[FIRST] Blogger Babes Asia Launched in Kuala Lumpur!

Blogging has been part of my life since high school but now after years and years of struggling to maintain my beauty blog, I really need #majorhelp. I tried to fork out my time to do blogging but the content is always the struggling part. What am I supposed to blog? Everybody is somehow blogging the same trend, where is my standpoint? What is so unique about my blog?

Let’s make it official: I’m total lost in my blog identity, or my identity as a blogger.
Thank goodness I signed up Blogger Babes Asia Launch where it’s partnership with clozette x Blogger Babes, the community helps to strengthen a blogger’s portfolio to an actual social influencer. I really need supports plus, it was a great event to meet fellow bloggers. *Which I have not met for a longgg while*

I was in the mood to get dressed up – it was all about looking polished and fresh

I must say, the workshop was fruitful, I’d learnt so much about branding and content development. Heidi from The Ambinionista, a successful career women fashion blog based in LA, is the founder and president of Blogger Babes! She explained and guided us through how to focus on blog branding. I was amazed with the importance of visual branding. Currently, I have transferred from Brand Development to Advertising & Promotion department in my working life, where I am learning the creativity of visual design, merchandize which it helps me to mimic into my blog. Although content development is still an important factor, with the current Instagram storm among all bloggers, photos and images that aligned with the blog theme are becoming more crucial to capture the attraction of the readers.

Nobody like rojak layout right?


Further more, Heidi’s work is one of my inspiration. She had failed several times in blogging but after 5 years, her blog has become a success where she had worked with Vanity Fair, Giorgio Armani Beauty & Max Mara. It’s all about perseverance.

After attending the workshop, I’m starting to find inspirations to bring my blog back to the stage. YES, PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY BLOG ALL THE TIME. I love you guys, really do. I thought nobody actually read my blog anymore >< Hopefully with Blogger Babes, I will get necessary supports in building my blog to the next level!

Thanks for the support!

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