13 September 2015

Beauty Talk: Staying Fresh at Work

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For the hardworking ladies out there, it is always a thrill to improve and do the best climbing up the career ladder. Ever since I started to work in advertising, I have various of beauty tricks to stay fresh and proper at the office from morning till the work hours are hour (it might be late night sometimes!) . You do not want to appear tired at work in front of your superior as it will totally tarnish your reputation, right? Hence, I would love to share some of the simple beauty tips which any career women could apply on a daily basis.

Have a proper skin care routine

Believe me or not. A proper skin care routine could do a difference on your skin! It does not matter whether you are wearing make up or not, apply some moisturizer and sunscreen lotion before stepping out of the house. As we all know, being exposes to the office air conditioning will definitely dry out your skin. You do not want to let others to see your dull skin at work. Hence, applying moisturizer and sunscreen every time you wake up in the morning can solve your skin problems away.

I have no particular moisturizer brand to follow, it will always be Shiseido, Laneige or Sulhwasoo. However, I will always apply Shiseido Perfect UV Protector when going out!


Wear natural makeup

When we are talking about looking fresh and proper, it is wise to wear natural or subtle looking makeup at work. It makes you appear more professional and will definitely boost up your career reputation. Skin the bright and over-the-top colours with crazy glitters, leave that for a night out instead! I love to use subtle eyeshadow palette from Stila, Urban Decay and Tarte as it enhances the natural beauty at work with a soft make up and feel confident instantly.




Have a healthy lifestyle

Despite of investing a lot on beauty products, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After all, it’s about staying healthy! Do always hydrate yourself by drinking eight glasses water a day and stay away from harmful activities such as smoking. If you are feeling stressed out, how about heading down to a gym or some kick ass boxing training, it helps you to release all those irritating stress.

These are a few simple and effective tips in staying fresh at work. Do you have any other beauty tips that you often apply at work? Share your thoughts through commenting below, I would love to hear it from you!


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