[Review] Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar


My boyfriend asked me this question every time I came home with a new makeup palette, “How many palette do you actually need? Aren’t they the same?” I can’t give an answer, I would never be satisfied with one palette.

My friends have recommended me to get Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette because of its lovely cocoa scent. I wasn’t fancy Chocolate Bar palette at first as Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette is hitting the shelves soon. #PlotTwist: I attended a workshop at Sephora few weeks back. As I scrolled along through the counter, Sephora was actually a promotion for Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar with 30% off [3 days only!]. Without any hesitation, I bought this baby home!

Many beauty bloggers and vloggers raved this palette because of its sweet cocoa scent and the colours are amazing! The palette comes with solid metal case and a weak magnetic closure, I always warry that the palette while traveling . I have to make sure that the palette is stored properly after use every time.

The palette comes with 16 antioxidant-rich, cocoa powder-infused matte and shimmer shades of warm shades with a pop of sugared blueberry. These gorgeous shades are absolutely work-appropriate which I’ve been wearing for work. It’s overall decent and not over the top, leaving my appearance fresh and warm.  Moreover, the cocoa scent calms me down especially you know, pms lol. Chocolate is always every girl’s best friend during PMS.

Although the shades are gorgeous, the product is thinner and less dense, it is soft, silky and chalky. A eye shadow primer is a must before applying Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar to amplify the colours. Well, overall it seems acceptable to me, as long it is bendable I’m fine with it. I can always play with gradient with different shades on my eyes, trying out new stuff.


Simple yet polished look with Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, suitable for attending Blogger Babes Launch [Read here to find out more]
Overall, the colour is absolutely gorgeous. I love it more than Naked 3 Palette – which emphasizes more on rosy hue shades. My favourite shade of Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar  would be Bon Bon, a warm metallic gold shimmery shade that always give my eyes a pop!

I would recommend this palette to those who loves to play with colours – 16 shades! It is a great palette if you want to create a sweet, subtle look without over the top. If you are more into edgy, dramatic look, Urban Decay Naked Smokey would be your ultimate choice! By all means, I’m getting ready to try out Urban Decay Naked Smokey once it’s available here in Malaysia ^.^

If you're really into this beautiful crafted chocolate bar from Too Faced, you can shop now at Sephora Malaysia online store: http://www.sephora.my/brands/too-faced <3


A healthy  dose of chocolate bar, who doesn’t want that?!

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