#LifeHacks–Keeping Earrings in Place

I’m going to share a cute way to store your favourite earrings, not only it will ease your life, it will definitely helps to add the extra kawaii-ness to your pretty accessories. It is pretty simple actually, we are using buttons to keep earrings in place!

However, not all buttons fit for the earrings. I’ve been looking for the perfect buttons to store my earrings, guess where did I get these cute large buttons from? DAISO – everything is in RM5 store! In case you are wondering which section it’s from, you can get it in their crafts section. I chose this is because it is the only one that comes with large and variety button shapes!

All you have to do is just pin your earrings into the buttons!

Simple right? Moreover, it is much more convenient than storing in a jewellery box! I keep my earrings in a small coin pouch as it is travelling friendly without hesitating! I absolutely love this idea of storing the earrings, it’s simple and less hectic. All you have to do is just pin + store! I hope you do find this hack useful because it’s sure does to me! :)


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