM16.90 and available in leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide. I spotted the collection is available at Guardian :D


  1. Nice post for those who stares to the computer screen most of the time. I use simple rose water to hydrate my eyes after a long day.

  2. haven't seen this particular eye drop in my local stores yet. we do have the one meant for usage with contact lens and it's my favourite!

  3. Never heard of this brand before, but it sound really good. I am on a computer 12 hours a day so my eye get pretty dry and tired this would be good for me will have to look into it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leslie xoxo

  4. i got this too but it was store under direct sun before this so not sure if it safe to use now...

  5. was this the brand where it had an all pink packaging? the name sounds familiar

  6. very unique concept and great product.
    i would love to try it

  7. I recently got the cool drop. I gives me a 5sec buzz then it's all cooling! I'm still confused how I should feel about the buzz... But hey the packaging is too cute, isn't it?

    much love... GreenStory

  8. Oh! My sister got the cool one! She said it really wakes her up when she's sleepy :D