03 August 2014

Pop Market @ The School, Jaya One

Happy Autumn smexies (it’s August!)

The moment I saw there will be a fashion bazaar, I just had to get there. You know how much I love to check out the online boutiques where they usually feature unique fashion pieces and I’ve been thinking of starting an online retail boutique for sometimes now. Moreover, it’s great to check out the latest fashion trends ;)


The truth is, there is one thing I always worry when it comes to fashion bazaar – the size and no trying matter, it is so so so so hard to get the perfect size without trying for me. But the great thing about here is that there are fitting rooms for you to try your favourite clothes! Anyway, there were so many fashionistas wearing their signature one-of-the-kind-outfit look which is quite inspiring to me. I definitely felt slightly left out because I was in a casual look, without knowing that the market would be held in the building, The School (I thought it would be outdoor under the hot sun whatever lol).


Super Casual Saturday
Top | Zara
Shorts | Forever 21
Bag | Something Borrowed
Flip flop | Paul Frank
The market is filled with urban fashion influence, most of the items they displayed are embracing Monochrome, with a modern touch! I also thrilled that there is a Somerby booth where you could get the juicy and light alcoholic Apple Cider for only RM12! Sometimes I would imagine myself by the beach with a bottle of Apple Cider on my hand, the view, the drink… DAMN AWESOME OKAY. LOL.

My haul from the Market was pretty small, I couldn’t find any clothes that suit me and size availability is the main problem too! I only hunt for accessories or bags but I couldn’t get much stuff *sobs* Anyway, it was a great find because I got what I wanted the most =] False eyelashes is the main priority for my eye makeup and I somehow can’t live without it (it’s my soul). Although I only got two accessories it doesn’t mean that it was that bad, I actually love it! They scream out my personality and style ;D and it’s SUPER CHEAP (I shall elaborate more)…


It is an online accessories shop that sells cute and edgy accessories with cheap price! I couldn’t resist from the funky fashionable sunglasses and the edgy black necklaces. Guess how much is it? Sunglasses - RM15; Necklace – RM10. It is crazily cheap!!! I’m kinda regret for not getting more but I could still shop at their online store: www.sheabelle.net

Rosy Rain Malaysia

Rosy Rain is hailed all the way from HK, they are one of the website that featured Asian beauty products. If you know Bren Lui, a famous youtuber from HK then Rosy Rain should sound familar to you – She always use Vienic Skin White lotion to prep up her skin before any makeup. I didn’t get it because it is quite pricey (RM210 for one bottle) but I did get a box of false eyelashes – Bunny Bunny <3 I adore the cute design of the false eyelashes PLUS the price is quite affordable – RM60 per box (with 8 pairs).

Well, that’s my mini haul from the market. I hope you enjoy this post because I’m ready to make a comeback <3 I finally could settle down with my work and time management for blogging! I’m trying my best to blog because I know I still LOVE to share all my finds and thoughts with you, it is just that I couldn’t find a proper way to express it.
That’s all about it! Have you gone to PopMarket? What did you get?!! Share your findings with me yea =]



  1. I want to say... I LOVE YOUR SHORTS LOL
    Those accessories are pretty cheap too! :D

  2. @LauraLeia hahahha i think we have the same problem...that is why i dont go to fashion bazaar!!LOL

    @nicolesim I feel the eyelashes a bit expensive but maybe they are high qualities one la...im not that much of eyelash person...i dont wear them daily!!! I love the necklace!!easy to match!

  3. HAHAHA! Exactly right!? *Sorry, we only have up to M size #WHY* They are cheap, I'm planning to shop more from Sheabelle =D

  4. The eyelashes are indeed slightly pricey but compared with Koji/Kiss Me, BunnyBunny is considered as affordable (since sama dari Jepun). FREE SIZE WHY LA WHY :D

  5. Hey girl! I nominated you for the Liebster Award, make sure to check out my recent post for the rules and questions! Also tag me once you're done posting :)


  6. Very nice pictures :)


  7. What a great haul! It's a big bazaar... :)