Life update: work life in a fashion line


“Passion is a must if you want to strive in this industry - fashion.”

That was what my manager told me in my first interview. After working in this company for almost three months, I realize that fashion industry is not so glamour at all. Well, it depends which area of focus you’re going but I’m currently being placed in brand and product management where I have to learn consumer touch point and also the portfolio the brand I’m working in is carrying.
Also, I’m so Andrea in Devil Wears Prada – in a good way. Many fashion articles have again and again, emphasized that working in fashion line is not easy. Although I’m working as management trainee, my daily work requires a high level of multitasking whereby I will be looking over consumers’ touch points, the portfolio I’m learning to manage and pretty much admin works to support the activities.

Pretty much accurate: I have mastered to pull several racks of product board at the same time.

I’m not ranting though, the workloads are dreadful BUT I am quite enjoying it. That is because I get to understand the behind of successful brands in terms of contribution that the talents are willing to give; effective management to make sure that the flow is running. Working as management trainee (well, to be accurate I’m actually carrying a brand assistant role), I have to adapt the dynamic environment and able to finish the task given in a critical period of time. Imagine that I have to gather the data in two days before presenting with the management level – I’ve been there and gosh I had to stay in the office until 10pm just to finish up my work.

It was crazy I can tell you but what can I say, you just need to embrace the difficulties and learn from the mistakes. 
Oh by the way, if you're wondering where I'm working right now… I’m working in an international lingerie brand company :D I’m not sure whether I should announce the brand since it’s not the right time yet lol. Oh well, I never thought that I would join a lingerie company right after graduation. You know how people usually act when they found out where I’m working, “You work in a BRA company ah?” Like, Why do they have to be so conservative!!? >.<  It’s super common to have intimate wear right? Moreover, it is NOT just a bra! It is a sophisticated apparel which cater for women’s needs, please get it right??

pleaseeeeee….. I’m sick of hearing that.

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