15 March 2015

Pimp My Chu Lip

Can you imagine life without lip balm? I know, it sucks -  especially when I have to experience those painful chapped lips moment. You know it feels like, right? But wait a minute, which lip balm should you have?

Hmmm… How about Chu Lip?


Chu Lip is the a popular lipbalm in Japanese beauty community, it comes with a cute dome shape with 4 types of funky colours, eg pink, red, purple and green! I’m not gonna lie, it seems like an alternative of EOS lip balm with its easy glide-on formula, that has to be the reason why it’s a favourite among the Japanese ladies!

Besides, these lip balms are cute! #period


Last Saturday, I was invited to join the fun with other butterflies bloggers in decorating these super kawaii~ Chu Lip! Metholatum is having “Pimp My Chu Lip” contest in a search for the most outstanding creative Chu Lip designs. We were given various decorative stuff such as wigs, fake eyes and diamonds to decorate our Chu Lip.


Best part was, we had to crack our creativity in one and a half hour! I gotta say, I’m not a creative person and I can’t draw. Seriously, give me a brush and all I can do is just mopping on the drawing block. #failed But at the end of the day, it was all about having fun with the butterflies!!


All the bling-bling and the cute things for my Chu Lip


and the After. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA #FAILED SO BAD. That explains everything, I’m suck in creativity.


You can participate “Pimp My Chu Lip” too! All you have to do is head to any major pharmacy or supermarket and purchase your preferred Chu Lip (RM25.90). Decorate it with your heart and soul, then take a photo of the finished artwork and show it off by uploading it onto www.chulip.com.my/pimpmychulip. Moreover, there are fabulous prizes waiting for you – iPad Mini 3 or a set of Chul Lip lip balm, 5 sets to be won! Campaign will be on going from 5th March till 31st March, so get ready to pimp up your lip balm!

Specially thanks to Chu Lip by Metholatum and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for all these cool events!


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