Top Beauty Pick: Working Girl

Working Girl Beauty Staple

Getting a high quality makeup products was not in my priority list because I wasn’t ready to splurge so much on it. But after I’ve started working and getting stable income, I gradually changing most of my products to premium ones such as Benefit which I absolutely LOVE.

I believe that it is very important to splurge onto good quality ones because I will be wearing the products for whole day – from am to pm and I have not make sure that the ingredients of the products are not harmful to my skin in long hours. Not only that, I would love to find those products that has convenient application. I don’t like the feeling of rushing while applying makeup in early morning, I can get grumpy easily. 

And here’s my Top 3 favourite beauty products of the month!  

benefit 1

Benefit they’re Real! push-up liner is my paling favourite gel eyeliner right now! I love how easy the application is – with just a twist I could easily draw a clean cut line on my eyelid effortlessly! Although I always use the conventional gel eyeliner, you know the one that comes with eyeliner brush, somehow it is kind of ‘mafan’ where I have to dip my brush to the eyeliner pot constantly just to pick up the gel. But with this rotatable gel eyeliner pen, I don’t have to worry about messy line!

benefit 2

Another favourite product in my list is Benefit Fine One One that does double beauty on cheek and lip colour. It has a creamy texture  with 3 shades, pink champagne, watermelon and sheer coral that could instantly lift, shape and pop the overall complexion. Seriously, this product is a time saver! With just one glide on my cheek bone, I can get this fab fab FAB complexion by just blending with my fingers. Moreover, it could be used for lip by placing the product horizontally, few glides and you’re done! Easy peasy.


I've came across a few cushion foundation that are famous in Asia, specifically from Korea but Laneige BB Cushion has served my needs in terms of coverage and longevity. At first, I was happy that the product comes with a refill pack because Etude House Malaysia does not offer that. Moreover, the consistency of the BB cushion is smooth and lightweight, suitable for sheer look which I always love! Personally, this is my must-have BB Cushion product of all times!

So far, these 3 products have not failed me yet! I've been using these for the past two months and the result of creating a flawless canvas is pretty impressive in my opinion. If you have your favourite products of the month, let me know!


  1. OMG It feels like forever since I last read your updates/commented on your blog! Loving the new design. :D I've heard mixed reviews for the Benefit They're Real liner, but the Laneige one seems to be a rave product. :)

  2. Well, it is all depending on the consumer I guess :D I've heard some mixed reviews of the eyeliner too but so far it works great for me :D