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[FIRST] Blogger Babes Asia Launched in Kuala Lumpur!

Blogging has been part of my life since high school but now after years and years of struggling to maintain my beauty blog, I really need #majorhelp. I tried to fork out my time to do blogging but the content is always the struggling part. What am I supposed to blog? Everybody is somehow blogging the same trend, where is my standpoint? What is so unique about my blog?

Let’s make it official: I’m total lost in my blog identity, or my identity as a blogger.
Thank goodness I signed up Blogger Babes Asia Launch where it’s partnership with clozette x Blogger Babes, the community helps to strengthen a blogger’s portfolio to an actual social influencer. I really need supports plus, it was a great event to meet fellow bloggers. *Which I have not met for a longgg while*

I was in the mood to get dressed up – it was all about looking polished and fresh