04 October 2015

[Review] O’slee Pomegranate Milky Mask


A big thanks to O’slee Malaysia for sending few products for me to review. I’ve tried some of the products couple of days and today I’m going to share my experience with O’slee Pomegranate Milky Mask.

One thing for sure, I love to use mask over the weekend. After all the hectic work and schedule, Saturday and Sunday are the only day off to enjoy all these home-made spa treats! O’slee is generous enough to give pomegranate milky mask for me.

What’s so special about O’slee Pomegranate Milky Mask?
Pomegranate acts an antioxidant and three times more effective than green tea. It protects the skin against harmful free radicals and help to prevents skin oxidation and aging. Beside that, the milk extracts in the mask nourishes the skin and lightens skin pigmentation. Overall, it promotes collagen production with skin becoming firmer and the appearance of pores minimized.

O'slee Pomegranate Milky Mask

At first, I wasn’t excited over the product because it has a strong pomegranate smell. Plus, when I first applied on my face, I felt tingling and slightly redness. Could it be the mask is not suitable for my skin? However, I decided to give it a second chance. And this time, the product gave a soothing effect and I was actually enjoying it!


Well, there’s a thing called “never give up”. It wasn’t pleasant at first but I love it after 2nd time I used it! Overall, I won’t say that it is the best mask I’ve ever tried but if you are looking for a good mask, I would recommend you to try O’slee Pomegranate Milky Mask (RM63.50, 100ml) :D

O’slee products are available all Guardian Malaysia.

The actual product was gifted from O’slee Malaysia. Opinions expressed here are my own.


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