08 June 2015

Finding the right shade with Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup


Whoah, look at the long title but it worth it. Why? Because I finally found the right shade for my skin tone all thanks to Butterfly Malaysia and Estee Lauder.

Last month, I was invited as one of the butterfly to discover the right shade for my skin tone with Estee Lauder’s friendly beauty advisor at ISETAN KLCC. I always have problem in finding the right foundation with no proper consultation at all. You know how it’s like when you are a makeup store alone and none of the BA attend to you (they must be too busy something), all you can do is apply a few swatches and choose the one that most suitable to your skin eh? After that, when you’re back home and oh boy, it doesn’t match to your skin tone at all! #wastemoney

That happens to me every single time when I’m looking for foundation.


As I was at the counter waiting to find out the right shade, a gorgeous looking beauty advisor ( they are! judging by their perfect makeup and beautiful uniform, they all look so professional) explained to me that she would remove my makeup completely in order to find the right colour for me.


Before make over: I was wearing foundation but look at it, it did not cover all of my flaws.
*I was okay about it*

The BA started to remove my makeup and applied 3-steps basics and sunscreen protector to prep up my skin for makeup. She introduced the products so well despite I was not purchasing it, but I can feel her passion towards beauty knowledge – which is why my mom loves Estee Lauder. *She used to wear Estee Lauder perfume and cosmetics when she was young*


The BA set the skincare in for around 5 minutes before makeup for better application, which is important if you want to achieve THE look. After that, she explained that Estee Lauder came up with a skin tone chart in finding the right shade, from intensity to cool-warm tone (I didn’t manage to capture the tool tho).P5300165

Three shades on my face, which one is the closest to my skin tone?
The left one of course!

My skin is towards cool that’s why most of my jewellery accessories are in silver or crystals, I will never look good in gold (*T.T*). The shade my BA recommended was 3CO – Cool Cream in intensity #No 3. While she was applying the foundation, I was amazed by the flawless coverage with just a single layer. She taught me a trick of applying Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place – treating my face like a flower, starting from the nose and towards out just like the petals, this to create balance coverage.


The outcome of the overall makeover was superb, I love it able to cover up most of my flaws with light strokes. Although the retail price of Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup is pricey: RM150+, I ended up purchased it at Sephora with 10% discount! Yay to Sephora Black!

Verdict: This foundation does walk the talk, the coverage is good and it lasts for long hours! I wear it for work and after working for more than 8 hours, the foundation still intact and less oily compared with other products. It’s pricey but hey, at least I can get what I want in a long term.


I am happy with my purchase!





All thanks to Butterfly Malaysia and Estee Lauder Malaysia Selfiegram programme.

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