19 April 2015

CRES Facial Treatment: Time Release AquaCell Yoga Visage


I have a confession to make: I’m a facial spa virgin! It’s true, I have never been to any facial treatment nor spa before, Imma facial spa virgin lol

Few weeks back, CRES invited me to experience one an  intense hydration facial treatment known as Time Release AquaCell Yoga Visgae, meant to replenish the essential moisture to skin and manages skin hydrous balance. What it’s so special about this treatment is the 3 Rs:

  1. Replenish – Using 4 types of algae extracts and caviar extract deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, while Marin Moistpatch then diffuses essential moisture continuously for lasting hydration.
  2. Rebalance – With Ostmoprotectant, it helps to regulate osmotic pressure between cells and their environment and encourage hydrous flow balance to help maintain optimum cellular water/cell volume. This will ensure the skin cells rehydrates to restore the skin’s youthful plumpness.
  3. Retains – An advance lipid filling complex fills in gaps, improving the skin’s hydrolipidic film, which acts as protective barrier to surround the newly added moisture so skin can hold and retain the moisture in hydrous reservoir for lasting moisturization, while protecting skin from external aggressors.


I went to CRES outlet at Puchong, which only 10 minutes away from my place. Their representative was friendly and nice when introducing and explaining the treatment procedure, followed by a cup of nice herbal tea.  I was then led to a treatment room where the soothing music was played, which was relaxing =)


The treatment started off with facial cleansing, exfoliating and extracting of white and blackheads. Every process ends with a mist spray in ensuring my skin stays hydrated and moistured all time =) Best part was the extraction because I literally could not stand the pain! I mean, I know that extraction is a must in every facial treatment BUT I didn’t know it was that bad! The beautician calmed me down, and explained it was due to major major clogged skin, which is kinda true *I have never been gone for facial extraction*.

After a major pain extraction, Coco, the beautician started with a face massage and using a device to pump some oxygen onto my skin. Meanwhile, a mask was applied for almost 20 minutes. I noticed it was quiet at first but after a while, I started being uncomfortable thinking why I was being left alone in the room. Anyway, I personally prefer to have a beautician in the room because I would felt much more safer. lol #ImAWhimp!

In the end, the treatment was quite an experience.  However, Coco mentioned to me that this treatment could lead to a major beakout due to my clogged skin. But hey, at least I could get those nasty black and whiteheads out of my face!

How my face looked like right after the treatment: Breakout, acne and blemishes everywhere. I was horrified at first but with my trusty daily skin care routine, I guess things would work out just fine….




My skin looks so much radiant than before and most of the breakouts were recovering. Plus, the breakouts weren’t as bad as the beautician consulted. I do still have breakouts due to hormones changes but apart from that, I would say the breakouts situation is a minor case.

Overall, the treatment helped my skin to stay hydrated and also being extracted was so much fun. I don’t mind going back to CRES for more treatments if I’m afforded to do so.  The beauticians and environment are definitely a PLUS for fine facial treatment. #MUSTGOOKAY!

CRES Time Release AquaCell Yoga Visage is a 120 minutes treatment and priced at RM450 per treatment.



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