Beauty Challenge: Realash Eyelash Enhancer


This month is all about beauty challenge!

What does gorgeous eyelashes mean to you? For me, it would be a dream comes true! I don’t think that I have fine lashes BUT wouldn’t it be better to have thicker and healthier eyelashes? When going out just to any shopping mall, I always apply false eyelashes before heading out! I guess it has become my makeup routine, I won’t say that it’s a bad thing but you know how it likes when you have apply / reapply falsies…

It is just troublesome!

But thanks to Realash team, they were generous enough to sponsor a actual size Realash Eyelash Enhancer for me to try it out! The brand itself is pretty well known among European beauty bloggers because of the amazing results! I actually went browsing through the web just to get understand what’s the hype of this product. There were 90% good reviews and I must say, the results were AMAZING.

What is Realash?   
With the result of countless hours spent in the most advanced labs in Europe, Realash is designed to help to enhance the eyelashes to grow faster and stronger. It’s a simple concept, but the visual effect is revolutionary, achieving a fuller, healthier eyelashes has never been so easy!


I have shared my current eyelashes images with and without mascara respectively. If you have noticed, I actually lost a few strains of eyelashes around my inner corner eyelid. Hopefully with Realash, I could get back my lashes fuller and stronger to enhance my overall look.


I’m so excited to try Realash out! I will update my bi-weekly progress to see whether this product is able to enhance my Asian eyelashes!

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