Flat White Inspiration


As you are reading this post, I was actually at Butter+Beans cafe at OUG Garden enjoying a cup of flat white (my current favourite brew; not so thick, not so thin). I didn’t know that there is a cafe around this community area, so surprise surprise! I mean, well… I was somehow raised from this resident area and it is famous for local Chinese food – from Roasted Duck to fresh ketam (it means crabs in Malay). Normally if you want to chill at a cafe, Damansara/Bangsar is the only place to have this (no kidding, it’s true. For me, at least).

Basically, blogging in a cafe house is actually a thing for me, I couldn’t blog at home UNLESS review is needed to be done at home (which usually it does *shrugs*). I prefer to blog outside because there is a privacy space for me to have thoughts flow around in my head. Moreover, no one would be there to interrupt me while I work, no stranger would come up to me and say “Hi! Are you Little Miss Smexy?” LOL. I’m not famous OTL  Anyway, you get what I mean.


Oh what should I say? The point of this blog is to remind you all and myself that we should not give up our dreams and continue aspire others to do the same! I often get inspired to blog through a cup of nice blended coffee in a nice ambience cafe, good music (for instance, I’m listening to Hilary Duff’s tracks *Old School Disney Rocks!*) and reading good quality editorial articles and posts just to enhance my blogging pleasure. We all have our secrets on how to produce good quality blog, I’m sure you do!

Today, I just purchased 12 months subscription of both Female and CLEO magazine through Groupon promotion (RM33 for 12 months for each magazine). Not that I’m not a book person but wouldn’t it be great that I could save some trees? I love to read how the editorials are able to produce such as fine piece with short and precise choice of words, it’s so Marie Claire. Moreover, that’s where I can get the inspiration for AU/WN lookbook, which is my favourite seasons – more on subdued colour but brings out the elegance of a person. You can be Snow White and nobody is there to judge you.

Trust me.

Anyway, I really have to step back and look around me to find inspiration. For now I have arranged my weekends: Saturday is to live to the fullest (loving myself); Sunday is to chill and enjoy blogging. :) Hopefully with this arrangement I can show more enthusiastic in blogging.

Work hard Nicole, don’t forget your dreams! Same goes to you my dear smexies! xoxo




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