09 June 2015

[#CoffeeHop] Miss Coffee & Toast


Look! Spotted a bistro which has the similar name of my blog. ^^
I had a day off on Monday due to holiday replacement on last Saturday, I thought it would be great day to manage my blog for once – from recreated a Facebook Page (please like, if you have not!) and blogged about my previous experience at Estee Lauder’s.

Normally I would blog away from home because I’m fuzzy when it comes to ambience. I love to blog at cafe house because it’s quiet and filled with gorgeous coffee aroma scent. Anyway, there were a few new shops behind PFCC, Bandar Puteri Puchong which I would love to try.

Hence, I decided to try out Miss Coffee & Toast because it has a similar name of my blog :D



The environment is neat, just like any usual bistro with contemporary interior design. Miss Coffee & Toast serves various of coffee and you know it, toast and waffles! It’s no surprise that the F&B industry has shifted from brunch to waffles and toasts, but hey, not every bistro serves a decent waffle and toast – it’s still in an experimental stage I guess.


Anyway, I ordered Iced Coffee Latte and Matcha (green tea) waffle. I waited almost 30 minutes for the waffle to be served during lunch hour, which was somewhat reasonable. The service here was kind of slow as there was only one waiter and barista cum waiter, that explained the rather slow serving because of short staff. Despite with the slow service, the waiters were friendly and nice to the customers.

I see no problem on that.


When the waffle being served, I was surprised with the presentation. Yes, I did not expect it was served so beautiful okay, lol. Waffles laid as it should with two scoops of Vanilla ice cream side by side, surrounded by nuts and whipped cream. What can I say more? It looks beautiful!


The waffle is filled with strong matcha and honey, matching with vanilla ice cream and nuts memang best giler. The waffle is crunchy and with the melting ice cream on top, I couldn’t stop eating it. #memanglahbest   Not to mention that the iced coffee latte has the balance intensity, I love it! (I’m very fuzzy when it comes to latte because it might be too diluted or too thick but Miss’ has the balance!)

Overall, it is a nice cafe for work and a lovely chat with friends. I would definitely coming back to try out more waffles and toasts!


Address: Puchong Financial Corporate Centre, 47100 Puchong


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